Specialist Toys & Collectables Sale on
Friday 5th October 2012

1.      A Set of Four Sex Pistols Autographs, set under the hand written title, "The Dogs Bollocks", Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten, Paul Cook and Steve Jones. Believed to have been collected Christmas 1977, framed below contemporary photograph. £300-500
2.      Sex Pistols Poster 'We Don't Care', black, white and red showing all four band members, framed 85 x 112cms. £40-60
3.      An Oil on Canvas of Johnny Rotten, signed on reverse SB/DH? and dated 2004, unframed, 92 x 71cms. £40-60
4.      The Clash Signed Album Cover, signed by Mick Jones / Paul Simonon and John Mellor, complete with certificate, framed. £100-200
5.      Vintage 'Damned' Black and White Poster, 1st Anniversary gigs at the marquee, 1976/77. Significant crease marks, 75 x 50cms, framed. £50-100
6.      John Lennon and Yoko Ono Poster for Release of 'Double Fantasy' Album, two tone, 102 x 142cms, some wear to edges and creasing. £20-40
7.      A 1979 Wings UK Tour Poster, over printed 'Sold Out', 83 x 60cms. Significant wear and creasing to edges, plus a Paul McCartney and Rudolf The Red Nose Reggae poster, 102 x 142cms. £30-50
8.      Debbie Harry / Blondie - Def and Dumb Tour Poster, framed, 84 x 106cms. £40-60
9.      A Mid 1970's Alvin Stardust Poster, for The Victoria Palace, London, Christmas show, 51 x 74cms, some creasing and tears to edges. £15-25
10.     Approximately 350 7" Singles, mainly from the 1960's, especially 1963-1967 period. Including Elvis Presley, The Ronettes, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones among many others. £120-180
11.     Approximately 350 Vinyl LP's, including Led Zeppelin, Little Richard, Billy Fury, The Kinks, Donovan, among many others. Mainly 1960's, 70's and 80's, contained in four boxes. £100-200
12.     Approximately 300 7" Singles, from the late 1970's, early 1980's, including the Beat, The Cure, The Style Council, David Bowie, Ultravox among many others. £40-80
13.     Approximately 350 7" Singles, mainly mid 1980's to mid 1990's including Erasure, Shaggy, Eurythmics, House Martins, Freddy Mercury among many others. All contained in one box. £40-80
14.     Approximately 250 7" Singles, mainly dating from 1971-1978, including Sex Pistols, The Sweet, Supremes, Rolling Stones among many others. £40-80
15.     Approximately 200 7" Singles, mainly from the 1950's/early 1960's, including The Troggs, Sam Cooke, Billy Fury, Buddy Holly among others, plus four 10" including Elvis Presley 'Good Rockin' Tonight'. £100-200
16.     Vinyl LP's Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" RCA Red Seal 1958, SB-2011, in fold-out cover, complete with colour pages.£15-25
17.     A Columbia 'Viva Tonal Grafonola', in black case, showing signs of wear. £20-40
18.     A Portogram Period Record Player, red vinyl case. £10-20
19.     An Early/Mid XX Century Wooden Railway Signal Box Line Indicator, 49cms high, indicator shows either Line Gear/Line Blocked/Train on Line, glass and housing appear intact. £60-100
20.     An Early XX Century Toy 'Ecophone', decorated tin case/clockwork, made in Germany. £30-50
21.     Fifteen Chalk and Plastic Robertson Golly Footballer Figures, twelve in original box bases.£30-50
22.     Seven Chalk Robertson's Golly Bandsmen. All with labels and few marks.£10-20
23.      One Hundred Mercury Phonecards, including British military set; jungle collection; Prince's Trust; football; Christmas set among others, all contained in a contemporary album.£30-50
24.     A Mid XX Century Geometry Set, black case, some small parts may be missing. £10-20
25.     Mid XX Century Car Manuals/Handbooks, including 1948 Austin Eight; DeLuxe Ford and Austin A40 among others, all worn/oil stained.£15-25
26.     Approximately 20 Books on Punk and Related Music, including Babylons Burning and Redemption Song. £20-40
27.     A Mid XX Century Child's Nursery Gramophone, blue finish with nursery transfers, labelled 'Mastertone Babygram'. £30-50
28.     A Collection of Early XX Century 'Ally Sloper' Items, created in 1867 as a comic strip character Ally Sloper was the stereotype 'lazy schemer' who ran until the early 1920's.
This lot includes The Game of Ally Sloper with framed board, original gam box and two toby jugs. £40-60
29.     A Large Tin Mobo Rocking Horse on a Stand, Very Good Condition and appears complete and working, 1950's.£20-40
30.     A 'Bryans' Elevenses Oak and Glazed Penny Slot Machine, with chromium mounts, style without top nameplate, height approximately 630mm, width approximately 440mm, some signs of wear.£200-400
31.     A 'Bryans' Elevenses Oak and Glazed Penny Slot Machine, with chromium mounts, style without top nameplate, height approximately 630mm, width approximately 440mm, some signs of wear.£200-400
32.     A 'Bryans' Elevenses Oak and Glazed Penny Slot Machine, with chromium mounts, height approximately 720mm, width approximately 470mm, some signs of wear.£200-400
33.     A 'Bryans' Elevenses Oak and Glazed Penny Slot Machine, with chromium mounts, height approximately 720mm, width approximately 470mm, some signs of wear.£200-400
34.     A Jennings of Chicago One Arm Bandit Fruit Machine, c.1960, called 'the Governor', chromium finish, Indian head intact, height approximately 700mm, width approximately 370mm, some signs of wear.£200-400
35.     A 1960's Aristocrat Arcadian 65 One Arm Bandit, serial number GH344, manufactured 15.3.1965, design and manufactured in Australia by Ainsworth Consolidated Industries Pty. Ltd. N.S.W. Australia, complete with keys, 63cms high. £100-150
36.     A Child's Mid XX Century Webb Lawnmower, finished in green, complete with grass bin, rubber handles, blade and roller still turns.£30-50
37.     Early XX Century Ernst Plank Nursery Tinplate Magic Lantern, complete with lens, hood and burner and collection of nursery slides, all contained in original wooden box. £30-50
38.     Early XX Century Turned Bone Chess Set, white and red stained, king 6.5cms tall, complete but one bishop non-matching, white king top broken, contained in a wooden box.£40-60
39.      A Collection of Enamel and Other Badges, including Butlins from 1939, 1948 and 1950; together with a silver A.R.P. badge and other military items.£40-80
40.     Early XX Century Vertical Steam Engine, 24cms tall, aluminium base, shows signs of sympathetic restoration, some replacement parts, complete with burner. £50-80
41.     A Scratch Built Steam Model of a Horizontal Boiler on Wheels, spirit fires, 25cms long excluding tow bar, finished to a good standard, stack folds back. In overall Very Good condition.£100-200
42.     An Early XX Century Vertical Steam Engine, 35cms high, enamel base stamped '1916', single piston, external water gauge, signs of sympathetic restoration including funnel. Probably German/possibly Marklin.£100-150
43.     A Small Mamod Live Steam Vertical Engine, with associated burner and oil can.£25-40
44.     A Small Mamod Live Steam Vertical Engine, complete with burner.£20-40
45.     A Model of a 3/4 Inch Live Steam Traction Engine, finished in green with red wheels. Overall length 370mm. All major items appear intact and well greased, complete with instructions by F.J. Camm, who advises Bassett Lowke standard parts are used.£600-800
45A.    A Mamod SE2 Stationary Steam Engine, appears complete with burner in poor box. £30-50
46.     A Substantial and Well Built Model of Live Steam Traction Engine, believed to be 1.5" scale, un-named and finished in green, overall length 630mm, width 300mm and height 480mm, one drive wheel shattered. Build probably dates from second half XX Century. Most major parts appear intact to create good basis for full restoration.£300-500
47.     A Stuart Horizontal Stationary Boiler. The boiler approximately 65mm long, 200mm diameter. Attached to a Stuart Beam Engine, overall length 330mm. Both items attached to a base board and appear sympathetically restored.£500-700
48.     A Mamod Twin Piston Steam Engine, appears complete with burner.£50-70
49.     A Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Model Steam Plant, comprising a copper horizontal boiler approximately 290mm long, 100mm diameter, attached to a single cylinder engine with an overall length of approximately 340mm. Both items attached to base board.£400-600
50.     A Mamod Steam Traction Engine, missing burner and playworn.£20-40
51.     A Mamod Steam Railway Company Set, including 0-4-0 green locomotive, open wagon and log wagon. All contained in original box. Appears unused.£100-200
52.     A Mamod T61a Traction Engine, appears complete with instructions and burner. Appears little used, boxed.£50-80
53.     A 2 Inch Scale Model Burrell Showman's Engine 'Thetford Town', designed by Ronald. H. Clarice, double crank compound, length approximately 1200mm, height 600mm, width 430mm. Finished in maroon with white roof (detached). Complete with drawings, original reciept dated 1992, original boiler test certificate (expired), housed on a trolley. Vendor advises recently run on compressed air.£3000-5000
54.     A Live Steam 0-4-0 Dockyard Saddle Tank Locomotive 'Isca', finished in green and made to run on a 5" track, overall length 510mm excluding buffers and 310mm high. Sprung chassis, finished with a good level of detail and to a good standard but would benefit from some sympathetic restoration.£1100-1600
55.     Steiff Limited Edition Mohair Bear "Theo", wobble jointed, with certificate 688/1500.£40-60
56.     An Early XX Century Heubach 230 3/0 Porcelain Doll, with open mouth and sleeping eyes, eyelashes, wig and clothes are later replacements, body repainted, 43cms high.£60-100
57.     Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear, circa 1980, in original clothes and boots, 36cms tall.£20-40
58.     Steiff Limited Edition Mohair Bear "Dante", green tipped with bell and growler and certificate 248/1500.£30-50
59.     Steiff Limited Edition Beatrix Potter Mohair Character "Tommy Brock" .£30-50
60.     A Modern Steiff Yes/No Bear, in as new condition, complete with certificate.£30-50
