Quarterly Antique & Fine Art Sale on Friday 28th November 2008

1.      A Pair of Marionettes in The Form of An Indian Couple in Native Costume, together with another marionette modelled as a horse. (3) £20-30
2.      A Continental Bisque Head Doll, incised marks "109-11", "H", "2 1/2", with pierced ears, brown glass sleeping eyes, open mouth, fully clothed, 20 1/2" or 52cms high (damaged to fingers). £100-150
3.      An Armand Marseille Bisque Head Child Doll, model 390, sleeping brown glass eyes, open mouth with upper teeth (one damaged), jointed composition body, contemporary clothes, 59cms high. £80-120
4.      A Simon And Halbig Bisque Head Doll For Kammer And Reinhardt, incised "58" to nape, sleeping brown glass eyes, pierced ears, open mouth with upper teeth, dull golden wig, jointed composition body, 56cms high. £100-150
5.      Matchbox Superfast SF6 Le Mans Power Booster Set,with #45 Ford group 6 and #52 Dodge charger vehicles, complete in Near Mint condition in Exc/NM box. £40-60
6.      Matchbox Motorised Motorway Set M2, complete with MB8 Ford Mustang in white and MB73 (55) 1968 Mercury in green, Near Mint in Exc box. £50-70
7.      Matchbox King Size KII DAF Car Transporter, in blue/gold, Near Mint in split window box. £20-30
8.      Matchbox Toys #41 Ford GT Racing Car, with scarcer red hubs, Excellent in VG/Exc box. £100-120
9.      Budgie Toys #312 Super Tip-master, Excellent in Fair box. £30-50
10.     Matchbox Series #13d ThamesTrader Wreck Truck, with black plastic wheels. NM/Mint in Exc, NM box. £20-30
11.     Matchbox Series #66b Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Sidecar, in bronze, NM in box lacking one end flap. £20-30
12.     Matchbox Series #4c Triumph T110 Motorcycle and Sidecar, in steel blue, Mint in Exc/NM box. £30-40
13.     Matchbox Series #14d Iso Grifo, in dark metallic blue; 33c Lamborghini Miura, in yellow, standard hubs. Both NM in VG boxes. (2) £20-30
14.     Matchbox Series #4d Stake Truck, with blue body, Near Mint in Exc box. £20-30
15.     Matchbox Series #27d Mercedes 230SL; 28c Jaguar MK10, without badge, bpw. Both NM in Exc/NM boxes (2) £20-30
16.     Matchbox Series #10c Foden Sugar Container, without crown, bpw NM/M in Exc/NM box. £20-30
17.     Matchbox Series #11b Esso Petrol Tanker, with silver trim, gpw Near Mint, in Near Mint box. £20-30
18.     Matchbox Series #46b Pickfords Removal Van, with three line decal and spw. Mint in Exc/NM box. £30-40
19.     Matchbox Series #41b Jaguar D Type, with gpw and rounded axles, Mint in Exc box. £20-30
20.     Matchbox Series #53a Aston Martin, in metallic red, knobbly gpw. NM/Mint in Exc Moko box. £80-120
21.     Matchbox Series #57b Chevrolet Impala, with green windows, black base, bpw. Mint in Exc/NM box. £20-30
22.     Matchbox Series #17e Horse Box, in red and dark green. NM with horses in Exc/NM box; #43e Pony Trailer, in similar condition. (2) £20-30
23.     Matchbox Series #72a Fordson Major Tractor, with black front wheels, orange rear hubs. Exc in box lacking one end flap; #16 Case Bulldozer Tractor, NM in Exc box; 58b Drott Excavator, in red, black rollers, silver base, NM in NM box with one dusted side. (3) £20-30
24.     Matchbox Series #36 Lambretta And Sidecar, NM/M in Exc box. £20-30
25.     Matchbox Series #6c Euclid Dump Truck, with ten wheels, NM in VG box; #16 Snow Plough, with bpw. Exc/NM in VG box; #28d Mack Dump Truck, with red wheels NM in VG box; #35b Snow-Trac, with decal. Exc and VG box. (4) £20-30
26.     Matchbox Series #19c Aston Martin DBR5, in metallic green, grey driver, spike wheels, RN19, NM in creased but good box; #19d Lotus Racing Car, in dark green, EXC/NM in similar box. (2) £30-40
27.     Matchbox Series #52b BRM Racing Car, in blue, RN5 NM in box with 1cm hole to the picture side; #19d Boat And Trailer, NM in box with slight foxing; #48b Sports Boat And Trailer, (dark blue, bpw) Exc/NM in box lacking one end flap. £30-40
28.     Matchbox Series #69a Nestle's Commer Van, in maroon, grey knobbly tyres, Exc/NM in Exc Moko box. £20-30
29.     Matchbox Series #68a Austin Radio Truck, with rounded axles, NM/Mint in Exc/NM box; #71a Austin Water Truck, without badge NM, Mint in NM box. (2) £30-40
30.     Matchbox Series #12b Land Rover Series II, with bpw, rounded axles; #54a Saracen Personnel Carrier, rounded axles, Both NM in Exc boxes. (2) £20-30
31.     Matchbox Series #49a Army Half Truck, matt green, knobbly gpw wheels, grey metal rollers, one track split, otherwise NM in Exc box; #64a Scammel Break Down Truck, with metal hook, Exc in VG box; #67a Saladin Armoured Car, with rounded axles, NM in VG box. (3) £30-40
32.     Matchbox Series #15d VW Saloon, with door labels, NM in VG box; #25b VW 1200, with green tinted windows. NM in VG/Exc box. (2) £20-30
33.     Matchbox Series #32b E Type Jaguar, with clear windows and black tyres. NM/M in Exc/NM new model box; #65 Jaguar 3.4l, blue rear number plate, NM in VG Moko box. (2) £40-60
34.     Matchbox Series #9c Merryweather Marquis III Fire Engine, rounded axles, gold ladder, gpw Exc in Exc box; #29c Fire Pumper Truck, with decal. NM in Exc box; #57c Kent Fire Truck, with bpw. NM in Exc box; #63 Foamite Crash Tender, with gold nozzle, NM in Exc box. (4) £50-70
35.     Matchbox Series #13d Dodge Wreck Truck, with yellow cab, grey hook. NM in inscribed box; #25c BP Tanker, with bpw. NM in VG/Exc box; #32c Leyland BP Tanker, with silver base, grille, label, Exc/NM in VG box; #61 bp Alvis Stalwart, with ribbed carrier bed. Exc in VG box. (4) £40-60
36.     Matchbox Major Pack #7 Thames Cattle Truck, with tan trailer, knobbly gpw, red rear door, NM in near Exc box. £30-40
37.     Matchbox Series #10d Pipe Truck, with silver base and grille; #17d Foden Tipper; #47c DAF Container Tipper, in silver; #44c Refrigerator Truck. All NM in Exc or NM boxes. (4) £30-40
38.     Matchbox Series #51c Mammoth 8 Wheel Tipper, 'Douglas' variant with white grille and 'Pointer' variant, with silver grille. Both NM in Exc/NM boxes. (2) £30-40
39.     Matchbox Series #42b Studebaker Station Wagon, car and rear roof in blue, Mint with Mint figures, in Exc/NM box. £30-40
40.     Matchbox Series #48c Dodge Dumper Truck; #49b Mercedes Unimog; #51b Tipping Tractor, (no barrels), #58c Girder Truck; #65c Combine Harvester, standard variants, generally Exc/NM in boxes. (5) £30-40
41.     Matchbox Series #75b Ferrari Berlinetta, two metallic green variants, one with silver base. One box in Excellent condition. £20-30
42.     Matchbox Series #38a Karrier Refuse Wagon, in grey, gpw, round axles NM/M in VG box. £20-30
43.     Matchbox Series #22c Pontiac Coupe, with number on base; #24c Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, with silver wheels; #25d Ford Cortina, in metallic brown. Generally NM in Exc or NM boxes. (3) £20-30
44.     Matchbox Series #8c Caterpillar Tractor, with black rollers; #16c Scammell Snow Plough, with bpw; #11c Jumbo Crane; #63 Dodge Crane, with red hook. Generally Exc/NM models in lesser boxes. (4) £20-30
45.     Matchbox Series #15c Refuse Collector, #39cFord Tractor, #50b Fiat 1500. Generally Exc/NM models in Good to Near Mint boxes, (4) £20-30
46.     Matchbox Series #44b Rolls Royce Phantom V, in metallic mauve, bpw; #46c Mercedes-Benz coupe, in green; #38b Vauxhall Victor Estate, in yellow, red seats, silver wheels. Exc to NM models in generally Exc boxes. (3) £20-30
47.     Matchbox Series #55d Mercury Police Car, with red roof light, Exc in VG/Exc new model box. £60-80
48.     Matchbox Series #34b VW Caravette, with knobbly gpw. Exc in VG box; #34c VW Camper, in silver with high roof. NM in Exc/NM box. £40-60
49.     Matchbox Series #31b Ford Fairline Station Wagon, in metallic green, pink roof, crimson base, spw. Exc in VG box with 1cm closed tear; #31c Lincoln Continental, in blue, bpw. Mint in Good box. £20-30
50.     Matchbox Series #56a London Trolley Bus, with red poles and bpw. Exc in Exc box; #74a Diamler Bus, in cream with label. Exc in VG box. (2) £30-40
51.     Matchbox Series # 20c Chevrolet Impala Taxi, cream interior, silver base. NM in Exc box; #57b Chevrolet Impala, green windows, blue base, spw. Very minor paint loss to roof edge, otherwise Exc in Exc box. (2) £20-30
52.     Matchbox Series #33b Ford Zephyr 6, with spw. Exc in VG box; #36c Opel Diplomat, with silver engine. NM in Exc/NM box; #62c Mercury Cougar, in lime. NM in Exc box. (3) £30-40
53.     Matchbox Series #40b Leyland Tiger Coach, with spw; #66c Greyhound Coach, with amber windows; #68b Mercedes Coach, in orange and white. NM to Mint models in Exc to NM boxes. (3) £30-40
54.     Matchbox Series #61a Scout Car, paint loss to drivers head, otherwise Excellent; #62a General Service Lorry, NM to Mint; #63a Service Ambulance, with rounded axles. NM to Mint. All in boxes. (3) £30-40
55.     Matchbox Series #37b Karrier Bantam, with rounded axles, gpw. Exc in Exc box; #42a Evening News Van, with bpw. NM in Exc/NM box. (2) £60-80
56.     Matchbox Series #21c Commer Milk Float, with cow on door, spw. Exc/NM in Exc box. £20-30
57.     Matchbox Series #60a Morris J2 Pick-Up, with rear window. Mint in NM box. £20-30
58.     Matchbox Series #17c Austin Taxi, in Maroon, tan driver, spw. NM in Exc/NM box. £40-60
59.     Matchbox Series #23d Trailer Caravan, in yellow, fine tread wheels; #23 Bluebird Dauphine Caravan, in mauve, spw. Both NM in Exc boxes. £20-30
60.     Matchbox Series #75a Ford Thunderbird, with blue base, spw. VG in Fair box; #70a Thames Estate Car, with green windows, spw. Exc in Fair box with tape residue to one end flap. (2) £20-30
61.     Matchbox Series #3c Mercedes Ambulance; #14c Lomas Ambulance, off white, bpw; #54b Cadillac Ambulance, Exc/NM models in VG to Excellent boxes. (3) £20-30
62.     Matchbox Series #7b Ford Anglia, with silver plastic wheels. Near Mint in Exc/NM box. £20-30
63.     Matchbox Series #8e Ford Mustang, with silver hubcaps Exc/NM in Exc box; #14d Iso Grifo, in dark metallic blue. NM in box with slight foxing to one side; 45b Ford Corsair, with boat, black wheels, silver base. NM in Exc box. (3) £30-40
64.     Matchbox Series #52a 1948 Maserati, lemon body, RN52. Good in Good box; #72 Fordson Major Tractor, black front wheels, orange rear hubs. Good in VG/Exc box; #64b MG 1100, NM in G/VG box. (3) £20-30
65.     Matchbox Series #6d Ford Pick-Up, with white grille; #18e Field Car, with red hubs, #50c Kennel Truck, with smooth floor, figures still attached to sprue. Generally NM models, although Field Car has loose tyres, in VG/Exc boxes. (3) £20-30
66.     Matchbox Series #26a Foden Cement Mixer, with silver trim, gpw. NM in VG box; #26c Tipper Tuck, NM in Exc box; #43b AB Tractor Shovel, yellow tractor, red driver and base. NM in VG/Exc box. (3) £20-30
67.     Matchbox Series #71c Ford Heavy Wreck Truck, with red cab and hook, amber windows and roof light, white chassis with detailed loadbed. Very Good condition with a few very minor signs of use, in box with foxing to one picture side. £80-120
68.     Matchbox Series #47b Commer Lyons Maid Ice Cream Van, in blue, small roof decal, tall white figure, black clip baseplate, knobbly gpw. Right side decal is misaligned otherwise NM in box lacking one end flap. £120-160
69.     Matchbox Series #2c Dumper Truck, having logo. NM in near Exc box; #3b Tipper Truck, maroon back, bpw. Exc/NM in Near Exc box. (2) £20-30
70.     Matchbox Series #35a ERF Marshall Horse Box, gpw; #37c Cattle Truck; #40c Hay Trailer; #60 Site Hut Truck, Exc to NM models in various condition boxes. (4) £20-30
71.     Matchbox Series #73a RAF Refuler, gpw. Exc in Poor box; plus nine unboxed models and six incorrect empty boxes. £50-70
