Fine Cameras & Photographica


Our portfolio includes an increasingly popular auction of Fine Cameras & Photographica. These auctions usually include manufacturers such as Russian, Reid, Zeiss Ikon, Periflex, Olympus, Yashikor, Yashica, Praktica, Leica Leitz, Canon, Chinon, BZenit, Kodak, Haka Auto Knips, Leotax, Carl Zeiss Jana, Voightlander, Pentax, Nikon, Minolta, Nippon Kagaku, Contax, Reid & Sigrist, Ernst Leitz Wetler, Leica to name just a few.

We have an increasing database of buyers from private collectors who regularly attend our sales in what is an ever increasing collectors market.

We are available to discuss any requirements regarding valuation and sale on 0114 281 6161.

Please contact us to discuss your items or requirements in more detail, by emailing or by telephone on 0114 281 6161.

If you have any enquiries please contact the Saleroom Office. (Full details can be found on our Contact Us page.)


Recent Department Highlights

Leica M3-986451, chrome body camera with black crackle finish, Leitz Wetzlar 1.2/50 lens

Sold for £1,050

+ Buyer's Premium

Leitz Wetzlar 1971874 Summercron Lens, (with specs) in brown leather case.

Sold for £820

+ Buyer's Premium

2 Dallmeyer Super-six Projection Anastigmat Lenses, with a Ser XIV Projection Lens".

Sold for £5,080 (as 3 Lots)

+ Buyer's Premium

Rolleiflex Franke and Heidecke Germany Twin Lens Camera.

Sold for £320

+ Buyer's Premium

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Auction Bidding

We produce detailed catalogues for all auctions and sales are all listed fully illustrated on both our website and other specialist auction bidding websites. Our regular email keeps both trade and private buyers fully updated. Auctions are widely advertised within the press.

Auctions are held live in real time on the internet with auction bidding platforms such as and easylive, enabling buyers to watch and bid at the sales without being present in the saleroom.

Specialist valuers are available in the Saleroom, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 10am to 4pm for free pre-auction appraisals and advice. We also hold regular Specialist 'Fine Arts & Antiques' Valuation Days in the Saleroom by appointment.