61.     Gund Cliff Richard Mohair Bear, double neck joint, limited edition with certificate 55/400.£30-50
62.     Deans Limited Edition Mohair Bear "Wayne", complete with certificate 90/250.£20-40
63.     A Porcelain Headed Doll, with porcelain arms and legs, with painted detail, 63cms tall, dressed in late Victorian style.£20-40
64.     Steiff Limited Edition Mohair Bear "Matthias", golden blond tipped with growler and certificate 612/1500.£30-50
65.     Three 1960's/70's Fashion Dolls, all dressed in contemporary clothing, one Tressy, one Sindy.£20-40
66.     Two Mid XX Century Composition Dolls, one 36cms tall; one 25cms tall, one with severe cracking to face, both dressed.£15-25
67.     A Later Classic Series Steiff Dog, 28cms high, complete with original labels and button. In as new condition.£20-40
68.     A Quantity of Mainly English Mid XX Century Dolls, including Palitoy, mainly dressed.£20-40
70.     A 1970's Action Man with Gripping Hands, plus a selection of mainly 1970's dolls including Sindy, Amanda Jane and others.£20-40
71.     A 1970's Large Barbie Doll's House, together with a selection of Barbie furniture and a Barbie doll.£15-25
72.     Three Rupert Annuals, 1946, 1947 and 1949, all soft back, creasing, tears and tape to covers, springs loose, no pages appear to be missing.£20-40
73.     An Early XX Century Teddy Bear, 13cms high, jointed arms and legs, well loved.£30-50
74.     A Small Early XX Century AM Germany Porcelain Doll No. 351 710, with open mouth and sleeping eyes, dressed, 19cms high; plus a quantity of dolls house type dolls from the second half XX Century.£30-50
75.     A Quantity of Teddy Bears - needing a new home!£15-25
76.     A 1960'S Tri-ang Dolls House, with opening front to four rooms, hight 37cms, width 56cms and depth 31cms.£15-25
77.     A Selection of Mainly 1960's Dolls, (up to 50cms tall), mainly dressed and with related accessories, including Palitoy, some battery operated, all playworn and contained in a large chest.£20-40
78.     Two Large Boxes of Dolls, including costume dolls and modern porcelain dolls plus others.£20-40
79.     A 1970's Doll's House with a Selection of Furniture, 55cms long, 44cms high, 24cms deep, playworn.£15-25
80.     Two 1960's Teddy Bears, a white Wendy Boston, 41cms tall and a gold bear with growler, 49cms tall, probably English, both have full coats; together with a well loved koala.£20-40
81.     A Box of Dressed Dolls, including a large Rosebud, mainly 1960's/70's/80's. Mainly dressed.£20-40
82.     A Box Full of Well Loved Soft Toys, mainly mid XX Century.£20-40
83.     A Collection of Strawberry Shortcake Dolls and Accessories, plus a selection of Hollie Hobbie dolls and accessories, some boxed, all playworn.£20-40
84.     A Quantity of Sindy Items, including a doll; a large selection of clothes; a boxed armchair; a boxed piano, together with a "Pippa" style doll and clothes; other dolls and associated items, all playworn.£50-100
85.     A Mid XX Century Lines Brothers Baby Walker, in the style of a stuffed donkey on steel red frame with four wheels, label attached, together with a child's chair.£20-40
86.     Seven Dolls 1960's/1970's, all boxed, including Rosebud, Teeny Tiny Tears, First Love and large Walk and Talk Bradgate.£40-80
87.     A Quantity of Black Dolls, by Palitoy, Roddy, Rosebud and others. All dressed.£25-50
88.     Six American Diecast/Plastic Vehicles, including two fire engines, Liberty Esso and SpecCast among others. All boxed. £30-50
89.     A Tinplate Battery Operated Tinkling Trolley by Masudaya of Japan, 1960's, boxed, together with a 1950's/60's St, Michael's toy cash register, playworn.£40-60
90.     Eight 1/18 Scale Models by Burage and Solido, including Rolls Royce, Jaguar, all unboxed, some arts missing/broken. £25-40
91.     Twelve Boxed/Carded ERTL Models, including fire truck bank, Model T bank, Landrover and Taxis. Some boxes showing signs of wear. £30-50
92.     Over Fifteen Modern Diecast Vehicles, all fire, police, ambulance related, including Siku, Solido, Vitesse, Gama, Eligor. All boxed.£40-80
92A.    Eleven Vanguard Police Cars, including Rover 2000, Zephyr 6, Mini, Triumph Dolomite. All boxed.£40-80
93.     Seventeen Matchbox Yesteryears, in straw and woodgrain boxes; plus two Lledo. All boxed; plus a quantity of empty Days Gone boxes.£20-40
94.     Over Twenty Models of Yesteryear, including steam wagons. All boxed, mainly red boxes.£20-40
95.     A Plastic 'G' Scale Set, plus a small selection of railway books and associated items.£10-20
96.     Over Thirty Tri-ang 00 Railway Wagons and Coaches, all playworn and in poor boxes. £40-60
97.     Eight Corgi Commercial Delivery Vehicles, including Guy Invincible Blue Circle, AEC Walls, Bedford London Brick Company. All boxed. £60-80
98.     A 1950's Hornby 0 Gauge M3 LMS 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, clockwork; plus two Hornby coal wagons, two buffers and a boxed level crossing, £50-80
99.     Two Tinplate Sutcliffe Boats : A clockwork Commodore, white over red; plus an electric 'Kestrel', white over blue. Minor parts missing, overall good condition.£40-60
100.    Two Boxes of Nursery Toys, mainly 1970's/1980's including games, dolls, puppets, Meccano. All playworn.£15-25
100A.   A Large Box of Undressed Dolls, mainly 1960's/1970's; plus some clothes.£20-40
101.    Six Boxes of Mainly 1960's/70's Children's Games and Nursery Toys, including Tank Battle; Magic Set; Etch-a-Sketch; Ulcer; jigsaws and building bricks, all playworn.£20-40
102.    A Quantity of Mainly 1960's Tri-ang Large Scale Tin Toys, including lorries, ambulances, landrovers etc. All playworn.£20-40
103.    A Quantity of Nursery Toys from the Second Half of the XX Century, including Kiddiclock, boxed and unboxed Weebles.£20-40
104.    A Child's Spears Weaving Loom, (boxed), together with a selection of other nursery toys, including Chad Valley Hoovermatic washing machine (boxed), jigsaws among other items.£20-40
105.    A Commodore 64 Computer System, including floppy drive, keyboard, printer, games, software. Many items boxed; plus a Comodore C64 Mindbender, boxed.£30-50
106.    Twelve EFE Buses, all Yorkshire based including Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford. All boxed. £40-60
107.    Approximately Fifty Eagle Comics, mainly 1950's, most with "cut out" pages intact, together with a quantity of Eagle Comic outer covers, overall fair condition.£50-100
108.    Thirteen Modern Corgi Diecast Vehicles, all police and ambulance related, including Police Horse Box set, BMW, Cortina. All boxed.£20-40
109.    A Quantity of Modern Corgi Police/Fire/Ambulance Diecast Vehicles, seven single items and two twin packs, including Fire Auxiliary, Thames Valley Police, Police canteen. All boxed. £40-60
110.    Six Franklin Mint Models, including Jaguar XK, Jaguar SS100, Rolls Royce Phantom III. Parts loose/missing/broken. £30-50
111.    Twelve Corgi Original Omnibus Buses, including Bristol, London Transport, Isle of Man. All boxed. £40-60
113.    Two Boxes of Books on Doll Collecting and Doll Making, thirty books in total.£30-50
114.    Five Dandy Annuals : 1972; 1973; 1974; 1975 and 1977; plus Beano comics 1977-1980. All Good+ condition.£15-25
115.    Three 1:18 Scale UT American Chevrolet Police Cars, Chicago, NYPD and Metro Dade. All boxed.£20-40
116.    Eighteen James Bond Fibbri Diecast Models, including Ford and Thunderbird; Mini Moke Dodge Monaco. All boxed, some boxes damaged.£40-60
117.    A Large Quantity of Subbuteo, including stadium, part boxed sets, trophies, goals, scoreboards. Some items boxed, playworn, no individual teams.£40-60
118.    Six Franklin Mint American Cars, 1948 Tucker, 1933 Dussenburg, 1957 Chevy, 1950 Chevy Belair, 1950 Chevy Belair police, 1930 Dussenburg, only minor parts may be missing, plus a Franklin Mint wall display stand for six models. £80-120
119.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, mainly cars and vans by Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox from the 1950's to the 1980's, all playworn.£50-80
120.    Over Forty Lledo and Days Gone Models, all fire/police/ambulance related, mainly promotional, all boxed.£25-50
121.    A Quantity of Diecast Commercial Vehicles and Fire Engines by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, all playworn.£40-60
122.    A Hornby Dublo Set EDG17 Set, includes N2 tank, four wagons and track. All playworn, boxed.£50-70
123.    A Quantity of Britains Deetail Figures, including Foreign Legion, U.S. Civil War and Germans, together with a small quantity of diecast vehicles, all playworn.£20-40
124.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles and Other Items, including a cased set of six ERTL cars, a tinplate car (a/f), a Hornby 00 Railway locomotive British Toy and Hobby Association. Many boxed, some playworn. £30-50
125.    A Quantity of Diecast Lorries, by Revell, EFE, Britains among others. All unboxed, some wear. £30-50
126.    Quantity of Britains Deetail Plastic Figures, including WWII British; Japanese; German; American Civil War; Indians among others, all playworn.£20-40
127.    A Quantity of Mainly Thomas The Tank Engine ERTL Models, some boxed, all playworn. £20-40
128.    A Box of Diecast Vehicles, mainly 1950's/60's, many Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox. All playworn.£50-80
129.    A Quantity of Plastic Figures by Timpo, Britains, Airfix and others, including cowboys, Indians, knights, animals ad others, all playworn.£30-50
130.    A Quantity of Unboxed Diecast, by Matchbox and others. All playworn.£15-25
131.    Ten Plastic Kits. All appear unmade and boxed, including Airfix Focke-Wulf and Devastator and RAF Refuelling set.£20-40
132.    Eleven 1:76 Scale Fujimi Kits, M30 Cargo Carrier (2); SV-85; Praga; German "Elephant"; Valentine (2) Matilda; KV-II; Ho-Ni; Tiger II. All appear unstarted and complete.
133.    Twenty-One Various 00 Wagons, all boxed. £40-60
134.    Six Airfix Series 2 Kits, and two series 3 kits: Panzer IV Tank; Centurion; Chieftan; VCrusader; DUKW; Blooodhound; R.A.F. Recovery; R.A.F. Refuelling. All appear unstarted and complete. All appear unstarted and complete.