72.     Matchbox Series #29b Austin Cambridge, spw. Exc in Good box; #22b Vauxhall Cresta, in gold, spw. Exc, no box. (2) £40-60
73.     Matchbox Series #51a Albion Chieftain, with blue circle decal, gpw. Two models - one Good, one Very Good, one box in Very Good to Excellent condition; #6c Euclid Dump Truck, with ten wheels. Exc/NM in VG/Exc box. £20-30
74.     Matchbox Series #12c Land Rover Safari, in green, NM in Exc/NM box; #72b Jeep, with red interior; #38c Honda Motorcycle And Trailer, without decals. Exc in VG/Exc box. £20-30
75.     Matchbox King Size K23 Mercury Police Car, Exc in VG/Exc box. £20-30
76.     Matchbox Series K4 McCormick International Tractor, with red hubs. Loose tyres otherwise Near Mint in VG/Exc box. £30-40
77.     Matchbox Series K5 Tipper Truck and K14 Jumbo Crane, both Exc/NM (crane with loose tyres) in Good boxes. (2) £30-40
78.     Matchbox Major Pack M10 Whitlock Dumper, with red hubs. NM in Good box. £20-30
79.     Merehall Toys - Friction Drive Artic Tractor Transporter, plastic, Good in Fair box; Two Garage Sets, Very Good in Good boxes; Coral Toys No.33 Garage, with opening doors. Very Good in Very Good box. (4) £20-30
80.     Matchbox G13 Construction Set, NM in Exc/NM box; Matchbox Speed King K25 Boat And Trailer (Seaburst), NM in VG box with creased window. (2) £20-30
80A.    A Corgi Toys 261 James Bond Astin Martin DB5, fully restored from scratch in facsimilie box with inners. £20-30
80B.    A Corgi Toys Gift Set #40, with Avengers Lotus Elan and Bentley, fully restored from scratch, in facsimilie box with inners; A Similarly Restored Corgi Toys 258 "The Saint" Volvo P1800. (2) £30-40
81.     Budgie Toys #276 Bedford Tipper, with "Ham River Grit" decal, red cab with green windows. Excellent in Excellent box. £30-40
82.     Budgie Toys #256 "Esso" Foden Aircraft Refueling Tanker, loose back, Good box; #220 Cattle Truck, Excellent in Excellent box. (2) £30-40
83.     Budgie Toys #226 Foden Dumper, Excellent in box lacking one end flap. £15-25
84.     Budgie Toys #222 Artic Tank Transporter, minor scuff marks to bonnet edge and tank turret. VG box; British Army Personnel And Equipment Carrier, in dark green, light brown tilt. Very Good in Good box. (2) £30-40
85.     Budgie Toys #230 Seddon Timber Transporter, poor, damaged condition in Very Good box; #308 Pitt Alligator Low Loader, Poor, damaged in Fair box; #294 Horse Box, Very Good with horses in Fair to Good box. (3) £40-60
86.     Budgie Toys #264 Racing Sidecar Outfit, signs of use, Fair to Good in similar box. £15-25
87.     Budgie Toys #254 Merryweather Fire Escape, with extending ladder. Exc in VG box. £30-40
88.     Budgie Toys #246 Police Patrol Car, with aerial. Lack right rear tyre otherwise Excellent in Very Good box; #236 Routemaster Bus, with Esso Golden Transfer. Very Good in Good box. (2) £30-40
89.     Budgie Toys #256 Esso Aircraft Refeulling Tanker, Excellent in VG/Exc box. £60-80
90.     Budgie Toys #296 Birmingham - London Motorway Express Coach, in red with black roof. Very Good in box lacking one end flap. £30-40
91.     Budgie Toys #312 Bedford Super Tip-Master, Excellent in VG box. £30-40
92.     Budgie Toys #244 Morris Breakdown Lorry, in light blue, yellow crane and hubs, crimpled axles. Excellent in Good box. £20-30
93.     Budgie Toys #214 Salvage Crane, oxidisation to cab roof. VG box; #268 AA Land Rover, yellow with black roof. Very Good in Fair box. (2) £30-40
94.     Budgie Toys #326 Highwayman Transporter, with six gas connisters. Very Good in Good unsealed box; #316 Overhead Maintenance Vehicle, Excellent, no box. (2) £30-40
95.     Budgie Toys #324 Douglas Duomatic Tipper, Exc in Good box; #322 Routeman Pneumajector, Good in Good box. (2) £40-60
96.     Budgie Toys #316 Overhead Maintenance Vehicle, Good in Very Good box. £15-25
97.     Budgie Toys #282 Euclid Yard Scraper, a few minor scrapes. Good in Good box; #264 Racing Sidecar Outfit, Fair in Poor box; Budgie Toys Catalogue and Flyer :- One Tray £20-30
98.     Matchbox King Size K24 Lamborghini Miura, Excellent in VG/Exc box; K27 Speed King Camping Cruiser, NM in Fair/Good box. (2) £20-30
99.     Matchbox King Size K22 Dodge Charger, Exc in G/VG box. £20-30
100.    Matchbox King Size K7-2 Refuse Truck, in red. Exc in VG box; K13 Building Transporter, Exc/NM in G/VG box. (2) £20-30
101.    Matchbox Speed Kings - K21 Cougar Dragster, K37 Sand Cat and K41 Fuzz Buggy, NM in Exc boxes. (3) £20-30
102.    Matchbox Super King K10 Car Transporter, Mint in foxed box; Matchbox Brrom Stick Vehicle, Mint in blister pack. (2) £15-25
103.    Matchbox Super Kings K14 Scammel Freight Liner, Near Mint in box with foxing to top side; King Size K4 Leyland Tipper Truck, with "Le Transport" logo. Mint in dusted but Good box. £40-60
104.    Matchbox King Size K18 Ascot Stables Horse Van, Excellent with horses still attached to sprue, in Poor torn box; K8 Caterpillar Traxcavator, in yellow with orange shovel, blue driver. NM in Good box. (2) £40-60
105.    Matchbox King Size K8 Caterpillar Traxcavator; K17 Low Loader And Bulldozer; Speed King K28 Drag Pack, Generally Exc to Near Mint models in Poor, torn boxes. (3) £40-60
106.    Matchbox Toys - G3 Building Constructors Set, four of six vehicles in Fair box; K9 Aveling Barford, with red driver. Excellent in Poor box; K11 Fordson Major Tractor And Trailer, tractor lacks right rear tyre, otherwise Excellent in Good box; A1 Accessory Pack BP Petrol Pump Set, (incomplete) in Very Good box :- One Box £40-60
107.    Triang Minic Motorways Items - Steam Lorry with smoke, Good with unopened tube in Poor box; Bedford Lorry, Fair in box; Car Loading Ramp and Transporter, (incomplete) in box; Track, boxed; Two Controllers, both boxed :- One Box £20-30
108.    Lone Star Roadmaster #1281 Milk Tanker, in sealed but slight split blister pack; #1283 Sand Quarries Scraper, still sealed in blister pack but with a couple of very minor paint scrapes to body. (2) £15-25
109.    Lone Star Roadmaster #1283 Sand Quarries Co Scraper, in sealed blister pack; 1284 LS Transport Truck and Trailer, NM in opened blister pack. (2) £15-25
110.    Lone Star Roadmaster #1285, Inter City Express Company Lorry, yellow cab with blue body, very minor paint loss to rear of cab but still sealed in blister pack. £15-25
111.    Matchbox King Size K17 Laing Low Loader with Bulldozer, Exc in Poor box; Matchbox Super King K23 Low Loader and Bulldozer, Exc/NM in Fair box with split window. (2) £20-30
112.    Matchbox King Size K20 Tractor Transporter, red cab, blue/yellow tractors. Exc in Poor box; K19 Scammell Tipper, Exc in Poor box; K3 Massey Ferguson Tractor and Trailer, loose tyres but Excellent in Poor box. (3) £20-30
113.    Triang H0/00 RS23 Train Set, comprising 4-6-2 Britannia loco and tender in BR Green, 2 of 3 Pullman coaches. Good in box; RS602 Freightliner Set, with Bo-Bo diesel loco D7063, rolling stock etc. Good in Poor box. (2) £30-40
114.    Matchbox Motorway Set M2, Incomplete, Fair condition in box; M3 Switch Track Set, with #8, #57, #59 and #66 (standard variants) Regular Wheels models, all NM/M in NM/M boxes, instructions, complete track, Fair box. (2) £30-40
115.    Triang H0/00 RS8 Train Set, lacking loco but with tender, track, signals etc and wonderful 1963 catalogue. Very Good box. £20-30
116.    Meccano Construction Sets - No.1000, still sealed with sticker sheet in G/VG box; Crane Building Set, from 1976, Mint and sealed; No.3000, unchecked with instructions in carry box. (3) £30-40
117.    Meccano Construction Sets - Motorised Set No.2, sealed with instructions in box; Crane Building Set, from 1976, still sealed in box; No.2000, unchecked in box; Motorised Set No.5, Mint, complete with instructions :- One Box £30-40
118.    Meccano Construction Sets - Standard Range No.6, Mint, sealed in Excellent box; Standard Range 4M, Near Mint, unchecked in Excellent box; Motorised Set No.5, NM to Mint with sticker sheets, instructions, unused in VG box. (3) £30-40
119.    Traing Railways 00/H0 RS3 Train Set, comprising 4-6-2 Britannia loco and tender and three Car 79 Pullman coaches, with track. Very Good in Poor box. £15-25
120.    Triang - Hornby 00/H0 Gauge - R161 Operating Hopper Car Set, Excellent in Poor box; R45 Turntable Set, Good in Fair box; RM905 Double Track Level Crossing, Good in Fair box; R675 Freight Depot Set, Excellent with instructions, in Fair box; R264 Grand Victorian Suspension Bridge, unchecked for completeness, Fair box :- One Box £30-50
121.    Meccano Construction Sets - 3M (1975), Mint, sealed (though some parts out of position), in Excellent box; Set 4 (1975), Mint, sealed, in Excellent box. Both with instructions. (2) £20-30
122.    Meccano Construction Set No.6 (1974), Mint, sealed, Excellent, NM box. £15-25
123.    Airfix Kits - HMS Victory, Cutty Sark, and four others, generally sealed, in boxes. (6) £15-25
124.    Logo Sets - C364, Mint in Exc/NM boxes and outer box; plus eight other boxed sets, unchecked, including 1970's sets 375 and 450 :- Two Boxes £40-60
125.    Cubal Building Sets, (Lego style), made by Zyliss of Switzerland. Thirty Three boxes, generally still factory sealed :- Two Boxes £20-30
126.    Meccano Construction Sets - Motorised Set No.2, Mint and sealed in Exc/NM box; Set No.2000, NM in VG box; Set No.3000, NM/M in Exc carry box. (3) £20-30
127.    Airfix Betta Bilda Construction Kits - A large quantity of sets and accessories including five E1 Engineer sets, tiles, gable and pieces etc. Generally unused in boxes with packing receipts, together with catalogues and instruction books :- Two Boxes £20-30
128.    Chad Valley Motorised Building Set No.8, "The Constructioneer", Good condition, unchecked, in Fair box; Meccano Cliki Plus CP13 building Sets, four, all boxed. (5) £15-25
129.    Lincoln International Toys - HI-Rev Slot Racing Set #2, Mint, sealed in box; Set #3, VG/Exc in box. (2) £20-30
130.    An Armand Marseille Bisque Head "My Dream" Baby Doll, model 351/2 1/2 K, original sleeping eyes, open mouth with two bottom teeth, contemporary clothes, 26cms high. £30-40
131.    A Mid XX Century Frank Popper Jointed Composition Doll, with crying box, sleeping eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, the head marked 'FP' to the nape, matching winter outfit and bonnet, Pedigree Cinderella No.3 shoes; 21" / 53cms high. £30-50
132.    A Triang Minic Toys 81M LNER Railway Van, lacking grill and tyres; Another Triang tinplate vehicle, white top, olive green chassis, yellow plastic hubs, two stretchers in the rear compartment. Scrapes to edges. (2) £30-50
133.    A Morestone Toys Wells Fargo Stagecoach, with yellow wheels, two horses and driver. Some paint loss, no box; Together with a Good Selection of Other Cowboys and Indian Figures, including six horses, canoe and two captives tied to a tree (probably by Crescent Toys). Generally Good, no boxes. £30-50
134.    Raphael Tuck's Zig-Zaw Picture Puzzle of Fountain Abbey, approximately 300 pieces; Another, of "The Young Fisherman", approximately 350 pieces. Both in original but worn boxes. (2) £40-60
135.    Raphael Tuck's Zig-Zaw Picture Puzzle "Pets", approximately 400 pieces, Excellent condition in Good original box. £30-50
136.    Raphael Tuck's Zig-Zaw Picture Puzzle, featuring military scene by Harry Payne, non-interlocking plywood pieces. 17 x 30cms; Plus three others, including "Autumn in the Forest" and "The Harvest Scene". All in original but worn boxes. (4) £60-80
137.    Two Early XX Century "Fits-Curve" Jigsaw Puzzles, of unknown manufacturer but produced in the manner of Raphael Tuck's Zig-Zaw puzzles. Original boxes with illustrated labels. (2) £40-60