135.    Four Corgi Royal Mail Related Vehicles, including Leyland DAF boxed trailer, Landrover, Scammel Scarab, Bedford van, all boxed. £25-40
136.    Thirteen Corgi British Outline Buses, including Routemasters In Exile, Devon, East Kent. All boxed. £40-60
137.    A Box of Mainly Diecast Vehicles, by Britains, Lledo, Corgi. Many boxed.£20-40
138.    Five Mainly 1970's Games, an Airfix Flight Deck; Crossfire; Arnold Palmer's Pro-Golf; Matchbox Motorway and Superfast Loop set (no cars), all playworn/boxed.£15-25
139.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail 'Duchess of Montrose' Set, complete with locomotive, tender, two coaches, boxed. Box base intact and majority of box inserts present, box lid poor, plus two additional boxed coaches and a wooden station, playworn. £70-100
140.    A Quantity of Undressed Dolls, mainly English mid XX Century including Roddy, Rosebud, Palitoy; plus a quantity of similar dolls including a large composition in need of restringing.£30-60
141.    Over Twenty Modern Diecast Vehicles, mainly fire, police and ambulance related, including Vanguard, Ertl, Solido etc. All boxed.£20-40
142.    A Quantity of Rupert Annuals, mainly 1970's, plus a part Rupert tea set.£20-40
143.    Over One Hundred Lledo and Days Gone Models, all fire/police/ambulance related, mainly promotional, all boxed.£25-50
144.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox, Yesteryear, Lledo and Corgi amongst others. All boxed.£20-40
145.    A Quantity of Children's Games, jigsaws and other items, including Viewmaster and Bush People, all playworn.£20-40
146.    A Quantity of Modern Diecast, including The Corgi Weetabix set of four, Yesteryears and Corgi Mini among others. All boxed. £30-50
147.    Selection of Tri-ang "OO" Railway, including Princess Elizabeth set; 0-6-0 Goods set and R81 Station set, part boxed, playworn.£30-50
148.    Ten EFE 00 Commercial Vehicle Diecasts, including The Tate and Lyle Story, plus two EFE 00 car sets. All boxed. £30-50
149.    Four Plastic Kits. A Revell P-61 Black Widow, 1:48 scale; A Portuguese USAF FB111A, 1:48 Scale; An Airfix Eurofighter Mk 2, 1:72 scale; A Revell Spitfire, 1:72 scale. All kits appear unstarted.£20-40
150.    A Large Quantity of Boxed and Unboxed Airfix '00' Plastic Figures, including vehicles and zoo. Mainly unpainted.£20-40
151.    A Tri-ang Ocean Liner RMS 'Orcades', minor parts missing/broken, some warping, battery operated, plus a Vosper RAF Crash Tender, parts missing/broken. Both boxed. £30-50
152.    A Small Quantity of 1970's Lego, including roadway and a small number of boxed items.£20-40
153.    A Quantity of Hornby 00 Gauge Railway Wagons, including operating crane. All in poor boxes. £20-40
154.     A Collection of Mid XX Century Books, including the Space Kingley Annual; TAS and the Postal Rocket; Cute Fun 1948; Space Story Omnibus.£20-25
155.    Two Plastic Kits. An Academy Space Shuttle, 1:288 scale, AMT Star Wars Battledroid; Both kits appear unstarted; plus a Micro Scalextric Transformers Set.£20-40
156.    A Quantity of Mainly Matchbox 1-75's, many Superfast. All playworn.£20-40
157.    Corgi Pickfords Scammel Set, with 24 wheel low loader and a Scammel 'Wynns', plus three spare loads. All but one load boxed. £40-60
158.    A Quantity of Mainline 00 Railway Wagons and Coaches, eleven wagons and six coaches, including Southern. All in poor boxes. £30-50
159.    Well Over One Hundred Small Scale Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox, Majorette, Norev among others. All playworn. £30-60
160.    Seven Subbuteo Football Sets, including Football Express, 'Floodlighting Edition', Club Edition; plus a Super Striker Set and Striker Set. All boxed, parts missing, playworn.£50-80
161.    Approximately 25 Lledo and Days Gone Diecast Models, including promotionals. All boxed. £20-40
162.    Fifteen Corgi Original Omnibus Buses, including London Transport, Southdown, Nottingham. All boxed. £50-80
163.    Approximately 25 Lledo and Days Gone Models, including promotionals. All boxed. £20-40
164.    Thirteen Corgi Diecast Cars, including Capri, Morris Minor. All boxed. £25-50
165.    Over Fifty Modern Diecast Advertising Vans, by Matchbox, Yesteryear, Corgi among others. Some wear, all unboxed. £40-80
166.    Six Corgi British Outline Buses, including Routemaster, Guy Arab, Leyland Atlantean. All boxed. £30-50
167.    A Large Quantity of Subbuteo, including Table Rugby Set, Club Edition Set, Combination Edition, statuette, trophies, floodlights, goalkeepers amongst many other items. Mainly boxed, playworn, no individual teams.£50-100
168.    A Quantity of "OO" Railway, including a Hornby GWR freight train set; a Hornby Class 29; rolling stock; track; buildings and other accessories, some boxed, all playworn.£35-50
169.    A Hornby "OO" 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman in LNER Finish, with exhaust steam system, appears complete with minor signs of wear, boxed in a Rover box, together with three Hornby "OO" wagons, all boxed.£20-40
170.    Three Corgi Commercial Vehicles, all British Railway related. Scammel Scarab Railfreight, Bedford and Trailer, BR/BR Transport Set. £30-50
171.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, mainly Regular Wheel Matchbox 1-75's. All Playworn.£20-40
172.    Hornby Dublo Two Rail Suburban Station, additional platform and ramp, minor parts missing, together with a quantity of Hornby Dublo plastic and lead figures, all playworn.£20-40
173.    Five EFE '00' Lorries and an Oxford Diecast Fire Engine. All boxed.£20-40
174.    Six Corgi Miscellaneous Commercial Vehicles, including AFS Bedford US Diamond T Wrecker, St Helens Fire Tender. All boxed. £30-50
175.    Fifteen '00' Dapol Station Platform Kits. All unopened.£15-25
176.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, mainly late issue Dinky, but Corgi Chipperfield's Meagerie, orange Dinky Mini and Redline Hotwheels noted. All playworn.£60-100
177.    Three Vanguard Police Transit Vans, including Nottinghamshire Accident set, plus Lancashire Police Garage diorama with two cars. All boxed. £25-50
178.    Over Fifty Earlier Regular Wheel Matchbox 1-75's, all playworn.£40-80
179.    Three Vanguard Police Sets, Heartbeat, Pinky and Perky, Police Panda cars. All boxed. £20-40
180.    Over Fifty Diecast Vehicles, mainly matchbox 1-75's regular wheels, all playworn.£30-50
181.    A Hornby Dublo Two Rail Duchess of Atholl, an N2 tank in black gloss finish, a quantity of two and three rail Hornby Dublo rolling stock, two Wrenn wagons and two Hornby Dublo three rail buildings, all playworn.£50-80
182.    Nine Vanguard Police Cars, including West Yorkshire, Essex Police, West Mercia. All boxed. £40-60
183.    Six Corgi American Outline Buses, including Texas Pipeline Company and Greyhound. All boxed. £35-60
184.    Nine Vanguard Police Cars, including Sussex, Lancashire and West Yorkshire. All boxed. £40-60
185.    Modern Corgi Police Vehicles, including eight single items and six twin sets. Including Stockport Borough and Durham Police. All boxed. £40-60
186.    Ten EFE Buses, including Brighton and Hove and Dundee Corporation. All boxed. £30-50
187.    Seventeen Corgi Police Cars and Vans, including four double sets. Hampshire, Dog Section, Durham, among others. All boxed. £40-60
188.    Large Box of Plastic Figures, including Cherilea; Airfix; Longstar; Starlux among others, all playworn.£30-50
189.    Twelve Corgi Original Omnibus Buses, all Northern including York, Ribble, North Western. All boxed. £40-60
190.    An Atari 7800 Video Game System, plus five games including Ikari Warriors and Donkey Kong. All boxed.£20-40
191.    Eighteen Corgi Delivery Vans, including Bedford, Mini, Morris, VW, all boxed. £40-60
192.    A Mixed Box of Toys, including a Star yacht; Tri-ang lorry; lead figures and a tin of stamps among others items, all play worn.£20-40
193.    Two Boxes of Mainly Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox, Maisto, Lledo and others. All playworn.£15-25
194.    A 1970's Scalextric 300 Set, with two Mini 1275 GT's, cars appear complete and unbroken, boxed. Plus a Hornby 00 125 set, playworn, boxed. £30-50
195.    Quantity of Parlour and Card Games 1960's to 1980's, many boxed, all playworn.£15-25
196.    A Box of Hornby '0' Gauge Clockwork Track, mainly boxed.£10-20
197.    Over Thirty Lledo and Days Gone Models, including Dambusters set and AA set. All boxed. £25-50
198.    Eleven Matchbox Yesteryears Fire Engine Series, including Leyland Cub, 1930 Ford Model A, 1948 Landrover. All boxed. £50-100
199.    Four Corgi Commercial Vehicles Trailer Sets, EAC Flatbed, BRS/AEC-J Ayres, Atkinson 8 wheel Tennant, AEC, S.Houseman. All boxed. £40-60
200.    A Selection of Eighteen Kits, including Nitto Schwimmwagen; Panzer kampfwagen; ESCi Quad Tractor; Opel ambulance; Imex Civil War among others. All appear unstarted and complete.
201.    Four 1:18 Scale Diecast Vehicles, all fire and police related, including two Mira Buicks and a Burago Polize Porsche; plus one additional Burago. All boxed.£30-50
202.    A Lehmann 'G' Scale 0-4-0 Electric Locomotive, plus five 'G' scale four-wheel wagons including a Caboose. Some signs of wear.£60-100
203.    AMT/ERTL Plastic Kit of a 1937 Cord 812 S/C, 1:12 scale. Appears unstarted.£20-40
204.    A Tri-Ang Puff Puff Tinplate Locomotive and a home made pond electric boat, 60cms in length, both playworn.£15-25
205.    A 1970's Scalextric 500 Formula One Set, including six wheel March Ford, playworn. Boxed; plus a selection of Dinky and other road signs.£20-40
206.    A Large Scale ERTL Ford 4000 Tractor and Implements. all playworn.£15-25
207.    A Quantity of Britains and Other Farmyard Items, mainly 1970's including boxed model farmyard, plastic animals, diecast vehicles and implements and plastic buildings. All playworn.£40-60
208.    Eleven EFE '00' Buses. All London Transport and boxed; plus a book on London transport.£30-50
209.    Six Corgi British Outline Buses, including Macbraynes / Leicester, all boxed. £30-50
210.    Fourteen EFE '00' Buses, including Southdown, Ribble, North Western. All boxed.£40-60
211.    A Quantity of Mainly 1960's Toys, including Bowman, plastic hull boats, tin tank, some boxed and contained in an old case. All playworn.£20-40
212.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Earlier Nursery Toys, including picture blocks, building blocks and wooden toys, all playworn/broken.£20-40
213.    A Quantity of Diecast Model Vehicles, by City, Rio, Rextoys, Solido, Eligor, Minichamps, many emergency service. All boxed, some wear and repainting noted. £80-150
214.    Four Vanguard Police Twin Sets, including 'Pinky and Perky' Imps. All boxed.£25-50
215.    A Box of Musical Toys from 1960's/70's, including a Sooty xylophone and Rolf Harris stylophone among others, some boxed, all playworn.£20-40
216.    A Corgi Tram 'Queen Mothers Century; A Corgi Bus QEII Golden Jubilee; An Action Dragster. All boxed; plus a Maisto Jaguar XJ220, unboxed.£20-40
217.    Over Twenty-Five Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, mainly sand or maroon boxes. All boxed and different. £20-40
218.    Seventeen Modern Dinky Vehicles, including 1939 Triumph Dolomite, Citroen 2CV, MGB. All boxed, some crushing to boxes. £50-80
219.    Twenty-Two Various Hornby 00 Wagons, all boxed. £40-60
220.    A Matchbox Gift Set G-II "Strike Force", boxed; a Scalextric BMW; a talking Noddy among other items, all playworn.£20-40
221.    Four 1/18 Scale Model Cars, by Maisto, Mira, UT, including three American police cars and a Studebaker. All unboxed. Minor wear only. £30-50
222.    Seven Corgi Fire Related Vehicles, including Blackburn Bedford, Mini Van, VW Fire Marshall, Chevrolet. All boxed. £30-50
223.    Three Corgi Nine Double Nine Models, Birmingham Daimler Ambulance, Thames Valley Police Landrover, Blackburn Dennis pump. All boxed. £20-40
224.    A Small Quantity of Mainly Matchbox King Size Vehicles, including pipe truck with pipes, all playworn.£20-40
225.    A Small Quantity of 1950's Dinkys and a Quantity of Later Matchbox 1-75's. All playworn.£20-40
226.    Five Matchbox Series 3 Kits, M19 Tank Transporter; Monty's Caravan; LRDG Jeep; Churchill AVRE. All appear unstarted and complete.£20-40
227.    Two Franklin Mint American Models, a 1940 pick up Franklins Tree Farm, and a Chicago Dept Fire Engine, only minor parts may be missing. £30-50
228.    Three Corgi Commercial Vehicles, all BRS related, including ERF dropside and Foden flatbed with load. All boxed. £25-40
229.    Seven Russian Diecast Models, including fire engines, Lada among others. All boxed. £40-80
230.    A Quantity of Modern Diecast , by Lledo, Maisto, Corgi and others. All unboxed.£20-40
231.    Five Corgi Cadbury Series Delivery Vehicles, Bedford Tanker, Leyland Tipper, Scammel Highwayman and Trailer, Scammel Scarab, Bedford Box Van, Thornycroft van. All boxed. £35-60
232.    Four Corgi Eddie Stobart Vehicles, Thames Trader Dropside, ERF Flatbed, ERF Dropside, Transit van. All boxed. £35-60
233.    Two Solido 1/18th Scale VW Beetles, plus three Police Landrovers. All signs of wear. £15-25
234.    A Quantity of Military Diecast Vehicles and Aircraft, mainly Dinky 1960's/70's, all playworn, together with a mid XX Century wooden toy of a tank.£30-50
235.    A Selection of Tinplate and Plastic Toys, including a Hong Kong plastic VW Beetle, plus two Burago cars (boxed) and two paperweights in the style of WWII aircraft-a Wellington and a Spitfire, together with a small selection of Meccano, all playworn.£20-40
236.    Ten Corgi American Outline Fire Engines, including two Heroes Underfire, six one-side Mount and Mack Pumps. All boxed. £50-80
237.    Quantity of Britains Deetail Napoleonic Figures, approximately forty mounted and sixty five foot soldiers, all playworn.£70-100
238.    An Auto-Art James Bond "World is not Enough" BMW28, boxed, together with three books.£30-50
239.    Fourteen Airfix Series I Kits, Churchill Tank (5); Tiger Tank; M4 Sherman (2); Panther Tank (2); Field Gun and Quad; Chi-ha Tank; Stalin Tank; Matador and gun; Bren Carrier and gun. All appear unstarted and complete.