138.    Two Early XX Century "Fits-Curve" Jigsaw Puzzles, of unknown manufacturer but produced in the manner of Raphael Tuck's Zig-Zaw puzzles. Original boxes with illustrated labels. (2) £40-60
139.    Benbros Toys Stephenson's Rocket and Tender, Good Condition; Dinky Dublo, Charbens and Other Diecasts, Generally Good to Very Good, without boxes. (14) £20-30
140.    Matchbox Lesney - Covered Wagon, without barrels, chocolate brown horses with white tails, Very Good, no box; 4b Massey Harris Tractor, without mudguards and gold rear hubs, Very Good, no box; 7a Horse Drawn Milk Float, in dark orange, Good, no box; 10a Scammell Mechanical Horse, with gold trim and crimpled/domed axles, Excellent, no box. (4) £30-40
141.    Matchbox Lesney - Eleven 1950's Models, all with crimpled/domed axles, comprising 1a Diesel Road Roller, with thin braces, 5a and 5b London Buses (the latter with metal wheels), 7a Horse Drawn Milk Float, 8a Cat Tractor with orange body, 9a Dennis Fire Escape, 13a Wreck Truck, 14a Ambulance (lacking cross), 18a Cat Bulldozer with red blade, 19a MG Midget TD in cream, and 40a Bedford Tipper with metal wheels, Generally Very Good, without boxes. £40-60
142.    Dinky Toys No 14C Coventry Climax Fork Lift Truck, lacks front tyres. Fair in Good original box; No 252 Bedford Refuse Wagon, fair, no box (2) £15-20
143.    An Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll, model 390 A12M, sleeping blue glass eyes with painted eyelashes and open mouth. With period crocheted dress and brown leather shoes, approximately 70cms high. £160-200
144.    A Mid XX Century Merrythought Teddy Bear, with label to left foot; A Model of the 1977 Coronation Coach, on a wooden plinth; Three others. £20-30
145.    A Mid XX Century Tinplate Clockwork Crank Action Model Boat, "Sea Queen No 52", with lithographed dashboard. VG/Exc condition, no box. £20-30
146.    A Mid XX Century Tinplate Clockwork Crank Action Model Boat, G/VG condition, no box. £15-25
146A.   A Diorama of a Diamond T980 Truck and Trailer with Tank, kit and scratch built to a very high standard, on a wooden base. 62 cms x35 cms. £30-40
146B.   A Diorama of a Matilda MKIII Tank in the 7th Royal Tank Regiment (Western Desert 1941), kit and scratch built to a high standard, 39 cms x 20 cms; Another of two vehicles of the Long Range Desert Group, 38 cms x 29 cms. (2) £30-40
146C.   A Tamiya Gloster Meteor F1, Trumpeter F9F-2 Panther,and six other model aircraft kits, all unbuilt mint condition and boxed. (8) £30-40
146D.   A Trumpeter Wellington MK1C, Matchbox Tiger Moth, Revell Hawker Hunter, and three other model aircraft kits, generally 1:32 scale, mint and boxed. (6) £30-40
146E.   Two Tamiya Churchill MKVII Models, Italian Opel Blitz Field Radio Truck and nine other model kits, all mint unbuilt and boxed. (12) £50-70
146F.   A James Bond "Little Nellie" Autogyro, 1:24 model kit by Airfix, catalogue number 04401, mint unused condition in near mint box, signed by Ken Wallis. £30-40
146G.   An Original James Bond And Odd Job 12 Scale Model Kit By Airfix, unused in VG/Exe box; Together With Fabbri Diecast Model of Mini Moke, from Live And Let Die. (2) £20-30
147.    F.M.Ronneby Swedish Art Crystal Glass Figure of a Dove, bearing signature and numbered C777 to base, 16.5cms high. £30-50
148.    F.M.Ronneby Swedish Art Crystal Glass Figure of a Seal, bearing signature and numbered M333 to base, 22cms high. £30-50
151.    A Heavy Cut Glass Vase, with a petallated rim, the fall neck vertically cut with diamond panels and dentil borders over a baluster body, the circular foot star and thumb cut to underside, 40cms high; A Cut Glass Bowl, on a pedestal foot, 23cms diameter. (2) £25-40
152.    Three Cut Glass Decanters and Stoppers, of various designs, (one with chip to collar), a cut glass scent bottle and stopper, two silver plated spirit labels, Rum and Whisky. (10) £30-50
153.    A Victorian Decoupage Glass Rolling Pin, internally decorated with coloured scraps against a white ground, 40cms long. £70-90
154.    A Victorian Etched Glass Celery Jar, on knopped stem from a circular foot, 20.5cms high; A Victorian Cut Glass Celery Jar, on a knopped stem from a circular foot (repaired), 22.5cms high. (2) £20-40
155.    An Early XIX Century Bristol Blue Glass Wine Flask, of slightly flattened spherical form, with a side loop handle, the tall neck with a gilt metal collar and plated cork stopper, 22cms high. £80-120
156.    An Early XIX Century Brown Glass Wine Flask, of slightly flattened spherical form, with a side loop handle, the tall neck with gilt metal collar and a plated cork stopper, 22cms high. £80-120
157.    A Pair of Waterford Cut Glass Tankards, of bellied form, 11.5cms high; A Waterford Crystal Salt, of boat shape with faceted body, on faceted knopped stem, from a star cut base, 11.5cms wide, 9cms high. (3) £30-50
158.    A Pair of Mary Gregory Style Cranberry Glass Vases, of facetted circular form with everted rims, enamelled in white with children in a garden, 19.5cms high (minor rim nicks). £40-60
159.    A Kosta Glass Decanter, with a panel cut neck over an etched band of roses between hatched borders, signed to base, 29cms high. £60-80
160.    A Pair of Kosta Goblet Candlesticks, matching previous lot, 19cms high (one damaged); Similar Vase and Stand, 10cms high. (4) £80-120
161.    A Set of Six Tudor Cut Glass Sundae Pedestal Glasses, with hatched and panel cut bowls, over facetted stems, on star cut bases, 16cms high; A Heavy Cut Glass Bowl, with a notched everted rim above floret and panel cut walls, 25cms diameter, 11cms high. (7) £30-50
162.    An Art Deco Style Frosted Glass Table Lamp, modelled as a female seated on rocks, holding a torch in her right hand, a two panel light screen lithium chrome framing, 39cms high. £30-50
163.    An Early XX Century Cut Glass Decanter, with a facetted neck, etched with fruiting vine between diamond cut panels, mushroom stopper, 33cms high. £25-40
164.    A Pair of Cut Glass Claret Jugs, of bellied form, with loop handles, facetted necks, fan and hatched bodies, star cut to underside, facetted baluster stoppers, 30cms high. (2) £35-50
165.    A Pair of Cut Glass Knife Rests, and four cut glass napkin rings. (6) £15-25
166.    A Stuart Whisky Decanter; A Liqueur Decanter, Together with An Assortments of Drinking Glasses. £20-40
167.    A Swedish Orange Tinted Glass Bulbous Vase, with fanned rim, inscribed "Skruf" under base, 20 cms high; Together with Another Scandinavian Glass Vase, of octagonal form, bearing indecipherable signature. (2) £30-50
176.    A Moorcroft Pottery Baluster Table Lamp Base, tubelined and painted with pink hibiscus against a yellow ground, 19cms high. £100-200
177.    A Meissen Porcelain Leaf Shape Dish, with crabstock handle, osier moulded border, painted in colourful enamels with "Deutsche Blumen" and insects within gilt rim, crossed swords mark in underglaze blue, early XX Century, 18.5cms wide. £100-150
178.    A Derby Porcelain Tea Bowl and Saucer, wrythen fluted and painted in blue gilt with floral frieze and fern tips, puce colour batons and D mark, circa 1780. £60-80
179.    An XVIII Century Worcester Porcelain Sparrow Beak Jug, with loop handle, enamelled with a bird on a branch and floral sprigs, gilt touches to the spout and handle, unmarked, circa 1770, 11cms high. £80-120
180.    A Worcester Porcelain Twin Handled Chocolate Cup and Saucer, painted in rich brown and gilt with a frieze of leaves within gilt lines, circa 1800. £60-80
181.    A Barr Flight & Barr Saucer, painted with figures in fan shape panels, alternating with underglaze blue panels with lambrequin borders, the moulded rim edged in gilt, incised mark, circa 1810, 13cms diameter. £50-70
182.    A Flight Barr & Barr Tea Cup and Saucer, painted in underglaze blue and heavily gilt with leaf forms, circa 1820, impressed crown FBB. £30-50
183.    A Pair of Flight Barr & Barr Large Plates, painted with a frieze of green and gilt flowers within heavily gilt gadroon rims, circa 1830, impressed crown FBB, 25cms diameter. £30-50
184.    An XVIII Century Worcester Coffee Cup, with reeded loop handle, polychrome enamelled with figures in a Chinese landscape within mirror shape panels, unmarked, circa 1780, 6.5cms high. £50-70
185.    A Wedgwood Creamware Coffee Can, printed in black and painted with flowers, XIX Century, 6cms high; A German Porcelain Saucer, with fluted border, painted with colourful flowers within gilt line rim, blue crossed swords mark, 13cms diameter; A Staffordshire Miniature Vase, enamelled with flowers, 7.5cms high. (3) £30-50
186.    A Flight Barr & Barr Cup and Saucer, with blue and pink gilt leaves and flowers within gilt gadroon rims, unmarked, circa 1820. £25-40
187.    A Worcester Sparrow Beak Cream Jug, printed in blue with floral sprays and butterflies, beneath a double line rim, open crescent mark, circa 1770, 12cms high. £100-150
188.    A Worcester Blue and White Barrel Shape Teapot and Cover, printed with floral sprays beneath diaper rim, the cover with floral knop, open crescent mark, circa 1770. £200-300
189.    A Worcester Sparrow Beak Cream Jug and Cover, printed in blue with the Fence pattern, blue crescent mark, circa 1775, 13.5cms high. £80-120
190.    A Worcester Circular Bowl, painted in blue with the Cannon Ball pattern, circa 1770, blue crescent mark, 15cms diameter. £200-300
191.    A XIX Century Porcelain Sectional Baluster Form Pedestal Vase and Cover, painted with floral reserves against a pink ground, bearing Royal crest and Prince of Wales feathers, with two gilt bifurcated scroll handles, and bud finial to the domed cover, raised on a circular plinth, 72cms high. £100-200
192.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Rose", HN 1416, 1933 date code, impressed, printed and hand written marks to base, 11.75cms high. £50-70
193.    A XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Figure Group, modelled as three Scottish topers, the oval base titled "Auld Lang Syne", predominantly white glazed with black and gilt highlights, 21cms high. £30-50
194.    A Clarice Cliff Pottery Wall Plaque, modelled as a girl in crinoline dress against a copse of trees, lightly coloured against a buff ground, 19cms high. £50-70
195.    An Early XX Century Three Piece Tea Service, modelled as shells, coloured in lilac and ivory lustre glazes. £45-60
196.    A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Preserve Pot, of circular form with blue, yellow and black banded body with double fruit moulded finial (cracked). £30-50
197.    An Attic Earthenware Vase, with loop handle, painted with black figures on red ground (major losses to glaze), 14cms high. £80-120
198.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Paisley Shaw", HN 1987, 21.5cms high. £80-120
199.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Autumn Breezes", HN 1911, with a green jacket and pink streak skirt, 20cms high. £60-80
200.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "The Patchwork Quilt", HN 1984, 15.5cms high. £100-150
201.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Bell O' The Ball", HN 1997, 18cms high. £100-150
202.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Heart To Heart", HN 12276, 14cms high. £100-150
203.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Kirsty", HN 2381, 20cms high. £40-60
204.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure Group "The Love Letter", HN 2149, 13.5cms high. £100-150
205.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Fair Lady", (red) HN 2832, 20cms high. £40-60
206.    A Moorcroft Pottery Plate, tubelined and painted with pink and mauve anemones, against a blue ground, impressed marks and facsimile signature, 26cms diameter. £80-100
207.    A Royal Doulton Figure 'Peggy', HN 2038 13cms high. £20-40
208.    A Royal Doulton Figure 'Carrie', HN 2800, 16cms high. £25-40
209.    A Pair of Booths Baluster Vases and Covers, printed and painted with pink and iron red flowers and green foliage against a scale blue ground, divided by two diaper bands with gilt lines, the domed and flanged covers with bud finials, 44cms high. (4) £250-350
210.    A Pair of XX Century Continental Porcelain Figures, modelled as gardeners in XVIII Century dress, he with a plant in a pot and a small basket of flowers, she with a basket of flowers covered by a cloth, on circular bases with arcaded gilt border, 19cms high. £80-120
211.    A Bursley Ware Jug by Charlotte Rhead, tubelined with stylised flowerheads in the Trellis pattern, 19cms high. £60-80
212.    A Collection of Royal Crown Derby Thimbles, of differing patterns, on a stained wood stand. £40-60
213.    A Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' Miniature Cabaret Set, comprising oval tray, 21cms wide, teapot and cover, sugar bowl, milk jug and cup and saucer, the latter two with original box; A Wedgwood Miniature Part Cabaret Set, comprising tray, coffee pot, cup, saucer and plate. (13) £50-70
214.    A Royal Crown Derby Curators Collection Coffee Service, decorated with re-issued Crown Derby patterns, comprising coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and six coffee cans and saucers. (17) £200-300
215.    A Wedgwood Blue Jasper Miniature Cabaret Service, comprising oval tray, 16.5cms wide, teapot, milk jug, covered sugar bowl, tea cup, saucer and plate. (9) £30-50
216.    A Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Miniature Cabaret Service, comprising oval tray, 19.5cms wide, teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cup and saucer (the milk jug, cup and saucer in original boxes). (7) £100-150
217.    A Royal Doulton Crown Derby Old Imari Miniature Loving Cup, boxed; A Set of four Royal Crown Derby Graduated Boxes and Cover, of hexagonal form, each decorated with celestial dragons and trellis panels in the Imari palette, pattern A1295, 6.5cms to 4cms wide. (9) £40-60
218.    A Set of Four Royal Crown Derby Graduated Boxes and Covers, of hexagonal form, each decorated with cockerels and flora in Imari palette. Another Set, decorated with trefoils, 6.5cms to 4cms wide (the latter boxed). (8) £40-60
219.    A Royal Crown Derby Floral Box and Cover, the cover encrusted with flowers, to commemorate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, No 302/2500, 11.5cms diameter (with certificate and box); Together with a Set of Four Royal Crown Derby Four Seasons Oval Boxes and Covers, each cover encrusted with seasonal flowers, 8cms, boxed. (10) £40-60
220.    A Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Jar and Cover, decorated in pattern 1128, 11cms high. Together with a Matching Coffee Can and Saucer, Teacup and Saucer, all modern. £40-60
221.    A Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Oval Sugar Bowl and Cover, with two scroll handles. Together with a Matching Tea Cup, Saucer and Dish, pattern 1128, modern. (5) £40-60
222.    A Small Collection of Crested China, miniature amphora, jugs and vases, swan and a tulip vase, various factories and crests. (18) £15-25
223.    An Early XX Century Losol Pottery Beverley Pattern Dinner Service, comprising six meat plates in sizes, two covered tureens, two covered sauce tureens and stands, two gravy boats, thirty six plates in three sizes, nine soup cups and stands. £80-120
224.    A Beswick Pottery Model of Canadian Mountie, on horseback, no.1375, 21.5cms high. £500-550
225.    A Beswick Pottery Leghorn Cockerel, no.1892, 25cms high. £250-300
226.    A Beswick Appaloosa Stallion, model number H1772, designed by Arthur Gredington, 20cms high. £50-90
227.    A Clarice Cliff Lily Pad Bowl, shape No.973, in pink, blue and green glaze, 13cms high. £30-50
228.    A Creamware Masonic Mug, with strap handle, printed in black and polychrome painted with a vignette and verse, 15cms high. £50-70
229.    A Royal Worcester Circular Tapered Jug, with bamboo moulded spout and handle, painted with blossom, canterbury bells and ferns, snail and dragonfly, against a blush ivory ground, shape 1333, puce mark 1893, 22.5cms high. £120-180
230.    A XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Figure Group of Napoleon and Albert, modelled standing before two crossed flags, shaking hands, in underglaze blue with polychrome highlights, the base inscribed "Napoleon . Albert", 35cms high. £60-80
231.    A Royal Dux Table Centrepiece, modelled as a maiden holding a set of pipes, before a shell bowl; issuing from a tree stump, in naturalistic glazes lightly embellished in gilt, pink triangular pad mark, model no.1255, 28cms high. £200-250
232.    A XIX Century Porcelain Pastille Burner, modelled as a country cottage, painted in pastel hues and applied with flowers and shredded clay moss, 10cms high; Another Similar. (2) £20-40
233.    A Doulton Silicon Ware Ovoid Footed Vase, the matt buff ground applied with blue, brown and ivory leaf and flower forms, the shoulders with a diamond and cross band, impressed "8373", 15cms high. £30-50
234.    A Scarce Maling Galleon Plate, tubelined and painted in bright colours with galleon at sea, within a stylised closed border, against a blue ground, pattern No 6314, date code for 1946. 28.5cms diameter. £60-80
235.    A Minton Pottery Oval Meat Plate, border printed with Florentine pattern in iron red, olive and black, 53cms wide. £30-50
236.    A Moorcroft Pottery Small Vase, of baluster form, painted with orchids against a blue ground, paper label to base, 11cms high. £40-60
237.    A Royal Doulton Dick Turpin Character Jug, 16.5cms high; A Poole Pottery Jug, of squat baluster form, painted with ribbon tied floral sprays, beneath a green dot and yellow line border, against a cream slip ground, 12cms high; A Flynn College for Derby Pottery Jug, the neck painted with a band in flowers against a pale blue ground, the body with acanthus double scroll handle, 14.5cms high. (3) £60-80
238.    A Mid XIX Century Copper Lustre Goblet, the bucket shape bowl decorated with a simple puce lustre landscape beneath a bead border, on a knopped stem from a domed circular foot, 10.5cms high; A William IV Copper Lustre Jug, of baluster form, the body moulded and painted with ferns, double scroll handles (damages), 9.5cms high. (2) £25-40
239.    Three Porcelain Butterfly Groups by Ian D Loe, comprising The Tiger Swallowtail, 16cms long, Purple Emperor, with blackberries and blossom, 16cms long and The Viceroy and Marsh Marigolds, 13cms high (butterfly detached). (3) £30-50
241.    A Victorian Purple Malachite Pressed Glass Mug, moulded with a deep band of roses, square moulded handle, 9.5cms high; A Staffordshire Pottery Figure Group of A Young Man and Dog, beside a kennel, predominantly white with polychrome highlights on an oval base with gilt line, 18cms high; A George V Coronation Beaker, with colourful transfer decoration, 8cms high. (3) £50-70
242.    Four Newhall Style Saucers, each painted with flower sprigs and a wavy well within a diaper border, circa 1800, 12cms diameter. £40-60
243.    A Royal Worcester Figurine "June", modelled by F.Doughty, bearing black backstamp, numbered 3456. £30-50
244.    A Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug, with loop handle, decorated in blue, 9.5cms high, circa 1770. £70-100
245.    An XVIII Century Worcester Tea Bowl and Saucer, decorated in blue with the Three Flowers Pattern, blue crescent mark. (2) £70-100
246.    An XVIII Century Worcester Tea Bowl and Saucer, decorated in blue, blue crescent mark. (2) £60-100
247.    An XVIII Century Worcester Tea Bowl and Saucer, decorated in blue with the Fence pattern, blue crescent mark. (2) £60-100
248.    A Royal Worcester Porcelain 'Warwick' Pattern Dinner Service, of twenty-six pieces, including three tureens. £30-50
253.    An early XX Century Japanese Imari Ovoid Floor Vase, with an everted rim, painted in typical palette with figure on horse back with attendant in a landscape, within two mirror shape panels, against a brocade ground, 54cms high. £50-80
257.    A XIX Century Swing Handled Plated Pedestal Dish, of shaped circular with scroll border and reeded and foliate swing handle, on plain circular pedestal foot. £50-80
258.    A Continental Milk Jug, of inverted baluster form with acanthus leaf capped scroll handle, on four acanthus leaf scroll feet. £100-150
259.    A Set of Six Mother of Pearl Handled Teak Knives and Forks, in fitted case. £30-50
260.    A Cased Pair of Victorian Serving Spoons, each with pierced foliate heart-shape bowls, to foliate decorated handles, in fitted wooden case. £30-50
261.    A Cased Set of Six Ivory Handled Fish Knives and Forks, with matching servers, in fitted wooden case. £30-50
262.    A Late Victorian Rectangular Photograph Frame, applied to the front with embossed acanthus leaf scrolls, on easel back (apparently unmarked). £40-60
263.    A XIX Century Silver Plate on Copper Bottle Coaster, of circular form, the high sides with geometric pierced decoration within acanthus leaf scroll border, with turned wood base. £30-50
264.    A Sheffield Plate Shaped Circular Waiter, with acanthus leaf scroll decoration within reeded and floral border, initialled, on three acanthus leaf scroll feet. £40-60
265.    A XIX Century Sheffield Plate Swing Handled Pedestal Basket, of shaped circular lobed form with geometric and scrolling decoration with twisted shaped swing handle, on shaped pedestal base. £140-180
266.    A XIX Century Sheffield Plate Oval Swing Handled Basket, of shaped oval lobed form within gadrooned border with reeded and acanthus leaf scroll highlighted swing handle, on gadrooned raised base. £120-160
267.    A XIX Century Bottle Coaster, of shaped circular lobed form within foliate scroll border, with turned wood base. £30-50
268.    A XIX Century Rectangular Snuff Box, of stepped rectangular form with engraved acanthus leaf scroll decoration, initialled CJ, with gilt interior. £40-60
269.    A Continental Tea Caddy, of oval cylindrical form, with allover embossed village scene, and circular pull-off cover. £40-60
270.    An Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, hot water pot, jug and twin handled sugar bowl, each of oval form with semi reeded body. £30-50
271.    An Openwork Tea Strainer, the circular scroll pierced bowl with scrolling openwork handle and rest. £25-40
272.    An Electroplated Three Piece Teaset, each of compressed oval form with ribbon tied garland swags. (3) £30-50
273.    An Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, hot water pot, jug and twin handled sugar bowl, each of oval compressed form, on plated oval gallery tray. £30-50
274.    A Large Plated Pedestal Punch Bowl, of shaped circular form with floral sprays and lion mask and ring handles, together with ladle. (2) £30-50
275.    A Pair of Plated Twin Branch Candelabra, with acanthus leaf detail and reeded scrolling arms, on circular pedestal bases, height 43cms. (2) £50-80
276.    A Pair of Pepperettes, each of shaped tapering cylindrical form with screw covers, on pedestal foot, stamped "Sterling" (splitting). (2) £25-40
277.    A 1930's Presentation Trophy, depicting Hermes supported on Corinthian column on square socle base with engraved hallmarked silver plaques inscribed "...Presented to Handsworth & District Motor Club...", first date inscribed 1931, last date 1971. £40-60
278.    An Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, hot water pot, jug and sugar bowl, each of plain compressed oval form with beaded borders and raised feet, by Viners. (4) £40-60