240.    A Quantity of Mainly Timpo Plastic Cowboys and Indians, and associated items contained in a small case.£30-50
241.    Nine 1990's Models of Yesteryear Fire Engine Series, including Leyland fire truck; 1937 GMC rescue van. All boxed.£40-80
242.    Twenty-Two Various Hornby 00 Wagons, all boxed. £40-60
243.    A Quantity of "OO" Railway Items, including a Tri-ang 0-6-0 and tender No.3775; coaches, wagons, figures, buildings and ttrack, all playworn.£30-50
244.    Six Corgi Brewery Related Commercial 8 Wheelers, including Foden Guinness ERF flowers, Scarab Watneys. All boxed. £30-50
245.    Twenty-Two Various Hornby 00 Wagons, all boxed. £40-60
246.    Eleven Matchbox Yesteryears, all later issues including Leyland Cub, Merryweather Steam Fire Engine, Rolls Royce Armoured Car. All boxed. £50-100
247.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, mainly different, all boxed. £30-50
248.    Over One Hundred Diecast Vehicles, mainly Matchbox 1-75's and Husky, all playworn.£20-40
249.    Two Pelham Puppets, a quantity of lead farm figures and a wooden farm building, all playworn.£15-25
250.    A 1920's Meccano Nickel No. 1A Set, (incomplete), together with an additional box of Meccano items, many playworn.£30-50
251.    A 1950's Bayko No.2 Set, boxed; another smaller Bayko set; plus a Dinky catalogue and Trix parts.£20-40
252.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail 'Duchess' of Atholl' Set, complete with locomotive, tender, two coaches and track, LMS finish, boxed. Box base intact and majority of box inserts present, box lid poor. Plus additional track and coaches, playworn. £60-80
253.    Six Polostill 1/25 Scale Vehicles, including Rally Fiat 128 and Rally Mini, some parts missing/broken. £20-40
254.    Three Vanguard Vans, two Transit and a Morris British Rail, all boxed. £20-30
255.    Over Twenty-five Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, all cars; plus some associated items. All playworn.£15-25
256.    Ten Vanguard Car Diecast Models, including Triumph Dolomite, Ford Capri 109e, Ford Zephyr. All boxed. £30-50
257.    A Set of Eight McFarlane Figures of Modern American Forces, each 18cms high, standing on bases.£20-40
258.    Six Boxed Matchbox Toys, No.50 Harley Davidson; No.73 Ford model A; No.39 Rolls Royce; No.17 Bus; No.47 Locomotive; No.65 Chevy Van - Matchbox Collectors Club. All boxed; plus a Matchbox K-29 boxed and other boxed vehicles.£40-60
259.    A Quantity of Original Action Man, five figures (two damaged); a motorcycle and side car; uniforms and accessories, including dispatch rider; jungle fighter; arctic explorer; German soldier among many items, some parts broken or missing.£50-100
260.    A Quantity of Matchbox Big MX, including Traxcavator; plus a small selection of Matchbox Kingsize. All playworn.£20-40
261.    Four Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, class E2 0-6-0 LBSC, 0-6-0 Pannier tank GWR, 0-6-0 Jinty in LMS, plus an 0-6-0 class 8 diesel shunter. All boxed. £40-60
262.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, mainly different, all boxed. £30-50
263.    Eleven 1:72 Scale Hasegawa Kits, Starter Truck Toyota (5); Fuel Truck Isuzu; GMC gas Truck; Humber Armoured Car; Lee M3; Stuart Mk I, MS Tractor. All appear unstarted and complete.£30-50
264.    Five Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth in LMS finish, class M7 0-4-4 in SR finish, 0-4-0, PT 0-6-0 in GWR finish, L1 4-4-0 in SR finish. All playworn and in poor boxes. £50-80
265.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, mainly different, all boxed. £30-50
266.    Fourteen Matchbox Series 2 Kits, 1:72 scale Comet Mk. I (2); KF2.69 (2); Jaeger Panzer; Wespe; Panzer III Ausf'; Panther Ausf-G; M7 Priest; M40 GMC (2); Sherman Firefly; M3 Stuart "Honey" and a Panzer II Ausf-F. All appear unstarted and complete.
267.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, mainly different, all boxed. £30-50
268.    Three Tamiya Military Miniatures, German tank crew; German infantry weapons; US infantry weapons; eight Airfix series 2: French legionnaire; English musketeer; 95th rifleman; French grenadier; 2nd Dragoon; Cuirassier; 42nd Highlander; Coldstream Guard; George Washington. All appear unstarted and complete.
269.    Hornby 00 - 4-4-2 'Lord of The Isles' with two clerestory coaches, all in poor boxes and a Tri-ang 4--4-2 CR in blue. Unboxed. £50-80
270.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, mainly different, all boxed. £30-50
271.    Four Tri-ang 00 American Outline F7 Locomotives, including CN black/silver power car and yellow Tri-ang Bo-Bo. All playworn. £30-50
272.    Six Hornby 00 Diesel Outline Locomotives, class 35, class 37, class 29, class 47, class A1A-A1A, diesel rail car with additional centre car, all in poor boxes and in BR green. £60-100
273.    Three Corgi Aviation Archive - Dambuster Lancaster, Hercules Tanker, Boeing C97G. All boxed. £30-50
274.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, mainly different, all boxed. £30-50
275.    1982 Subbuteo Hockey Set, appears complete except one ball, three hockey sticks broken plus one goalkeepers stick broken. Contains rule handbook. Boxed, some damp damage to box lid.£70-100
276.    A Post War Schuco Varianto Set, No.3051, includes track, crossings, springs, tunnel, plus Schuco 3044 Varianto bus (clockwork a/f), and Schuco Varianto-Cabriolet in red, clockwork appears to be working. All playworn, boxed. Box poor. £80-150
277.    Two 1930's Hornby Speedboats, a Venture, finished in cream over green, some signs of hull repairs. Plus a Viking, finished in cream over blue, hull repainted. Both clockworks appear to be working and both playworn. £150-200
278.    Honby '0' Gauge Pre-War Clockwork 0-4-0 Locomotive No. 2900, clockwork appears to be running; Plus four post-war Hornby tank wagons and associated items. All playworn and contained in a poor post war '0' gauge box. £50-70
279.    An Early XX Century Pond Yacht, measuring 80cms long, 137cms high from bottom of keel. No obvious makers plaque and appears to have had some more recent restoration. Wooden deck complete with mast/rigging/steering. Stands well.£300-500
280.    Tri-ang Toys Steel Circus on Tour Wagon and Trailer, playworn but appears complete, except for tow hook.£20-40
281.    Two Corgi Commercial Vehicles, A Passage of Time Leyland Octopus, Mickey Mouse Foden articulated Munton. Both boxed. £30-50
282.    Five Corgi British Outline Trams and Trolleybuses, including two Blackpool trams, Bradford Trolleybus. All boxed. £50-80
283.    Five Hornby 00 0-4-0 Locomotives, R2470 BR 0-4-0 diesel, R2375 Virgin 0-4-0 diesel shunter, R2451 LSWR 0-4-0 Tank, R2878 BR 0-4-0, R2665 BR 0-4-0 tank. All in good boxes. £50-80
284.    Tri-=ang Railway 00 American Outline Diesel Locomotives, a three car BB set, finished in grey and red, boxed with box inserts, plus two double ended diesels in blue and yellow (one powered/one non-powered), both boxed. £50-80
285.    Nine Mainly Hornby "OO" Thomas the Tank Engine" Locomotives, including Thomas, Percy, James, Bill and Diesel, all unboxed.£50-80
286.    Eight Mainly Hornby Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Locomotives, five different liveries, all unboxed.£40-60
287.    Nine Mainly Hornby 0-4-0 Steam Outline Locomotives, including NCB and Castle Donnington, all different liveries and all unboxed.£30-50
288.    Six Hornby 00 Diesel/Electric Outline Locomotives, Intercity 125, class 52 (maroon finish), class 58, class 37, class 90, class 47. £50-80
289.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, including box vans and hopper. All boxed. £40-60
290.    A Quantity of Dinky Diecast Vehicles, mainly 1950's/1960's, including triumph Spitfire, Panhard 24, all playworn.£80-120
291.    Four Sets of Recent Hornby 00 Wagons, R6253 three VEE tank wagons, R6154 three RMC hoppers, R6254 three Procor hoppers, all boxed with outer sleeves and R6367 three 6WS coal wagons, boxed. £40-60
292.    Seven Corgi British Outline Fire Engines, including AEC ladder, AEC pump, Bedford tender. All boxed. £40-60
293.    Twenty-Five Diecast Police Vehicles, by Dinky and Corgi among others, mainly modern, some retouching/modifications noted. £50-80
294.    Twenty-Five Diecast Fire Engine Models, by Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox among others. Many repainted and super detailed. £100-150
295.    Nine Hornby 0-4-0 Steam Outline Locomotives, including Lion Works; Sentinel; Crewe and District, all different liveries, all unboxed.£30-50
296.    Two 1:18 Scale Revell BMW Isetta, one FF Schnelsen and one Polizei, both boxed.£20-40
297.    Eight Mainly Hornby 0-4-0, all unboxed, all different liveries.£35-50
298.    A Box of Ten Recent Hornby 00 Railway Wagons, mainly different, all boxed. £30-50
299.    A Plastic Hull, Sutcliffe Meteor Speedboat, clockwork; plus a Sutcliffe battery 'Merlin' speedboat. Some parts missing from Merlin. Playworn.£40-60
300.    A Boxed Pelham Puppet Clown, a straw filled monkey and a Chad Valley tin globe.£20-40
301.    Eleven EFE Buses, including London Transport and Green Line. All boxed. £35-60
302.    Eighteen Boxed Subbuteo Football Teams, mainly slot-in, including Arsenal, Manchester United away, Newcastle, Liverpool. Some repairs/players missing.£120-180
303.    A Franklin Mint F-14 Tomcat. Boxed; Plus an Armour F-16, unboxed and two Airline models - Concorde and Quantas 747.£30-50
304.    Three Plastic Kits. A Revell Austin Powers Corvette, 1:25 scale; An AMT/ERTL Corvette Convertable, 1:16 scale; A Revell Ferrari Testarossa, 1:12 scale. All kits appear unstarted.£30-50
305.    A Hornby 0-4-0 LMS Clockwork Locomotive No. 1 with tender No 5600, matt finish; plus a Hornby '0' gauge water tower, wagons and associated items. All playworn.£50-70
306.    A Small Selection of Subbuteo, Chad Valley Cricket Game, Action Man Clothing. All playworn.£20-30
307.    Seven Original Omnibus Buses by Corgi, including London Transport/ Sheffield. All boxed.£30-50
308.    Nine Hornby 0-4-0 Steam Outline Locomotives, including LSWR; Harwood and Co; Lynne and Co., all different liveries, all unboxed.
309.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail Set EDP2 "Duchess of Athol", appears complete and boxed, together with a Hornby Dublo EDL7 N2 Tank, three rail, finished in LMS 6917, in correct box, all playworn.
310.    A Corgi No. 426 Pinder Jean Richard, Matchbox K-110 Battle Kings Recovery Vehicle, plus six small Corgi including Superman. All very good plus. Boxed.£30-50
311.    A Boxed Chad Valley Give-a-Show Projector Set; plus a boxed Scalex Derwent cabin cruiser.£20-40
312.    Three Modern Corgi American Fire Engines, Mack CF Arial Ladder, Mack CF Arial Ladder, Mack B Arial Ladder, American La France, all boxed. £30-50
313.    A Quantity of Diecast and Tinplate Toys, including Tri-ang tinplate Landrovers, Matchbox No. 13 boxed, Corgi Comer bus with cameraman, Corgi tractors among other items; together with a box of Meccano, all playworn.£40-60
314.    Seven EFE Buses, all North West/Northern, including Ribble and Wigan. All boxed. £20-40
315.    Ten EFE Buses, including Devon General and United. All boxed. £30-50
316.    A Corgi Aviation Archive 1:72nd Scale B24J Liberator 'Michigan', boxed.£30-50
317.    A Post War Hornby 0 Gauge 0-4-0 Locomotive and Tender, finished in BR black plus two associated wagons and track, signes of wear. £50-80
318.    Eight Vanguard Lorries, including Leyland Comet and Thames Trader. All boxed. £25-40
319.    A Small Quantity of Matchbox Toys, including four Walt Disney; Skybusters, Regular Wheels No.2 and 40. Mainly boxed.£20-40
320.    A Large Box of Nursery toys from the 1960's/70's, including Weebles and Fisher Price among others, plus a box of comics and children's books.£15-25
321.    A Mid XX Century Wooden Farmyard, with a quantity of lead animals, horse drawn vehicles and figures, many Britains but all playworn/broken.£30-50
322.    Two Scalextric 1970's Mini Coopers; plus two Scalextric Junior Formula and a quantity of track.£20-40
323.    A Quantity of Lego, including set 347; B254; 100 (motor unit), circa 1970, all playworn, some boxed, all contained in a large wooden box.£30-50
324.    Nine 1990's Models of Yesteryear Fire Engine Series, including 1939 Bedford pump and hose truck; 1932 Ford open cab fire truck. All boxed.£40-80
325.    An Electric Hornby '0' Gauge 0-4-0 Locomotive, with signs of restoration, cab No. 2810 with post LNER tender; plus Hornby '0' gauge wagons, buffers etc. All playworn.£100-150
326.    Twelve Vitesse Diecast Model Cars, including Jaguar, Hornet, Morgan, Mercedes 600. All boxed, some boxes damaged. £50-80
327.    A Box of Mainly 1970's Tonka Toys, plus a plastic VW Beetle and a boxed Corgi Metro, all playworn.£20-40
328.    A 1950's Hornby '0' Gauge No. 201 LMS Goods Set, clockwork, contains locomotive and three wagons, boxed, playworn.£60-80
329.    Eight Modern Corgi Fire Related Vehicles, including Morris Minor, Simon Snorkel/AEC. All boxed. £30-50
330.    Twelve Boxed Subbuteo Teams, including West Ham, Wales, England, Northern Ireland. Mainly card boxed/plug-ins, some repairs/players missing.£70-100
331.    A Quantity of Approximately Twenty "Transformer" Empty Boxes, all flat, including Pretenders, Chain Clan, Cloudburst, Bomb-Burst, Rodimus Prime among others, together with other related boxes.£30-50
332.    Thirty Six Mainly Matchbox 1-75's, including a small Corgi James Bond Aston Martin, all contained in a Matchbox carry case, many playworn.£30-50
333.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail Set No.EDG17, contains N2 British Rail tank and four wagons, boxed. Box complete with packing inserts, plus additional three rail track and transformers. £60-80
334.    Twenty Unboxed Diecast Buses, all modern by EFE, Corgi among others, some minor damage noted. £40-60
335.    Thirteen H0 Coaches by Jouef and Flieschman, mainly SNCF and DR finish. All appear complete; plus a car transporter (without cars). £30-50
336.    A 1930's French Mecavion Constructor Plane; an unusual 'Meccano' copy product of an aeroplane. The lot includes one aeroplane made up, two boxes, a number of spare parts and an instruction book. Playworn.£80-120
337.    Iteleri Plastic Kit Mercedes Super Actros Truck, 1:24 scale and a Haynes International Combustion Engine Kit. Kits appear unstarted.£20-40
338.    Three EFE Bus Sets, No.99910 Southdown; Country Buses Set 2; London Transport Museum. All boxed. £50-100
339.    Two Corgi Aviation Archive Models. Avro Vulcan '617' Dambusters and DH Comet 4B, British European Airways. Both boxed.£30-50
340.    Five 00 Locomotives, Mainline J72 0-6-0 LNER, J72 0-6-0 BR, Co-Co Diesel 'Royal Inniskilling Fusilier'; an Airfix Royal Scot in BR green and a 2-6-2 Prairie tank in BR. All boxed. £30-50
341.    Eight Hornby 00 Railway Coaches, all BR maroon, ex LNER/LMS/Southern, all boxed. £40-60
342.    Meccano Magazine January to December 1939, all with covers, some signs of wear.£20-40
343.    Three Corgi Guinness Models, AEC Mammoth Tanker, Leyland Octopus with container, Mack with Fruehauf trailer. All boxed. £30-50
344.    A Mid XX Century Bassett Lowke 4-4-0 Clockwork Locomotive and Tender, finished in maroon and black, No. 1927, together with a Bing "O" gauge wagon, buffer stops and clockwork track, all playworn.£100-150
345.    A Post War Hornby "O" Gauge No. 201 Tanks Good Set, clockwork LNER No. 460 locomotive with three wagons, playworn, boxed with track.£40-60
346.    Hornby 00 R4197 Coach Pack, 'The Royal Train Coaches', boxed. £20-40
347.    Hornby 00 R4140 Coach Pack, 'Atlantic Coach Express', boxed. £20-40
348.    Meccano Magazine January to December 1943, all with covers, some signs of wear.£15-25
349.    Hornby 00 R4229 Coach Pack, 'The Pines Express Coaches', boxed. £20-40
350.    1930's Meccano Constructor Aeroplane, built as a bi-plane with floats, finished in silver; Plus additional parts including Aero clockwork motor, some parts repainted, others playworn.£80-120
351.    Four Hornby "OO" Locomotives, a Patriot class 4-6-0 No. 5533 in LMS finish; a B12 class 4-6-0 No.8509 in LNER green and two 0-6-0 tanks finished in LNER green, all unboxed.£40-60
352.    Two Kyosh 1/18th Scale Models, a Mini Cooper in green and a Police mini van. Both boxed. £30-50
353.    Three Hornby "OO" Locomotives, all A3 4-6-2 class "Flying Scotsman", all finished in LNER green, both unboxed.£50-80
354.    A 1:18 Scale 1914 Model T Fire Engine, with 24K gold plated coin by road signature. Boxed.£20-40
355.    A Hornby 00 Class 92 Locomotive 'Elgar', boxed; plus a playworn class 91 power car, unboxed. £20-40
356.    Three Hornby "OO" Locomotives , a 9F "2-10-0 No. 92156 in British Rail black; a Merchant Navy 4-6-2 "Lamport and Holt" finished in British Rail green and a "4-4-0 "Pytchley" in British Rail black, all unboxed.£60-80
357.    A Collection of Hornby Dublo Wagons and Other Accessories, and empty boxes, plus two Dinky toys. All playworn. £40-60
358.    A Post War Hornby No. 20 Clockwork Set Locomotive Runner, both wagons Hornby No.1 replacements, plus a pair of buffers, all in a Hornby No.20 set box.£35-50
359.    1970's Cricket Subbuteo "Club Edition", with ten outfield players, two batsmen, two bowlers (one missing base), bat, stumps, bails and ball, instructions, mat, missing one umpire, boxed with insert.£15-25
360.    A Corgi "Noddy" Car with Golly, playworn and some small parts missing, together with a Noddy Ring game and jigsaw.£20-40
361.    A Small Quantity of Hornby Dublo Wagons, and a D21 corridor coach, mainly three rail and boxed. £15-25
362.    Four Hornby 00 Southern Railway Coaches, all boxed. £20-40
363.    A Tri-ang "OO" Railways 4-6-0 "Lord Westwood" in Red Livery; together with three Tri-ang "Princess Elizabeth" locomotives; a "Princess Victoria" locomotive and an 0-6-0 Tender locomotive, all playworn and unboxed.£40-60
364.    A Tri-ang Hornby "OO" Blue Pullman Set, playworn and boxed.£20-40
365.    A Corgi Conoisseur Collection Selnec Bedford Van, and a Corgi Exclusive Collection Samuel Ledgend Seagul. Both boxed. £20-40
366.    Four Corgi Commercial Vehicles, all petrol tankers, ERF Esso, Scammel Esso, Scammel Shell/BP, Foden Regent. All boxed. £40-60
367.    Two 1930's Hornby Speedboats, a Racer No.3 finished in red and cream, some parts missing. Plus a Curlew, finished in cream over green, repainted. Clockwork in both boats appears to be working. Both playworn. £100-150
368.    A Quantity of Mainly Timpo Plastic Figures, including Knights, Cowboys, Indians, Military, all playworn.£30-50
369.    The Meccano Magazine Anthology. Book No.7a in the Hornby Companion series, complete with outer cover.£15-25
370.    Hornby 00 R2511 Class 156 'Central Trains', boxed. £25-40
371.    Hornby 00 R2166 South Wales Express Set, includes County of Cornwall locomotive and three coaches. Boxed with certificate. £40-60
372.    A Corgi Inspector Morse and a Z Cars Zephyr, both boxed£15-25
373.    Hornby 00 R2547 Grange Class 4-6-0 Llanfair Grange, finished in GWR green, boxed. £30-50
374.    A Sunstar 1:24 Scale London Transport Routemaster Bus, No. 272 with Dulux and Jacobs adverts, complete with certificate. Boxed.£40-60
375.    A Hornby 00 HST 125 Set, (three car), a Bachmann 4-6-0 Jubilee Class Impregnable and Hornby Class 90 Virgin. All boxed. £35-50
376.    Seven Tri-ang "OO" Locomotives, a 2-6-2 tank; two 0-6-0 tanks; two 0-4-0 tanks and two 0-40 Dock Authority Diesel Locomotives, all playworn and unboxed.£30-50
377.    Early 1930's Wooden Large Tri-ang LMS Train, the largest made, 86cms long, LMS/Tri-ang nameplate in tact, as is original whistle, tin smoke door and other metal fittings, finished in red/black with wooden wheels, original but playworn condition. £200-400
378.    1930's Wooden and Pressed Steel Tri-ang Lorry, finished in red and black with steel wheels, two original tyres (one tyre replaced, one missing), original logo on radiator, wooden back replaced, 38cms long, playworn.£20-40
379.    1930's Wooden Open Backed Lorry, steel wheels with tyres, tinplate radiator bearing 'Ford' logo, cast steering wheel, finished in green with yellow stripes, cab roof replaced, 48cms long, playworn. £50-100
380.    A Large 1920's/1930's Wooden Tri-ang Covered Lorry, with tin radiator and side roundals bearing Tri-ang name, open back with drop down board, wooden wheels finished in green. Original but playworn condition. £100-200