279.    A Cristofle of France Coll Gallia White Metal Oval Pedestal Dish, with tapering handle; Together with A Spoon, with swan neck finial. (2) £40-80
280.    A Decorative White Metal Inkwell, of wrythen spherical form, surmounted on mother of pearl shell and pedestal base. £30-50
285.    A Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Pipe Smoker's Pocket Knife, the folding blade stamped "Dunhill", with folding pipe pick and tamper end, Sheffield 1955. £20-30
286.    A Queen Anne Hallmarked Silver Miniature Porringer, with wrythen fluted body, punched border and plain rim to twin scroll handles, initialled to base, by Wm Fleming, London 1702. £200-300
287.    A George III Hallmarked Silver Helmet Shaped Cream Jug, of plain tapering cylindrical form with reeded borders and loop handle, on pedestal foot and square base, William Hall, London 1798, 100grams. £150-200
288.    A George IV Hallmarked Silver Christening Goblet, the cylindrical tapering body with gadrooned decoration and ribbon tied swags on knopped circular pedestal foot with beaded border, marks rubbed, London 1821, 85grams. £50-80
289.    A George IV Hallmarked Silver Beaded Pattern Caddy Spoon, initialled, by George Smith III, London 1825; A George III Hallmarked Silver Caddy Spoon, with flat shaped handle, initialled, Thomas Wallis & Jonathan Hayne, London 1816. (2) £30-50
290.    A George III Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Basting Spoon, by George Smith & Thomas Hayter, London 1794, 91grams. £30-50
291.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Pocket Knife/Button Hook, folding within an acanthus leaf scroll engraved cover, on pendant loop, inscribed "E.BARRAND", Birmingham 1892; A Polished Banded Agate Handled Button Hook; A Mother of Pearl Handled Knife. (3) £25-35
292.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Bladed Mother of Pearl Handled Fruit Knife, with foliate engraved detail and vacant shield inset to handle, JYC, Sheffield 1900. £20-30
293.    A Retractable Engine Turned Champagne Swizzle Stick; A Victorian Propelling Pencil, with bloodstone inset finial; And Miniature Example. (3) £25-40
294.    A Cased Set of Nineteen Hallmarked Silver Ingots, each cast depicting different trains, produced by The Birmingham Mint "To Commemorate The 150th Anniversary of The Rainhill Trials 1829-1979", Sheffield and Birmingham 1979, 1980, in fitted wooden case. £80-120
295.    A Cased Pair of Victorian Shell Salts, with gilt bowls on ball feet, with matching spoons with twisted handles and ball finials, in fitted case. £25-30
296.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Chamberstick, of plain circular form with gadrooned border, on three bun feet, London 1901. £80-100
297.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Cut Glass Scent Bottle, of globular form with pale turquoise guilloche enamel hinged cover, Birmingham 1929. £40-60
298.    A Hallmarked Silver Trumpet Vase, of plain tapering cylindrical form with shaped wavy rim, on plain pedestal foot, Sheffield (marks rubbed). £40-60
299.    A Hallmarked Silver Matched Three Piece Condiment Set, comprising mustard, pepperette and salt, each of openwork geometric form with blue glass liner, E.S.B, Sheffield 1912, Birmingham 1912. (3) £50-70
300.    A Modern Limited Edition Silver Presentation Goblet, of plain tapering cylindrical form on synched gilded bark textured stem and pierced foot, inscribed "350th Anniversary of The Act of Parliament Founding The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire 1624-1974" above engraved Coat of Arms, the base inscribed bearing the names of two Master Cutlers, 31/210, by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1974, 14cms high, 300 grams, in fitted box complete with certificate. £40-60
301.    A Modern Limited Edition Silver Presentation Goblet, of plain tapering cylindrical form on synched gilded bark textured stem and pierced foot, inscribed "350th Anniversary of The Act of Parliament Founding The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire 1624-1974" above engraved Coat of Arms, the base inscribed bearing the names of two Master Cutlers, 32/210, by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1974, 14cms high, 300 grams, in fitted box complete with certificate. ` £40-60
302.    A George V Silver Vase, of tapering four panel form with flared geometric pierced rim and wavy edge, on shaped pedestal foot, Birmingham 1915, 22cms high (loaded). £40-50
303.    A Pair of Victorian Hallmarked Silver Miniature Sugar Nips, by Hilliard & Thomason, London 1866. £30-50
304.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Teaset, of oval form with lobed panels, E.Viner, Sheffield 1957, total weight 957grams. (3) £100-150
305.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Vinaigrette, of shaped rectangular form with acanthus leaf scroll decoration and raised thumb piece, initialled "K.E", maker AT, Birmingham 1858. (lacking grille) £20-40
306.    A Large Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Planter, of tapering cylindrical form with wavy rim and allover foliate and acanthus leaf scroll decoration, on stepped base, initialled "B", JR, Sheffield 1901, 21.5cms high, 760grams. £100-150
307.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Planter, of tapering cylindrical form with wavy rim and allover foliate and acanthus leaf scroll decoration, on stepped base, initialled "B", JR, Sheffield 1901, 12.5cms high, 170grams. £60-100
308.    A Pair of Art Deco Four Division Toast Racks, each of plain angular form with stepped loop handle, WNLtd, Birmingham 1934. (2) £50-70
309.    A 1960's Hallmarked Silver Churn Pepper Grinder, of plain tapering cylindrical form with engine turned bands, JGLtd, Birmingham 1961, height 9.5cms. £60-80
310.    A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, of rectangular spirally reeded form, Birmingham 1912(?) (marks unclear). £30-50
311.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, of rounded rectangular form with allover engraved acanthus scroll and ivy leaf decoration, initialled to the front "AW from DH", on suspension loop, RBs, Chester 1905. £30-50
312.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Cased Scent Bottle, of cylindrical form with allover acanthus leaf and reeded decoration, with hinged cover (lacking glass stopper), initialled, TH, Birmingham 1894. £30-50
313.    A Hallmarked Silver Capstan Style Pin Cushion, of plain tapering cylindrical form, BPDC, Birmingham 1920. £20-40
314.    A William IV Hallmarked Silver Lidded Drum Mustard, of plain cylindrical form with gadrooned border and hinged cover with shell thumb piece and angular loop handle, with blue glass liner (liner damaged), GH, London 1832 (marks rubbed), with Fiddle pattern spoon, initialled, London 1831. £60-100
315.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Bachelor's Three Piece Teaset, of circular form with acanthus leaf scroll and vacant cartouche decoration, the teapot with silver handle and hinged lid with double flowerhead finial, HWC, London 1868, total weight 445grams. £100-160
316.    A Hallmarked Silver Pierced Bon Bon Dish, of shaped circular form with wavy openwork rim on pedestal foot, CB&S, Sheffield 1930, 83grams. £30-50
317.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Condiment Set, comprising pepperette, lidded mustard and salt, of compressed oval form with blue glass liners and salt and mustard spoons, T&S, Birmingham 1962. £25-40
318.    A Pair of George IV Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Serving Spoons, initialled and numbered "3" and "4", WT, London 1825, 140grams. (2) £30-50
319.    A Late George III Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Cheese Scoop, initialled, WK, London 1817, 82grams. £50-70
320.    A Late George III Hallmarked Silver Double Ended Marrow Scoop, W.C, London 1816, 34grams. £30-50
321.    A Pair of Victorian Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Salt Spoons, London 1868; A Pair of Golfing Teaspoons; Apostle Teaspoons; Souvenir Teaspoons; Seal Top Teaspoons, total weight 192grams. (13) £30-50
322.    A Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Coronation Teaspoons, with feature hallmarks, Roberts & Belk, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Birmingham, London, 1935; Four Old English Pattern Rat Tail Tea/Coffee Spoons, and two others, total weight 183grams. (11) £30-50
323.    A George IV Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Table Spoon, CS, London 1834; A George III Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Table Spoon, London 1801, another example (marks rubbed); Set of Four Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Teaspoons, H.H, London 1868, total weight 259grams. (7) £40-60
324.    A George IV Hallmarked Silver Mounted Cut Glass Jar, the glass body below reeded silver rim and shaped circular acanthus leaf scroll collar and domed hinged cover with flower head finial, Messrs Barnard, London 1833. £25-40
325.    A Hallmarked Silver Topped Glass Trinket Pot, the circular pressed glass body with plain domed pull-off cover, London 1918; A Matched Hallmarked Silver and Stainless Steel Button Hook and Shoe Horn, Birmingham 1910, 1911, in fitted case. £25-40
326.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Cased Scent Bottle, of cylindrical form with allover engraved ivy leaf decoration with plain shield cartouche and hinged cover with cut glass stopper, (marks rubbed) Birmingham 1891. £30-50
327.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Circular Ink Stand, of geometric pierced dish form, within beaded border, fitted to the centre with cut glass stoppered bottle, HP&Co, Birmingham 1864. £80-120
328.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, with acanthus leaf scroll decoration, A.C, Birmingham 1900. £50-70
329.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Oval Bread Basket, with geometric pierced and scroll detail within beaded and garland swags, initialled "W", by Martin Hall & Co Ltd, Sheffield 1899, 327grams. £100-150
330.    A William IV Hallmarked Silver Milk Jug, of inverted baluster form with acanthus leaf scrolls and flowerheads, to acanthus leaf capped scroll handle, on three acanthus leaf capped hoof feet, CG, London 1836, 211grams. £60-100
331.    A Pair of George III Old English Pattern Hallmarked Silver Serving Spoons, Peter & William Bateman, London 1809, 121grams. (2) £30-50
332.    A Pair of George VI Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Napkin Rings, of uniform design, initialled "J" and "L". (2) £15-30
333.    A George III Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Serving Spoon, initialled, by William Eley & William Fearn; A Pair of Austro-Hungarian Serving Spoons, initialled. (3) £30-50
334.    A Hallmarked Silver Capstan Inkwell, of plain tapering cylindrical form, with hinged cover, Birmingham 1915. £25-40
335.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Presentation Trophy Cup, of tapering cylindrical form with twin acanthus leaf capped scroll handles, on pedestal foot, inscribed and dated, CE, London 1901, 196grams. £50-70
336.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Trinket/Powder pot, of cylindrical form with embossed Art Nouveau decoration and pull-off cover depicting female profile with flowers in her hair, Birmingham 1901, 108 grams. £30-50
337.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Topped Dressing Table Jar, of oval form with cherub embossed pull-off cover, Chester 1906; A Fluted Pierced Pedestal Posy Bowl; Three Mounted Cut Glass Scent Bottles; Guilloche Enamel Topped Scent Bottle; Hallmarked Silver Backed Hand Mirror (damaged); Clothes Brush, Thimble, Birmingham 1917; A Victorian Sixpence, 1889. (10) £30-50