381.    A Mid XX Century Scratch Built Double Decker Bus, made of wood with steel wheels, finished in cream over red with a grey lift off roof. Bearing Bovril advertisements, 55cms long, 39cms high. £40-60
382.    A Mid XX Century "K" Wooden Toy Boat, 54cms long, clockwork loose and missing part of the superstructure, varnish finish.£30-50
383.    A Lone Star Dan Dare Gun, a Tri-ang Minic Plastic Mini and a Marx Push-along Dalek, parts missing/broken. All playworn.£30-50
384.    A Quantity of Mainly 1960's Diecast Vehicles by Dinky and Corgi, including Ford Thames ice cream van, Corgi Rover 2000 and Dinky mini moke, playworn/good plus.£80-120
385.    Thirteen Card Box Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 73 - Model A Ford; 32 - Field Gun; 5 - US Mail; 31 - Caravan; 68 - Cosmobile; 44 - Passenger Coach; 43 - Locomotive; 28 - Lincoln Continental; 20 - Police Patrol; 61 - Wreck Truck; 50 - Articulated Truck; 49 - CraneTruck; 17 - Bus (Carnaby Street). All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£50-80
386.    Four Sutcliffe Tinplate Boats, including a Comet in yellow; Racer 1 in blue, white and red; a Sprite. All clockwork and appear original. All playworn. All housed on a reproduction Sutcliffe shop display stand.£100-150
387.    Quantity of Mainly Britains and Herald Plastic Figures, including Britains "Eyes Right" Guards band and Royal Marines band, all playworn.£50-100
388.    Six Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 35 - Merryweather Fire Engine -WW; 52 - Dodge Charger, lime green, box crushed; 44 - Boss Mustang, yellow; 54 - Capri, crimson - WW; 59 - Fire Chief; 20 - Lamborghini, pink. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£50-80
389.    A Sutcliffe Tinplate 'Bluebird' Boat, appears original and complete, although some signs of wear.£60-100
390.    Nine Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 51 - Citroen SM (box crushed); 57 - Wild Life Truck; 75 - Gardbo; 1 - Mod Rod; 3 - Monteverdi; 63 - Freeway Gas; 65 - Saab; 6 - Mercedes SL; 17 - Bus (Bisto). All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-60
391.    Six Card Box Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 1 - Dodge Challenger, blue body/white hood; 17 - Bus (Heywoods/Halifax); 39 - Rolls Royce - silver; 67 - Datsun 260-2- crimson; 63 - Freeway Gas tanker - BP Super; 69 - Security Truck - green- Dresoner Bank. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-80
392.    Two Matchbox 1-75 No. 39 Ford Tractor, all blue and No. 9 boat and trailer, both appear very good, both boxed, stains and rubbing to boxes.£20-40
393.    Corgi James Bond Aston Martin, finished in gold, special edition 1995, boxed.£20-40
394.    Nine Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 43 - Dragon Wheels; 21 - Red Roller; 3 - Monteverdi; 10 - Piston Popper; 69 - Turbo Fury; 2 - Jet Hot Rod; 24 - Team Matchbox; 15 - Forklift Truck; 6 - Mercedes 350. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-60
395.    A 1930's Hornby Speedboat 'Viking', appears repainted and some parts replaced.£70-100
396.    Chad Valley Fordson Major Tractor, in blue with orange wheels, playworn, some parts missing, one mudguard loose. Boxed, tears, staining, crushing to box, with bottom inserts.£100-200
397.    A Mid XX Century Chad Valley Ubilda Drop Head Coupe, clockwork, finished in blue and cream. Overall Good+ condition. Folded roof appears replaced.£100-150
398.    A Possible 1930's/Wells Single Seater Tinplate Clockwork Racer, finished in green and white with a No.10, with driver, marked 'Made in England'. Some small rust patches coming through but overall Good, 22cms long.£80-120
399.    Thirteen Card Box Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 62 - Corvette; 46 - Tractor; 65 - Airport Coach; 64 - Bulldozer; 44 - Coach; 22 - Blaze Buster; 2 - Hovercraft; 69 - Security Truck; 47 - Flat Car; 3 -Porsche; 17 - Bus (Berger). All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£50-80
400.    A Mid XX Century Chad Valley Tinplate Ubilda Coupe, finished in red, clockwork. In overall Good condition with some sympathetic restoration.£100-150
401.    A Codeg Bakelite Two-Seater Sports Tourer, 34cms long, some signs of minor restoration to edges, windscreen possibly replaced. Does not appear to have any major cracks.£80-120
402.    A Hornby Dublo Class 501 Suburbabn EMU Dummy Car, some signs of wear, unboxed. £30-50
403.    Tri-ang "OO" set RS12, includes American yellow and black diesel 7005; caboose cable welltroll and welltroll with articulated lorry and bulldozer, boxed, a hard to find set.£70-100
404.    1970's Britains German Army Motorcycle Combination, appears very good, boxed£20-40
405.    Two White Metal Model Vehicles, a Brooklin Ford F1 Ambulance 'Jasper County' and a small wheels 1957 Desoto police car (some wear), both boxed. £50-80
406.    Dinky Toys No.918 Guy Van 'Ever Ready', in overall very good condition, with minor chips and rubbing, except roof where more extensive rub damage, boxed. Some staining and wear to box. £130-200
407.    Dinky Toys No.155 Ford Anglia, turquoise/red interior. Very good condition. Minor chips noticed to one front lamp/rear roof edge and door strip. Boxed, picture box, some minor staining and crushing. £40-80
408.    A 1966 Merit Thunderbirds Intercom Set, boxed, complete with picture insert, has appearance of being unused.£50-100
409.    1970's Britains German Afrika Korps Combination, appears very good, boxed.£40-60
410.    1970's Britains Speedway Twin Set, one bike partly repaired, boxed, end flap missing to box.£20-40
411.    A Dinky Toys Leyland Octopus Flat Truck with Chains, rivets missing to base, so believed to be a repaint, although to a high standard. £50-100
412.    Dinky Toys No.150 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, complete with 'flying lady', very good plus. Minor cast/paint fault to front wing, boxed. Some staining and creasing to box. Picture box.£50-80
413.    A Post War Schuco Varianto 3046 'Shell' Tanker, finished in yellow over red, clockwork appears to be working. Model appears complete and in good plus condition, with key. Boxed, one end flap missing to box, includes instructions. £50-100
414.    Two White Metal Model Vehicles, a G&W Engineering 1953 Morris Six, black police finish, plus a Landowne Model Wolseley 6 Police Car, both boxed. £50-80
415.    Two Early Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, no.Y9 Fowler Showmans engine in red and Y3 tramcar. Both in very good condition plus. Both boxed, some creasing/stains. wear to box. £40-60
416.    Dinky No. 62g Boeing Flying Fortress in Silver Finish, no signs of fatigue and complete top repainted in reproduction box plus a repainted Dinky Gloster Gladiator.£40-60
417.    Two Corgi Vehicles, a Police Sunbeam Imp (minor paint retouching), and Police Dog Mini Van. Both unboxed. £20-40
418.    Dinky Toys No.189 Triumph Herald, pale blue roof and sides to white middle. Although only very minor chipping discolouration coming through paint work, boxed. Non picture box, box colour spot dark blue denotes special and model in wrong box? Minor staining/crushing to box. £100-200
419.    Matchbox 1-75 No. 72 Fordson Major Tractor, blue with yellow wheels and grey tyres, slight re-touching of tractor body, boxed, slight tear to one end of box and picture slightly discoloured on one side, a rare item.£150-250
420.    A Post-War Schuco Curvo 1000 Clockwork Motorcycle, made in US Zone, Germany, clockwork appears to be working, appears complete and in overall good condition.£70-100
421.    Two 1960's Corgi Citroens "Corgi Ski Club", one yellow skis with figure; one red skis missing figure and one ski, both in good plus condition.£30-50
422.    A 1939/40 Dinky Hurricane, camouflage upper and black underneath, with wheels, in very good condition with no signs of fatigue, £50-70
423.    Five Matchbox 1-75's, No. 34 VW; No. 66 Citroen yellow, GPW; No. 4 tractor; No. 2 Bedford articulated, all good/very good, together with a Thames Trader cattle wagon with some re-touching on trailer.£30-50
424.    A 1960's Corgi Oldsmobile "Thrushbuster", minor wear and chips and a Corgi 1960's Green Hornet "Black Beauty", some wear, gun barrel broken, missing front rocket.£40-80
425.    A Shackleton 6-Wheel Tipper, in blue, clockwork, some signs of wear and paint loss especially to wheel arches, some retouching of paint to cab. Complete with key.£250-350
426.    1930's Dinky No. 60 Douglas DC3 Air Liner, in silver finish, no signs of fatigue, boxed, staining and rubbing to box, instruction reproduction.£50-100
427.    Three 1970's Britains Dispatch Riders, Afrika Korps, US Army and British, all models very good, all boxed, end flap missing on British, flap loose on Afrika Korps.£30-50
428.    Two Post-War Minic Tinplate Clockwork Vehicles, an 'Austin' style delivery van in red and a 4-wheel Shell tanker with repainted flat front cab.£40-60
429.    Six Matchbox 1-75's , including No.22 Cresta Gold; SPW; No.51 Portland Cement, BPW; No.17 taxi, SPW; No.53 Aston GPW, all playworn but harder to find variants.£50-100
430.    Two Dinky Toys, a post war 34b Royal Mail van, black and red, chipped but complete, together with a post war no. 25s six wheel wagon, blue with grey cover, minor chipping, appears unbroken.£30-50
431.    1930's Britains Lead Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, some breakages/repairs, playworn.£30-50
432.    Dinky Post War AA Motorbike with Plastic Wheels, Dinky police box and Dinky police crossing (hand broken), all have some signs of wear.£30-50
433.    A Recast AA Motorcycle and Sidecar, together with a Dinky AA Motorcycle and sidecar; Police motorcycle and sidecar. All repainted. £30-50
434.    The following lots are professionally finished military and civilian white metal figures, some are cast from traditional Britains and similar original lead figures, others are of a more modern design . All are finished to a high standard.