338.    A Pair of Modern Hallmarked Silver Bottle Coasters, each of plain design with feature hallmarks, wooden base and central vacant disc, MCH, London 1994. (2) £60-100
339.    A Modern Hallmarked Silver Bottle Coaster, of plain design with feature Millennium hallmarks and plain wooden base, Carrs, Sheffield 2000. £30-50
340.    A Pair of Modern Hallmarked Silver Presentation Goblets, each of tapering cylindrical form on pedestal foot, bearing coat of arms and presentation inscription "...1776-1976". (2) £25-40
341.    A George III Hallmarked Silver Meat Skewer, of plain tapering form, to heart-shape loop handle, initialled "H.M", Stephen Adams, London 1783, 121grams. £80-120
342.    A George IV Hallmarked Silver Meat Skewer, of plain tapering form to reeded loop handle, William Chawner(?), London 1829, crested, 107grams. £80-120
343.    A George VI Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Cigarette Case, initialled, Birmingham 1945; A George V Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, with beaded border, Birmingham 1918. (2) £25-40
344.    A XIX Century Britannia Metal Mounted Hip Flask, the glass bottle with leather covered top and removable drinking cup, with scroll detail. £20-30
345.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Swing Handled Sugar Basket, of tapering circular openwork scroll design with engraved panels and beaded border, on pedestal foot, with beaded openwork handle and cranberry glass liner, Edward & John Barnard, London 1865, weight without liner 239grams. £300-400
346.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Snuff Box, of elongated shaped oval form with acanthus leaf scroll engraved decoration, inscribed, initialled and dated "1891", F.M, Birmingham 1890. £60-90
347.    A Hallmarked Silver Sugar Caster, of plain cylindrical form with geometric pierced domed cover and reeded knop, on spreading base, H.A, Sheffield 1929, 343grams. £80-120
348.    A Cased Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled Fruit Knives, with rivet detail, Sheffield 1912. £30-40
349.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Goblet, of plain tapering cylindrical form with knopped stem on spreading foot with beaded border, DHCH, London 1875, 363grams, on wooden socle base. £80-120
350.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Rectangular Box, the hinged domed cover with engraved border, applied to the centre with elaborate scrolling "VR" monogram surmounted by a crown, E.E, London 1898 (lacking interior). £60-100
351.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Circular Trinket Box, the shaped hinged cover with flowerheads and scrolls, above plain body, on three pad feet, Synyer & Beddoes, Birmingham 1908. £30-50
352.    A Late Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Art Nouveau Style Twin Handled Pot, of compressed form embossed with stylised flowerheads between double loop scroll handles, S.M.L(?), Chester 1909. £20-30
353.    A Modern Hallmarked Silver Circular Hip Flask, of plain design with screw cover, C J Vander, Sheffield 1991. £25-40
354.    A Hallmarked Silver Trinket Box, of domed oval form with hinged cover, inscribed "Vida", on four scroll decorated feet, Birmingham 1920; A Circular Cauldron Salt, on three hoof capped hoof feet, C J Vander, Sheffield 1993; An Oval Panelled Salt, Birmingham 1914. (3) £30-50
355.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, with acanthus leaf scroll decoration, initialled "JHB", Boots Pure Drug Company, Chester 1904; A Circular Engine Turned Ashtray, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1958. (2) £25-35
356.    A Hallmarked Silver Tankard, of plain form on spreading base and leaf capped scroll handle, E.Viner, Sheffield 1961, 277grams. £60-80
357.    A Cased Matched Set of Twelve Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons and Sugar Tongs, G&C, Sheffield 1921, 1922. £30-50
358.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Caddy Spoon, initialled, William Eaton, London 1844; A Hallmarked Silver Caddy Spoon, with flowerhead highlighted handle, L&S, Birmingham 1926. (2) £30-50
363.    A Modern 9ct Gold Diamond Set Hinged Bangle, millegrain set to the centre with stylised heart, on plain bangle. £60-100
364.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Triple Cluster Ring, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, between plain shoulders, with Insurance Valuation. £280-350
365.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Necklace, composed of ten collet set brilliant-cut diamonds, on fine-link chain. £130-170
366.    A Modern 18ct Gold, Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone rub over set in two colour shaped circular setting, on fine chain. £200-300
367.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Emerald-Cut Diamond Pendant, four corner claw set, on plain bale and fine chain. £480-580
368.    A Pair of Single Stone Diamond Ear Studs, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, on screw posts, approximate total diamond weight 1.00cts. £800-1000
369.    A Modern 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone two colour rubover collet set. £250-350
370.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, six claw set with a brilliant-cut diamond, between high tapered shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.70cts. £600-800
371.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone semi collet rub over set, between two colour reeded crossover shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.80cts. £850-950
372.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone semi collet rub over set between crossover shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.82cts. £550-650
373.    An 18ct Yellow and White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set in Tiffany style setting, between wide plain shoulders. £850-950
374.    An 18ct White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones bar claw set to plain shank, approximate total diamond weight 1.03cts. £700-800
375.    An 18ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones claw set between plain shoulders, approximate total diamond weight 2.25cts. £1800-2000
376.    An 18ct Gold Nine Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Ring, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 1.75cts. £1200-1500
377.    A Modern 18ct Yellow and White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Ring, semi collet set between tapering reeded shoulders. £180-250
378.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the oval diamond semi collet rub over set, between uniform shoulders, approximate diamond weight 1.00cts. £700-850
379.    An 18ct Gold Radiant-Cut Single Stone Diamond Ring, four claw set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 1.34cts. £900-1200
380.    A 9ct Gold Fancy-Link Double Albert Chain, composed of elongated and textured links, to double swivel and T-bar, suspending bloodstone and cornelian circular swivel fob seal pendant. £250-350
381.    An Edwardian 18ct Gold Gent's Ring, of belt and buckle design; A 9ct Gold Signet Ring; Smaller 9ct Gold Signet Ring, and another (one cut). (4) £100-150
382.    A Plain Wedding Band. £60-80
383.    A 9ct Gold Wide Hinged Bangle, of uniform design with acanthus leaf scroll engraved front and snap clasp, Birmingham 1972. £100-150
384.    A Double Row Hinged Bangle, the front of openwork design with double knot detail, stamped "9ct". £40-60
385.    An Edwardian Hinged Bangle, of uniform design engraved to the front with ivy leaf decoration, to snap clasp; A Modern Oval Belcher-Link Neck Chain, to bolt ring, stamped "9k". (2) £40-60
386.    A Victorian Belcher-Link Neck Chain, applied "15c", to bolt ring. £40-50
387.    A Late Victorian 15ct Gold Bar Brooch, of geometric design with applied bead detail; A Scroll and Ropetwist Example; Micromosaic Brooch; Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch; Three Stickpins. (7) £30-50
388.    A Pair of Victorian Earpendants, of teardrop design with central faceted drop suspended from circular faceted panel and hook fitting; Mizpah Brooch, stamped "9c"; Hardstone Brooch; Colourless Paste Buckle; Further Brooches; Earrings, etc. (damages) £20-40
389.    An Eleven Stone Diamond Half Eternity Style Ring, millegrain set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, to heavy shank, stamped "18ct". £150-200
390.    A Modern 9ct Gold Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, carved to depict cherub reclining on a rock fishing beneath a tree, collet set within double ropetwist applied border, Sheffield 1983. £40-60
391.    An 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Five Stone Ring, claw set with three graduated circular sapphires spaced by two old-cut diamonds, within Victorian style scroll carved setting. £150-250
392.    A Modern 9ct Gold Curb-Link Neck Chain, of uniform design to bolt ring, 38cms long, 25grams. £60-80
393.    A Victorian Mourning Bar Brooch, of elongated marquise-shape, applied to the front with seed pearl flowerhead and leaves, pin stamped "15ct". £40-60
394.    An 18ct Gold Gent's Signet Ring, the octagonal panel between stepped shoulders; A Two Colour Gent's Dress Ring, of rounded brick-link design. (2) £80-100
395.    A Fancy Two Colour Baton-Link Watch Chain, stamped "18ct", suspending novelty charm pendants and Victorian Sovereign 1899, George V Sovereign 1911, Edward VII Sovereign 1908, Edward VII half Sovereign 1910 and George V half Sovereign 1915, each with applied pendant loops. £200-300
396.    A 1950's Ruby and Diamond Double Lapel Clip Cocktail Brooch, with stylised leaves behind double bell-shape flowerheads, highlighted with single-cut diamonds and oval claw set ruby stamens, detaching to form two lapel clips (one ruby absent). £400-500
397.    A 1950's Ladies Cocktail Bracelet, of wide openwork geometric design, to snap clasp. £400-500
398.    A Victorian Sapphire and Diamond Seven Stone Ring, the three graduated oval sapphires spaced by four old-cut diamonds, within scroll carved claw setting between reeded shoulders. £180-220
399.    An Art Deco Four Stone Diamond Ring, the high square panel millegrain set with four old-cut diamonds, between scroll engraved tapering panel shoulders, stamped "SM" "AT3" "B". £200-300
400.    A Victorian Opal and Diamond Nine Stone Ring, the three oval cabochon opals spaced by six old and single-cut diamonds, within scroll carved setting, stamped "18". £750-850
401.    An Art Deco style Single Stone Opal Dress Ring, the central oval cabochon opal collet set between shaped textured tapering shoulders, stamped "18k". £70-100
402.    A Victorian Faceted Belcher-Link Guard Chain, of uniform design to single swivel, stamped "9c" "GOLD". £80-120
403.    A Victorian Heart-Shape Locket Pendant, with foliate engraved detail, stamped "9c" with tied bow surmount, on fancy belcher-link chain, appled "9c". £40-60
404.    A Victorian Heart-Shape Locket Pendant, engraved with basket of flowers and birds and a smaller example, on fancy belcher-link chain, applied "9c". £40-60
405.    A Late Victorian 15ct Gold Diamond Set Bar Brooch, star set to the centre with an old-cut diamond, between foliate detail; A 9ct Gold Foliate Applied Bar Brooch, with central star set detail. (2) £40-60
406.    An Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile, collet set within ropetwist applied border. £40-60
407.    A Ladies Albertina, of fancy three-chain design with sliding engraved panel, to T-bar, single swivel and tassel drop; Together with Another Example, suspending heart and cross charm pendants. (2) £40-50