Three Morestone Recasts, Tandem with Sidecar, Santa's Sleigh and Butcher's Bike.£20-40
435.    Eight Various Earlier Style Soldiers, including three Conquistadors, two Cavalier's and Scots£20-40
436.    Five Road Repair Crew, dressed in mid XX Century style including man with barrow.£20-40
437.    A Selection of Recast Novelty Figures, including flower seller, two Coco-Cub Jonothans, window cleaner and village idiot.£30-50
438.    Recast Timpo, Britains, J. Hill. All are railway based including station staff, passenger, trolleys.£30-50
439.    Twenty-two WWI British and German Infantry and an Artillery Piece, all in action poses and various dress including winter.£50-80
440.    Six French Voltigeurs, including a Drummer at the march and a Mounted Officer.£20-40
441.    Five Nelson Marines, including an Officer and five 'Faulklands' Paratroopers including Radio Operator.£20-40
442.    Recast Britain's Hunt Figures, including five mounted, five foot and eleven hounds.£30-50
443.    Sixteen Fort Henry Guards, an Officer, a Goat, two Flagbearers, one Bugler and a Pioneer.£40-60
444.    Eleven 'Sudan' British Soldiers, including a Machine Gun, an Officer and Lancer; plus a period Photographer.£20-40
445.    Seven Britains Recast Charging Blackwatch and Fifteen Scottish Waterloo Infantry on Parade, including an Officer and a Drummer.£30-50
446.    Five Mounted Hussars, including Trumpeter and fourteen Waterloo Foot Figures on Parade including Artillery.£30-50
447.    Twelve Crimean War Based British Soldiers, including nine Foot, one Lancer and two Hussars.£30-50
448.    A Hornby Dublo Two Rail, A4 "Mallard", finished in British Rail matt green, No.60022, complete with tender, minor signs of wear, in a Hornby Dublo "3211" three rail Mallard box, with instructions, possible transition item.£40-80
449.    An Early Tri-ang "OO" Railways 4-6-4 Steam Outline Locomotive, in black livery with Tri-ang Railways name badge, appears unbroken, unboxed.£20-40
450.    Two Post-War Minic Tinplate Clockwork Vehicles, a single decker 'Green Line' bus and an open lorry in red/blue. Both playworn.£40-60
451.    Dinky Toys No. 982 Pullmore Car Transporter, significant chipping/rubs to all areas, including ramp. Boxed. Staining, rubs and tears to box.£30-50
452.    Two Post-War Tinplate Minics, an open top four-seater finished in red and a caravan repainted.£40-60
453.    Dinky Toys No.982 Pullmore Car Transporter, model stamped 582, mid blue cab, light blue decks, four rivets to lower deck. Significant wear and chipping to model, boxed. Box no.982, blue stripe box, showing light blue cab, significant wear/sellotape repairs/rubbing/stains/pencil marks to box; plus loading ramp in part box. £50-100
454.    A Budgie Scammel Highway Man Gas Transporter, two tone green, complete with only minor signs of wear; together with a Budgie Bedford Tipper and Benbros Guy with excavator(broken).£70-100
455.    Dinky Toys No.582 Pullmore Car Transporter, light blue cab/trailer, fawn decks, four rivets to lower deck, significant rubbing to box, blue stripe picture box. £50-100
456.    Two Hornby "OO" Coronation Class 4-6-2 Locomotives, "Duchess of Gloucester" finished in British Rail maroon and "Duchess of Atholl" finished in British Rail Green, both unboxed.£40-60
457.    Dinky Toys No.982 Pullmore Car Transporter, mid blue cab, light blue decks, some minor chipping/wear especially to rear ramp, complete with unboxed loading ramp, boxed. Blue stripe box showing loading ramp. Minor stains and wear to box. £70-100
458.    Three Hornby "OO" British Rail Britannia Class 4-6-2 Locomotives, "Clive of India"; "Anzac" and Western Star, all finished in British Rail Green, all unboxed.£60-80
459.    Three Post-War Minic Tinplate Vehicles, a Minic articulated tanker in white and red; a delivery van with opening rear door and a steam roller. In fair condition.£45-60
460.    A Late 1930's Britains 'Soldiers in Action' Boxed Set, with backing card, some figures incorrect/replaced, some broken. All khaki, some with correct gas masks.£40-60
461.    Three Recent Hornby 00 Pullman Cars, R4418 bar car, R4377 observation car, R4387 'Daffodil' bar. All boxed. £40-60
462.    A Taiyo of Japan Mk I Mustang, tinplate/battery operated, car appears little used, boxed.£20-40
463.    Two Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, King class 4-6-0 King Henry II and King Stephen, both in incorrect boxes. £50-80
464.    A Tri-ang Hornby 00 R563 Bogie Wagon, with three Ford vans and a Hornby 00 R1330 CR rail beef car. Both boxed. £20-40
465.    Thunderbolt British Tinplate Tank, cap firing, made in Japan, some signs of wear. Boxed. Some crushing and selotape to box.£20-40
466.    A Selection of Early Matchbox Yesteryears, including two Showman engines, a horse-drawn omnibus and a motorbike and sidecar; plus two first series Tom and Jerry cars by Corgi. All playworn.£30-50
467.    A Matchbox "Pickfords" Scammel and Trailer, in dark blue and maroon, together with six other Matchbox items, all have signs of wear.£20-40
468.    Two Post-War Minic Tinplate Clockwork Vehicles, a green 'Morris' style delivery van, in Fair/Good condition and an open backed lorry in playworn condition.£40-60
469.    A Taiyo of Japan Highway Patrol Tin Car, battery operated, car appears little used, boxed.£20-40
470.    Fourteen Matchbox 1-75's, all regular wheel, including No. 45 Corsair with boat; No.63 BP Alvis; No.20 Ever Ready SPW, all have signs of wear.£25-40
471.    Graham Farish N Gauge Class 158 DMV Motor and Dummy, regional livery, one coupling missing, boxed. £20-40
472.    A 1955 Meccano Hornby/ Dinky Catalogue, stamped "Handicraft Supplies, Sheffield", with price list; a 1920's Meccano branded ball of string and a Meccano 1955 gears outfit, boxed.£20-40
473.    A "Wizard of Oz" Card Game, a Pepys Crime Club card game, both boxed with instructions; plus two advertising packs of cards for "Butler" and WH12x and three glass topped puzzles.£20-40
474.    A Hart Models Rangerover, EEM Daimler ambulance LCC, EEM Ford Transit ambulance, a CSM Ford Transit police crew bus. All boxed. £60-100
475.    Two Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, County Class 4-6-0, 'County of Devon', finished in BR green, Castle Class 4-6-0 'Hampden' finished in BR green, both in incorrect boxes. £50-80
476.    Two Hornby "OO" Schools Class 4-4-0 Locomotives, "Cheltenham" finished in British Rail Black and "Radley" finished in Southern, both unboxed.£40-60
477.    A Corgi Pickfords ERF Low Loader; plus four diecast fire engines. All boxed.£20-40
478.    A V.I.P. R.A.F. Electric Vosper Crash Tender, finished in black, grey and white, 1960's, two cracks to front decking, complete with instructions and V.I.P. catalogue, boxed and with box inserts.£20-40
479.    Two Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, Battle of Britain class 4-6-2 92 squadron in SR finish and class A4 4-6-2 Golden Fleece in BR finish. Both in incorrect boxes. £50-80
480.    Two 1930's Hornby Speed Boats, a Swift finished in blue and cream, replacement windscreen. Plus a Racer II finished in blue and cream. Both clockworks appear to be working, both playworn. £80-120
481.    Thirteen Card Box Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 58 - Dump truck; 38 - Camper; 75 - Helicopter; 43 - Locomotive; 27 - Swing Wing; 28 - Lincoln Continental; 28 - Stoat; 53 - Jeep; 55 - Atlas Truck; 47 - Locomotive; 54 - Mobile Home; 72 - Bomag; 17 - Bus (Laker). All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£50-80
482.    Two Hornby "OO" Locomotives, both A3 4-6-2 class, "Gladiateur" and "Royal Lancer", both finished in LNER green, both unboxed.£40-60
483.    Four Corgi Commercial Vehicles, all tankers. AEC Mammoth Shell/BP, Foden Arrow Bulk, ERF Blue Circle, Thames Trader Gulf. All boxed. £40-60
484.    Twenty-Five Limited Edition ERTL Toyfair Models, all Toyfair related including New York, British Toy and Hobby, Nurnberg, all boxed, some duplicates. £100-200
485.    Three Franklin Mint Models, 1910 Cadillac Roadster, Mercedes Benz 300, Rolls Royce Phantom One, minor parts missing. Unboxed. £40-60
486.    A Quantity of Britains and Other Lead Figures. All finished in khaki, all playworn.£30-50
487.    Three 1970's Dinky Toys, Merryweather fire engine (re-detailed); Bedford AA van (repainted) and TV Paramedic truck. All boxed. £30-50
488.    Two 1930's Hornby Speedboats. A Racer 1 finished in green and cream plus a Hawk finished in red and cream. Clockwork appears to work on both, both are playworn. £60-80
489.    A Small Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, including a "Long Distance Refrigeration Truck", all playworn,£10-20
490.    Three Hornby "OO" Coronation Class 4-6-2 Locomotives, a streamlined "Duchess of Norfolk" finished in LMS; "City of Bristol" finished in British Rail blue and "City of Bradford" finished in British Rail green, all unboxed.£70-100
491.    Five Hornby 00 0-4-0 Locomotives, four Steamoutline GWR, 7178, Desmond and bulldog, plus diesel outline Dock Authority. All in poor boxes. £40-60
492.    Three Franklin Mint Models, a Packard Victoria, Volkswagen Beetle, Mercedes Benz Grosser. All appear complete. £50-70
493.    A Tri-ang 00 Davy Crockett Locomotive, appears unbroken but some wear, plus a Tri-ang coach no.257. Both unboxed. £30-50
494.    Three Commercial Vehicles, Pickfords Scammel Crane and Foden Flatback, Eddie Stobart Atkinson. All boxed. £30-50
495.    c1980's Subbuteo Rugby Sevens Set, playworn, some parts missing/broken/repaired, box lid faded and punctured.£30-50
496.    Four Tri-ang 00 Battle Space Items, a catapult plane launch car (with plane), a multiple missile launcher (missing rockets), a radar tracking commando car (appears complete). All in poor boxes, plus an unboxed searchlight car and a part boxed helicopter launcher. £30-50
497.    Four Hornby 00 Railway Coaches, two LMS Coronation in blue and two blood and custard ex LNER BR, all boxed. £30-50
498.    Five VW Diecast Models, all fire, police related, by Vanguard, Vitesse and Corgi. All boxed.£20-40
499.    Five Hornby "OO" Locomotives, a Saint class 4-6-0 "Saint Patrick"; a King class 2-6-0 "King George I" and three 27 class 0-6-0's, all finished in GWR green, all unboxed.£70-100
500.    A Quantity of Late 1950's/Early 1960's Continental "HO" Marklin, including a set with 4-6-2 steam outline locomotive No. 3049/01097 (missing tender), and three coaches, together with a Deutsche Bundesbahn diesel loco and a variety of boxed wagons including a twelve wheel trolley wagon and load, all have signs of use.£150-300
501.    Nine Vanguard Delivery Vans, including British Rail Set, RAC/BEA. All boxed. £25-40
502.    Two Corgi 'London Brick' Wagons, articulated Albion with load and AEC Mammoth with load. Both boxed. £25-40
503.    "New Footy" Table Soccer Game, late 1950's, complete with players, goals, balls and instructions, players appear unbroken, with insert.£30-50
504.    Two Corgi Eddie Stobart Vehicles, AEC Truck and trailer, Foden Mickey Mouse with trailer. £20-40
505.    Hornby 00 R2226 4-6-2 Princess Class, Margaret Rose, finished in BR green, boxed. £30-50
506.    Twenty Four Mainly Matchbox 1-75's, all contained in a Matchbox carry case, many playworn.£15-25
507.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, including Dinky, Corgi, Crescent, mainly 1970's military subjects. All playworn.£40-60
508.    TV Related Corgi and Vanguards. All police related including Morse; Z Cars and Heartbeat.. All boxed.£20-40
509.    Eight 1950's Dinky Military Vehicles, including Foden and Ambulance, some repainting noted. £40-60
510.    Ten Vanguard Police Cars, including Rover 3500, Lotus Cortina, Ford Anglia.£40-60
511.    Twenty Three Corgi Diecast Vehicles, mainly 1960's, including Mister Softee ice cream van, all playworn.£80-120
512.    Six Corgi American Based Fire Engines, including Mack CF Pump, White Tanker, Cyclone II Rescue. All boxed. £30-50
513.    Fifteen Blister Pack Matchbox Superfast 1-75's : 2 - Rescue Hovercraft; 5 - Seafire; 29 - Tractor; 75 - Helicopter; 41 - Ambulance; 64 - Fire Chief; 50 - Articulated Truck; 8 - DeTomaso; 40 - Horsebox; 12 - Big Bull; 21 - Road Roller; 19 - Cement Truck; 11 - Car Transporter; plus two Chesterfield buses. Minor denting, creasing to boxes. £40-80
514.    Four Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, R2658 class 3F 0-6-0 LMS, R2469 class 3F 0-6-0 LMS Weathered, R2381A class 14XX 0-4-2 BR. All boxed. £40-60