409.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone claw set. £100-200
410.    A Pair of Gent's Oval Cufflinks, on chain connections, monogrammed, stamped "18ct". £80-120
411.    A Hound Stock Pin, naturalistically modelled, applied to plain bar with pheasant, stamped "18ct"; A 9ct Gold Riding Crop Stock Pin, hallmarked and stamped "Plat". (2) £60-80
412.    A Fancy Two Colour Fine Watch Chain, composed of fine belcher and baton links, to single swivel and bolt ring, stamped "18k". £50-80
413.    A Set of Art Deco Gent's Shirt Studs and Buttons, each of black circular onyx panel with central seed pearl within reeded border, reverse of buttons stamped "9ct" "18ct White" (one pearl replaced). £30-50
414.    A Modern 9ct Gold Synthetic Alexandrite Dress Ring, of stepped rectangular form, four corner claw set within pierced setting, to plain shank. £20-40
415.    A Single Stone Turquoise Zircon Dress Ring, eight claw set to plain shank. £20-40
416.    A Modern 9ct Gold Figaro-Link Double Albert Chain, of uniform design suspending T-bar, to double swivel. £80-100
417.    An Emerald Eternity Ring, channel set throughout with square cut emeralds (two absent); Patterned Wedding Band, inscribed and dated and stamped "Platinum"; An Openwork Band Ring, stamped "800". (3) £60-80
418.    A Gent's 9ct Gold Signet Ring, monogrammed; An Identity Bracelet, composed of uniform curb-links to central oval panel, inscribed, stamped "18ct". (2) £60-80
419.    A Pair of 18ct Gold Diamond Set Ear Studs, each claw set with six princess-cut diamonds. £120-150
420.    An Edwardian Diamond Panel Ring, stamped "18ct" "Plat". £50-70
421.    An Edwardian Three Stone Diamond Ring, of crossover design, stamped "18ct" "Plat". £50-70
422.    A 9ct Gold Graduated Curb-Link Double Albert Chain, to single swivel and bolt ring, suspending T-bar. £150-200
423.    A 1950's 9ct Gold Opal Bar Brooch, the central rectangular cabochon opal four corner set, on plain tapering bar, Birmingham 1956. £60-100
424.    A Curb-Link Bracelet, of uniform design to heart-shape padlock clasp, stamped "15". £100-150
425.    A 15ct Gold Gent's Garnet Set Signet Style Ring, the oval stone eight claw set between reeded scroll shoulders; An Art Deco Style Opal Single Stone Dress Ring. (2) £80-120
426.    A Modern Wide Fancy-Link Bracelet, of geometric textured design, to snap clasp, stamped "750" £300-400
427.    An 18ct Gold Ruby and Diamond Circular Cluster Ring, the circular ruby within border of old-cut diamonds between scroll carved shoulders, Birmingham 1911. £80-120
428.    A Single Strand Uniform Cultured Pearl Bead Necklace, the sixty-four circular beads individually knotted with seven ropetwist spacers, to 9ct gold engraved snap clasp. £40-60
429.    A Fancy-Link Neck Chain, of uniform geometric design, to double hook and loop fastener, stamped "E70". £40-50
430.    A Ruby and Diamond Bar Brooch, star set to the centre; A Turquoise and Seed Pearl Knife-Edge Bar Stock Pin; An Edwardian 9ct Gold Bar Brooch; Micromosaic Example, and another. (5) £50-70
431.    A Single Stone Diamond Bar Brooch, the old-cut stone claw set to the centre between tapering two colour bar. £300-400
432.    A Diamond Set Circular Locket Pendant, embossed with lion's mask, four claw set to the mouth with an old-cut diamond, initialled to the reverse "C.F. & A.C. To S.F. Nov. 12'11", stamped "10k", on oval belcher-link chain. This locket was reportedly given to Stan Fazackerley, who played football for Accrington Stanley, Hull and Sheffield United and took part in the FA Cup Final in 1915. £150-250
433.    A Large Modern Diamond Cluster Ring, of hexagonal design claw set throughout with thirty seven brilliant-cut diamonds, between plain shoulders, stamped "200". £250-300
434.    A Citrine Single Stone Bar Brooch, collet set to the centre with lozenge shape citrine, on plain bar. £30-50
435.    A Belcher-Link Charm Bracelet, to heart-shape padlock clasp, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants. £40-60
436.    A 9ct Gold Amethyst Single Stone Ring, in four double claw high setting; A 9ct Gold Wide Patterned Wedding Band; Signet Ring, and another dress ring. (4) £30-50
437.    An Edwardian Style Openwork Pendant, semi collet claw set to the centre with four petal flowerhead, with faceted drop below, on fine chain. £70-100
438.    A Modern Nine Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Ring, collet set to the centre with brilliant-cut diamond, within claw set border of further brilliant-cut diamonds. £150-200
439.    A Modern 9ct Gold Diamond Set Fancy-Link Bracelet, claw set throughout. £70-100
440.    A Modern Oval Pendant, collet set to the centre, within plain border, stamped "585", on 9ct gold fancy-link neck chain; Together with Marching Ear Studs. £80-100
441.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old-cut stone eight claw set between tapering shoulders, stamped "18ct&PLAT" £280-320
442.    A Modern 18ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated brilliant-cut stones step set between tapering shoulders, in Beaverbrooks box with care card. £220-280
452.    Sir John Bennett Ltd, London; a 9ct Gold Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed circular dial with seconds subsidiary dial with black Roman numerals, within plain case, London 1924. £100-150
453.    Omega; a Gent's Watch, the signed circular dial with baton and Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain cushion-shape case and wire lugs on leather strap. £70-100
454.    A Late XIX Century Ladies Continental Fob Watch, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals with red and gilt highlights, within foliate scroll engraved case, stamped "14K". £50-70
455.    An Art Deco Diamond Set Cocktail Watch, the circular dial with black Arabic numerals, within circular bezel of single-cut diamonds, to single-cut diamond set openwork lugs on fine fancy-link chain bracelet, stamped "9ct". £250-350
456.    Jaeger Le Coultre for Kutchinsky; a Ladies 1950's 18ct Gold Cocktail Watch, the signed circular dial with Arabic and dagger markers within plain bezel, concealed beneath hinged cover of stylised diagonal design, claw set with graduated row of circular rubies to integral tapering mesh bracelet and hinged clasp, London 1959, case inscribed "Kutchinsky", with back winder. £800-1000
457.    A Ladies XIX Continental Fob Watch, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within scroll engraved case, stamped "0.935", on a graduated curb-link Albert chain. (2) £20-40
458.    A Late Victorian 18ct Gold Openface Fob Watch, the foliate engraved dial with black Roman numerals within scroll engraved case, Chester 1890. £80-120
459.    Waltham; a Gent's Openface Pocketwatch, the signed white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case with vacant shield. £60-80
460.    Didisheim-Goldschmidt Fils & Co; a Continental ladies novelty pendant watch, the plain circular dial with black Arabic numerals within spherical lime green guilloche enamel case with side winder, on pendant loop, movement stamped "Argent Doré" "0.935", suspended on plain bar brooch and swivel, stamped "18c". £70-100
461.    A Ladies Art Deco Diamond Set Cocktail Watch, of elongated design, the rectangular dial with black Arabic numerals within millegrain single-cut diamond set bezel, on cordette and leather strap, inscribed "RN" "Platinum", and further inscribed and dated. £100-150
462.    Longines; a Ladies 9ct Gold Cased Dress Watch, the signed rectangular dial with Arabic and dagger markers within plain bezel between heart-shape lugs, to fancy-link reeded bracelet, London 1947. £70-100
463.    A 1930's Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Travelling Pocket Clock, the square dial with luminous Arabic numerals and hands and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain bezel, folding within gilded square engine turned case, with suspension loop, S.S.M, Birmingham 1935. £40-60
464.    Omega; a Gent's Stainless Steel Cased Dress Watch, the signed circular dial with baton markers and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain bezel and case, on later leather strap. £100-200
465.    Sir John Bennett Ltd; a Slim Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed circular dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain "Rolled Gold" case. £60-100
466.    Sir John Bennett Ltd, London; an Edwardian 18ct Gold Cased Openface Pocket Stop Watch, the signed circular white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and seconds hand, within plain case, London 1900. £400-600
467.    A Late XIX/Early XX Century Pocket Repeater, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain bezel with strike activating slide, within plain case, movement stamped "Brevet". £100-200
468.    Limit; a Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, with presentation inscription to dust cover, dated "1936", in fitted case. £70-100
469.    Bentima; a Ladies 9ct Gold Cased Dress Watch, the signed circular dial within plain case to integral fancy-link bracelet, Birmingham 1966; A Titus Geneve Art Deco Style Watch, stamped "18k" "0.750"; Continental Fob Watch; Signet Ring, with applied initials; Hallmarked Silver Hinged Bangle, Birmingham 1971. (5) £60-100
470.    Primato; a Modern Ladies Dress Watch, The signed dial with baton markers within plain cushion-shape bezel and case, to integral snake style bracelet and snap clasp, stamped "14k" "0.585". (lacking glass) £100-150
471.    An Art Deco Diamond Set Platinum Cocktail Watch, the rectangular dial with Arabic numerals and baton indicators, within diamond set case marked "Selado 17 Rubis Swiss Made", on a black woven strap. £100-150
472.    A Late XIX Century Goliath Openface Pocketwatch, with black Roman numerals and bezel wind, in a leather travelling case (lacking stand); A Travelling Clock, in a folding black leather case. (2) £50-70
475.    TREVOR ALLEN "Chrysanths by a Red Wall", a limited edition screen print, 10/30, signed, 42 x 52 cms. £80-120
476.    TREVOR ALLEN "Sometime Pate Pot", a limited edition screen print, 1/20, signed, 49 x 54 cms. £80-120
477.    Original Pears Lithograph "The Beauty of The Glade", presented with Pears Annual 1915, 60 x 36cms, framed. £20-40
478.    SYDNEY G. BAKER Portrait of a lady in a white dress, pastel, graphite signed lower right, Mall Galleries 1983 exhibition label verso, 34 x 23 cms. £200-300
479.    HAROLD WYLLIE [1880-1975] Clipper and fishing smacks off white cliff coast; A cloudy coastal scene with distant lighthouse; a pair of etchings, both graphite signed lower left margin and numbered XXXVII to right. 10.5 x 34.5 cms. (2) £120-180
480.    SAMUEL & NATHANIEL BUCK The South West Prospect Of The City Of Durham, hand coloured copper engraving, circa 1745, 31 x 82 cms. £200-300
481.    The Shadows - A 10" x 8" B&W Publicity Photograph, signed by all four members, framed, glazed; Together with Signed PR Postcards, including The Dubliners, Eric Cantona etc. £50-60
482.    J. POLLARD "Chances of The Steeple Chase", a pair of XIX Century sporting prints, engraved by C. Rosenberg, over-painted by J. Pollard, 38 x 49 cms (2) £120-150
485.    * JOHN THRELFALL [b.1958] Owl in flight, watercolour, signed lower right, 34.5 x 29.5cms. £50-80
486.    WILLIAM HENRY EARP [XIX CENTURY] Tranquil river scene with mountains in background, watercolour, signed lower right, 54 x 24.5cms. £40-60
487.    WIILLIAM TOLLIVER [1951-2000] 'Esther' head and shoulders study, watercolour, signed lower right, also verso, 57 x 76 cms. n.b. Tolliver spent more than 30 of his 48 years perfecting his skill as a painter. £1500-2000