515.    Five Hornby 00 MK2 and MK3 Virgin Coaches, including buffet car, all boxed.
516.    A Conrad Miami Fire Engine, and a Texaco Scania with MSAS Logistics trailer (cab door loose), both boxed. £40-60
517.    Four Triang 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, 4-6-0- with tender, a Princess Elizabeth 0-6-0 with tender and an 0-6-0 tank. All playworn and in poor box. £40-60
518.    Fourteen Blister Pack Superfast Matchbox 1-75's : 23 - Atlas Truck; 42 - Mercedes; 22 - Blaze Buster; 72 - Hovercraft; 65 - Airport Coach; 46 - Stretcha Fetcha; 51 - Combine; 30 - Swamp Rat; 43 - Steam Loco; 58 - Dumper; 15 - Forklift; 26 - Dumper; (2) No.17 Matchbox/Laker. Minor creasing to boxes.£40-80
519.    Corgi Eddie Stobart Scania Box Trailer, boxed. £20-40
520.    Four Hornby "OO" Diesel Outline Locomotives, a class 52 "Western Yeomanry"; a class 35; a class 47 and class 29, all playworn and unboxed.£30-50
521.    Nine Matchbox Superfast 1-75 Blister Packs, Plus Blister Pack Set TP6 : 60 - Holden; 27 - Lamborghini; 14 - Mini Ha-Ha; 1 - Dodge Challenger; 7 -VW Golf; 4 - Pontiac Firebird; 33 - Motorcycle; 18 - Hondarora; 36 - Formula 5000. Minor denting, creasing to boxes.£50-80
522.    Five Modern Corgi 'Fire Support Vehicles', four Landrovers and a Bedford TK. All boxed. £20-40
523.    Four Hornby "OO" Electric Outline Locomotives, three class 90's, Virgin and rail freight and a class 92 "Milton", all unboxed.£40-60
524.    Three 1970's Britains Tractors : A Massey Ferguson 585, in poor box; A Ford 5000, in poor box; an unboxed Massey Ferguson 135. All playworn.£30-50
525.    Two Hornby "OO" A4 Class 4-6-2 Locomotives, "Mallard" finished in LNER blue and "Sir Nigel Gresley" finished in British Rail blue , minor damage noted to one tender, both unboxed.£40-60
526.    Seven Recent Hornby 00 Coaches, including R4273 Pendolino, R6354 BR standard GUV, R4438 'Blue Rapier' among others. All boxed. £50-80
527.    Three Hornby "OO" B17 Class 4-6-0 Locomotives, "Norwich City" finished in LNER; "Manchester United" and "Darlington", both finished in BR Green, all unboxed.£60-80
528.    A Hornby 00 R2419 Locomotive Class 09 Dick Hardy, appears as new, boxed. Plus a class 09 Ding Safari, in incorrect box.£35-50
529.    Three Corgi Heritage Collection Fire Engines, Citroen Type SS, Berliet GLR8, Renault. All bo0xed. £30-50
530.    Hornby 00 R2726 4-6-0 Patriot Class, Private W Wood VC, finished in BR green, boxed. £30-50
531.    Ten Vanguard Car Diecast Models, including Ford Anglia, Vauxhall Victor, Morris Marina. All boxed. £30-50
532.    Three Vanguard Police Transit Vans, Cumbria, Lancashire Accident and Nottinghamshire Accident set. All boxed.£20-40
533.    A Tri-ang TT Gauge Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 with Tender, locomotive boxed and a TT 0-6-0 diesel locomotive, both playworn. £20-40
534.    A Matchbox G-17 Set with Two Boxed Vehicles, No.9 Boat and Trailer; No.7 VW Golf plus two unboxed models, set boxed, all vehicles appear correct to set, plus a Matchbox G-10 Thunderjets set.£20-40
535.    A Quantity of Dinky and Corgi Diecast Vehicles, mainly 1970's but earlier noted. Including large scale Capri and Bedford crash truck. All playworn. £50-80
536.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles by Matchbox, Corgi and others, Redline Hotwheels noted; together with a Matchbox 1-75 carry case, all playworn.£20-40
537.    Two Hornby "OO" A3 4-6-2 Locomotives, "Dick Turpin" and "Flying Scotsman", both finished in British Rail green, both unboxed.£40-60
538.    Four Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, R2406 Terrier 0-6-0 LBSC Fulham, R2063 Terrier 0-6-0 SR, R2882 class 3F 0-6-0 S&DJR. £40-60
539.    Four White Metal Model Vehicles, a British Motoring Classics Police Mini Van, a Marquis Ford Zephyr Mk2 Police Car, two promod Morris vans and Dinky code 3 RAF Morris. £60-100
540.    Three Hornby 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, R2062 J94 0-6-0 LNER, R2151 J94 0-6-0 WD Austerity, J52 0-6-0 BR. All boxed. £30-50
541.    Over Thirty Modern Diecast Cars, by Dinky, Yesteryear, Corgi among others, some wear. All unboxed. £40-60
542.    Two Hornby 00 Merchant Navt Class 4-6-2's, Sibby Line and Lamport Holt, both in BR green and in incorrect boxes. £50-80
543.    Seven Hornby 0-4-0 Diesel Outline Locomotives, including EGB; Robert Horne and Redland, all unboxed.£30-50
544.    A Matchbox Model of Yesteryear London Omnibus, and a Matchbox Collectable County Fire Marshall, both boxed. £20-40
545.    A 1950's Hornby '0' Gauge No. 201 LMS 0-4-0 Clockwork Locomotive, plus two NE wagons, trucks and buffers. All playworn.£45-60
546.    Fourteen Diecast Ambulance Models, by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Yesteryear among others. Including Dinky Victor, some retouching to paintwork noted. £40-60
547.    Three Mainline 00 Steamoutline Locomotives, Standard class 4-6-0 in BR black, Patriot class 4-6-0 'Sir Robert Turnball', in BR green, 43XX class 2-6-0 Mogul in BR black. All boxed. £40-60
548.    A Quantity of Plastic Toys and Figures by Timpo, Britains and others, all playworn, together with a Tri-ang ten year catalogue.£20-40
549.    Thirteen Diecast Police Models, mainly 1970's Dinky including Ford Zodiac, Explosive Disposal Landrover and a Corgi 419 repainted and in reproduction box. Some repainting, touching up to others. £50-80
550.    Three 00 Steam Outline Locomotives, Mainline 4-6-0 Patriot Class 'Scots Guardsman' finished in LMS black; Mainline 4-6-0 Scot Class 'Royal Scot' finished in LMS maroon; Airfix 4-6-0 Scot Class 'Royal Scot' finished in BR green. £60-80
551.    Subbuteo Table Rugby, International Edition, boxed set, appears complete with minor signs of wear; plus a Subbuteo Angling, boxed, fishing rods missing.£20-40
552.    EFE Bus Set. 'Cobham Bus Museum' and Corgi China Motorbus Set 'Olympian Story'. Both boxed.£20-40
553.    Ten Diecast Utility Vans, mainly by Corgi, all unboxed. £15-25
554.    Corgi American La France and Corgi Supertruck Fire Engine, both boxed. £20-40
555.    A Tri-ang 00 Class 81 Electric Locomotive, no.63001 with single pantograph; plus a Tri-ang blue Pullman dummy and centre car. All playworn and unboxed. £30-50
556.    Two 00 Steamoutline Locomotives, Jubilee class 4-6-0 'Leander' in LMS maroon, Scot class 4-6-0 'Scots Guardsman' in LMS black. £30-50
557.    Two Hornby 00 Class 37 Diesel Locomotives, one EWS maroon, the other Mainline, both unboxed. £20-40
558.    Three Mainline 00 Steamoutline Locomotives, 0-6-0 collet, Manor class 4-6-0 'Cookham Manor', Deans 0-6-0. All finished in GWR and boxed. £40-60
559.    Two Post-War Minic Tinplate Clockwork Vehicles, a blue taxi and a blue/red open backed lorry. In Fair/Good condition.£50-70
560.    A Tri-ang 00 0-4-0 S/C R254 Locomotive, with operating pantograph. Appears unbroken in good box. £20-40
561.    Dinky Toys Gift Set No.149 Sports Cars Set, contains Dinky 108 MG Midget, 109 Austin Healey, 107 Sunbeam Alpine, 110 Aston Martin, 111 Triumph TR2. All models in very good condition with very minor wear and chipping, boxed. Some staining/rubbing to box lid and two sellotape marks. Box base with both inserts. £1000-2000
562.    Dinky Supertoys Gift Set No.990, contains 582 Pullmore transporter, 161 Austin Somerset, 162 Ford Zephyr, 156 Rover 75, 154 Hillman Minx. All two tone, some chipping/wear, boxed, wear and tear to box edges, some pen marks to lid, box base original however box insert reproduction. £500-1000
563.    Two Matchbox 1-75 Boxed Superfast Models : No.3 Mercedes Benz Ambulance, opening door with stretcher, wide wheels; No.13 Dodge Wreck truck, BP yellow cab/green back/red hook/wide wheels. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-80
564.    Three Matchbox 1-75 Boxed Superfast Models : No.49 Unimog, sky blue; No.22 Freeman Inter City Commuter, purple; No.66 Greyhound Coach, black base, box slightly crushed, pitting to label. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£30-60
565.    A Tri-ang 00 Continental 2-6-2 Prairie Tank, appears unbroken in poor box. £40-60
566.    Tri-ang 00 Budd RDC-2 Trans-Continental, power car and dummy, both appear unbroken. In poor boxes no.R352 and R232. £100-200
567.    Three Matchbox 1-75 Boxed Superfast Models : No.38 Honda with trailer, blue/green bike on yellow trailer; No.57 Trailer Caravan, cream/brown stripe/flower; No.9 Boat and Trailer, turquoise deck; plus Matchbox No.16 Case Tractor.£40-80
568.    Corgi No. 491 Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate Car, in grey finish with woody sides, with opening rear door. Very near mint, boxed, slight creasing and tear to flap on box.£60-100
569.    Dinky Toys No.199 Austin Seven Countryman, light/grey blue body, red interior. Very good plus condition, slight loss of wood. Finish to one or two areas, very minor chipping to edges, boxed, small tear to one end flap, minor staining/crushing to box. £50-80
570.    A Shackleton 6-Wheel Foden Tipper, in light blue, clockwork, appears complete and in overall very good condition with only slight signs of wear, complete with key, instructions and tool kit.£300-500
571.    Shackleton 'Dyson' Four Wheel Trailer, finished in dark blue, appears complete and undamaged, with some wear to paint.£50-100
572.    Six Regular Wheel Matchbox 1-75's : 65 - Combine (blade broken); 61 - Alvis Stalwart; 44 - Refridgerator Truck; 39 - Tractor; 23 - Caravan Trailer; 4 - Stake Truck. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£50-80
573.    Dinky Toys No. 591 AEC Tanker, finished in yellow and red "shell", chipping and rubs to all areas, boxed, stains and rubs to box.£40-60
574.    Three Matchbox 1-75 Boxed Superfast Models : No.8 Wild Cat Dragster, orange/black base; No.19 Road Dragster, red/No 8 label; No.45 Ford Group 6, green/No45/wide wheels. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-80
575.    Three Matchbox Boxed 1-75 Superfast Models : No.70, five spoke wheels, slight creasing to box, Grit Spreader; No.11 Scaffolding Truck with load/original elastic band; No.32 Leyland Tanker, BP finish. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-80
576.    Three Matchbox 1-75 Boxed Superfast Models No.15 Volkswagen, red/No.137/Monte Carlo sticker; No.29 Mini, No.29; No64 - MG1100, blue body. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-60
577.    Three Matchbox 1-75 Boxed Superfast Models : No.3 Lincoln Continental, metallic lime green/narrow wheels; No.36 Opel Diplomat, metallic gold/silver grill; No.46 Mercedes 300SE, metallic gold body/opening boot/sealed doors/narrow wheels. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£50-100
578.    Corgi No. 269 James Bond Lotus Esprit from "The Spy Who Loved Me" 1977, rockets on original sprue, boxed, insert and cellophane intact, second type with instructions on base.£40-60
579.    Three Matchbox Boxed 1-75 Superfast Models : No.60 Office Site Truck, blue with single rivet and cabin; No.58 Daf Girder Truck, lime green with load and original elastic band; No.11 Scaffolding Truck with load/original elastic band. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-80
580.    Four Matchbox Boxed 1-75 Superfast Models : No.37 Cattle Truck in orange yellow with wide wheels; No. 21 Foden Concrete Truck, paint fault to red; No. 63 Dodge Crane Truck with wide wheels. All Boxed. Overall VGC+.£40-80
581.    Dinky Toys Gift Set No.2 'Commercial Vehicles' Set, comprising 25m Bedford Tipper, 30s Austin covered wagon, 27d Landrover (green), 30n farm produce wagon, 30p Mobilis Tanker. All models in good/very good condition with only minor chipping and wear, boxed, box lid worn at edges with creasing and staining. Some wear to box base, box insert reproduction and top insert missing. £500-1000
582.    Dinky Supertoys No.935 Leyland Octopus Flat Truck with Chains Empty Box, some wear to edges and staining but picture and script clear. A rare box. £200-400
583.    Dinky Toys No.923 Big Bedford Van 'Heinz' with Bean Can, in overall very good condition plus. Very minor chipping to one or two edges, boxed. Some wear/staining/sellotape marks to box lid. £200-400
584.    Dinky Toys No.918 Guy Van 'Ever Ready', in overall very good condition, some minor chipping and rub marks, boxed. Some staining and wear to box. £150-250