488.    J. F. RENNIE A tranquil harbour scene with distant church; A busy harbour scene with clippers, steam boat and tugs; a pair of watercolours, both signed lower left and one dated 1909, 23.5 x 38 cms. £250-350
489.    GEORGE HAMILTON CONSTANTINE [1878 - 1969] Moorland scene with figure on horseback and another horse on meandering track, watercolour, signed lower right. 17 x 24.5 cms. £150-250
490.    GEORGE SYKES [b1863 ] Narrow Town Centre Street Scene, possibly Huddersfield, with Sykes chemist shop to right and church in background, watercolour, signed lower left, exhibited 1900 - 1929. 44.5 x 29 cms. £150-200
491.    GEORGE CUNNINGHAM [1924-1996] Nethergreen, Sheffield, watercolour, signed and dated 1973 lower right, 37 x 46 cms. £500-700
492.    GEORGE CUNNINGHAM [1924-1996] The Barrel, a solitary figure with his dog, heading for the pub, watercolour, signed lower right, 16.5 x 21.5 cms. £350-500
493.    L JONAS [XIX / XX CENTURY] Fishermen on a beach at low tide; Figures on a cliff top, overlooking the sea, fishing boats at anchor; a pair, watercolours, heightened white, signed, 25 x 17 cms. £40-60
494.    GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (1924-1996) School time, Cottage Lane, figures in a winter landscape, watercolour, signed lower right, also titled and signed in the artist's hand verso, with Hibbert Bros. Gallery label, 17 x 25 cms £700-900
495.    C. H. A Schooner in stormy seas, watercolour, initialed C. H. and 1960, in oval mount, 33 x 41.5 cms. £75-100
501.    * JOHN THRELFALL [b. 1958] Canadian Sea Otters, oil on panel, signed lower left, 29 x 38.5 cms. n.b. John Threlfall is based in Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland, a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and was Bird Artist Of The Year in 2007. £200-400
502.    WALTER MEEGAN [1859-1944] Country Landscape with Angler in foreground, oil on canvas, signed lower left (13cm scratch to lower right). 49 x 74 cms. £150-250
503.    WILLIAM MELLOR A View of Richmond, Yorkshire with castle in background, oil on canvas, bearing 'WM' monogram and date '9? to lower right. 34.5 x 49.5 cms. £120-180
504.    G... LESLIE [XIX CENTURY] Watermill, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 76 x 50 cms. £150-250
505.    G... JACKSON [XIX / XX CENTURY] Figure on a canal bank, buildings to each side, barge beyond, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1903 lower left, 84 x 72 cms; in very fine gilt gesso frame, 105 x 120 cms. £100-200
506.    G... JACKSON [XIX CENTURY / XX CENTURY] Classical Italianate landscape with figures on a terrace, oil on canvas, 84 x 72 cms; In a very fine gilt gesso frame; 105 x 120 cms £100-200
507.    G. S. CORNER A couple in conversation in a horse drawn carriage, she with a parasol, oil on canvas, early XX Century, signed, 55 x 84 cms. £100-200
510.    A XIX Century Walnut Table Cabinet, of rectangular form inlaid with foliate medallions, a pair of doors enclosing three drawers, each with inset brass handles, raised on an ovolu plinth base, 32cms high, 31cms wide. £100-150
511.    A XIX Century Rectangular Walnut Jewellery Box, with inset brass handle to the cover, the interior lined in green silk, with lift-out fitted tray, 10cms high, £40-60
512.    A Black Forest Craved Wood Bear Ashtray, modelled as a standing bear, smoking a pipe before a tree stump, fitted with a brass receptacle, 21cms high; Together with Two Further Bears. (3) £50-80
513.    A Pair of Early XX Century Oak Picture Frames, with moulded bezel and applied foliate corners, 69 x 86cms. £30-50
514.    A XIX Century Mahogany Writing Box, with brass banding, with a tooled leather slope and fitted compartments, 45 cms wide. £75-125
515.    An Early XX Century Walking Stick, the silver plated handle modelled as a lurcher's head, the engraved collar inscribed with initials, 88cms high. £50-80
516.    A Late XIX Century Tantalus, with three hobnail cut glass square decanters housed within an oak carrying case with single drawers, plated mounts and handle. £100-200
517.    A XIX Century Japanese Wood and Gesso Kishin style Noh Mask, painted in brown, with glass eyes, with brown iris and aventurine pupil, the snarling mouth with teeth and tongue, 24cms. £60-80
518.    A Briar Wood Pipe, with silver ferrule and horn mouthpiece, 1906, stamped with initials MRC, in a fitted black morocco case. £25-40
519.    An Early XX Century Olive Wood Sorrento Ware Chamberstick, with pierced border and inlaid figure of gentleman under base, 21.5cms long. £40-60
520.    A XIX Century Japanese Panel, decorated with ivory flower on ebonised ground, 42 x 32.5cms. £25-40
521.    A George V Half Sovereign, 1913. £40-50
522.    A Victorian 18ct Gold Vesta Case, of rounded rectangular form, allover engraved to the front with foliate and scroll detail, on suspension loop, the reverse monogrammed and dated "Jan.6th.1895.", JW, London 1894. £150-200
523.    A 1930's 9ct Gold Engine Turned Cigarette Case, inscribed and dated to inside, London 1935. £600-800
524.    An Early XX Century Cast Brass Figure of a Golfer, at full swing, on circular dished base, 12 cms high. £70-90
525.    A Cast Bronze Vase, of shouldered circular form, with classical rainceau band to the shoulders, over floral and scrolling body between egg and dart borders, raised on four bun feet, 18cms high. £100-150
526.    An Early XX Century McVitie & Price Biscuit Tin, modelled as a French commode, 16cms high; A Nelson's Nelsona Mincemeat Tin; A National Savings Tin Moneybox, modelled as a postbox; A Coronation Souvenir Tin for Rowntree. (4) £25-40
527.    A Set of Avery Brass and Cast Iron Balance Scales, with a pierced beam and two pans, the plain pillar from a platform, 66cms high, together with a set of brass weights. £60-80
528.    An Early XX Century Brass Oil Lamp, the scrolling frame suspended from a chain, converted to electricity (lacking shade). £20-30
529.    A Gilt metal Oil Lamp Standard, of Neo-Classical design, the duplex burner marked for Marple & Co, the reservoir hung with swags over adjustable column, on a circular base and lobed feet, 130cms high excluding glass chimney. £100-150
530.    A XX Century Cast Copper Figure of a Mermaid, raised on a stained wood plinth base, 13cms high. £20-40
531.    A Cast Bronze Inkwell, modelled as a boar's head, hinged to enclose the well aperture, with twig pen supports to the rear, marked "FRATIN", 11cms high, 18cms long. £80-120
532.    A Wax Taper Tin, with gilt stencil chinoiserie decoration, containing an Edward VII silver topped hat pin; Another Hat Pin, and assorted haberdashery accessories. £20-30
533.    A Chinese Cloisonné Shallow Dish, with an in curving rim, enamelled overall with flowers, 20cms diameter; A Chinese Cloisonné Baluster Vase, enamelled with flowers between borders, against a russett ground, gilt with cloud forms, 16cms high. (2) £30-50
534.    A Pair of Cast Silvered Metal Firescreens, each with laurel wreath ribband cresting, torch uprights, the mesh centred by bagpipe, arrow and foliate medallion, on foliate and hoof feet, 75cms high, 73cms wide. £80-120
535.    After Giavanni Shoeman 'Ethne', a patinated bronze head and shoulders bust of a maiden, decorated with coppered gilded snow drops, on a rectangular plinth base, stamped with title and dated MCMLXXIX to front, copyright and initials, together with a dedication to back, 22cms high. £125-175
536.    A Pair of Early XX Century Tea Shop signs, with fretwork carving and opaque glass backs, featuring Geisha girls and silhouette panels, 65 cms wide. (2) £150-200
537.    An Italian Marble Figure, of a recumbent dog, on oval base, circa 1830, 7 cms long. £80-120
538.    An Early XX Century Stereoscopic Viewer, with approximately 60 Underwood cards, mainly topographical and humorous, in a Pear's Soap box. £50-70
539.    A Tortoiseshell Trinket Box, of rectangular form with hinged clasp. £50-80
540.    A Japanese Travelling Eating Set, of a pair of ivory and metal chopsticks and a wood handled knife, contained in a rayskin case with white metal and ivory mounts. £50-80
541.    A Victorian Tortioiseshell Box, of shaped rectangular form, with a hinged cover, on ivory bun feet, (one foot and some veneer missing) 17cms wide. £85-100
542.    An Early XX Century Vesta Case, of book form with tortoiseshell 'spine' and applied mother of pearl and paua shell geometric decoration. £20-40
543.    A Japanese Table Screen, the oblong panel in Famille rose enamels with a noblewoman and attendant, script and seal mark, contained within an ebonised stand, 34cms high; A Japanese Box Framed Faux Mother of Pearl and Ivory Panel, of a peacock and flora, 25 x 41cms. (2) £20-30
544.    A Large Quantity of Postcards, including seaside humour, Channel Islands and associated ships, plus a card posted aboard the Queen Mary, generally mid XX Century, postally used. £30-50
545.    A Small Collection of Military Ephemera, including real photo postcards and photographic prints, of West Yorkshire Regiment and others during the 1920's newspaper articles relating to Winston Churchill. £20-30
545A.   An 1892 Pattern Officers Sword by Hawkes And Co., London, the 83 cm blade etched with royal coat of arms, foliate scrolls and makers name to ricasso, No. 4055 to spine, ribboned brass guard with VR cypher, shagreen grip and red and white tassle. £100-150
546.    A British Commando Dagger, with ribbed bulbous grip stamped with arrow and "7" to base, 18 cm blade, brown leather sheath. £20-30
546A.   A XIX Century Officers Sword, 82 cm single deep fullard blade with ribbed etching, brass guard bearing regimental coat of arms, rayskin srip and lions head pommel. £40-60
547.    An Italian Carcano Knife Bayonet, the ricasso marked "Brescia" and serial number AC425 to the guard, 30cms single fullard blade, brass mounted black leather sheath. £20-30
547A.   A US Remmington Bayonet, 1913 and other marks to the ricassos, black leather sheath with iron mounts. £20-30
548.    A Pair of Binoculars by Heath And Co, London, bearing military markings including "M-4431" part number. Brown niger grips. £15-25
548A.   A German Third Reich Flag, with central swastika and maltese cross to corner, G Bukiet, Litzmannstadt makers stamp, 150 x 250 cms (worn) £50-70
549.    An American Springfield 03 Bayonet, with proof marks; A Commando Knife, with '2' impressed to pommel, in brown leather sheath; A XIX Century Brass Hilted Short Sword, similar to the French 1831 pattern. (3) £30-40
550.    An 1888 Lee-Metford MKI Type 2 Bayonet, the ricassos marked with war Department proofs and VR cypher with dates of 1891 and 1898; French Chassepot Bayonet, from the St Etienne Armoury dated 1871. (2) £40-60
550A.   A XIX Century Victorian Cavalry Sword, the 87 cm curved single fullard blade with numerous war department and other marks to the ricassos, iron guard with pierced cross, hard leather grip (worn), iron scabbard marked 'BRK' and dates. £60-80
551.    An Early Infantry Hanger, 24" single edged curved blade with false-edge tip, calf covered grip with narrow knuckle guard. £30-40
551A.   A Pair of Executioners or Broadswords by Toledo, the 85 cm long blades etched with foliate scrolls and the double headed eagle coat of arms, possibly Charles V - wire bound grips with leaf shaped pommels. £60-80
552.    A British War Medal And Victory Medal Duo, awarded to L - 1173 Dvr RR Potts, together with unmarked WWII war and Defence medals, all with ribbons; A City of London Swimming And Athletics medal, 1923 Birmingham Silver Hallmark, and a Ravensbourne Club Silver medal both awarded to the same RR Potts. (6) £30-50
552A.   A XIX Century Continental Sword, with 89 cm single fullard curved blade with "A & EH" to ricasso, ribboned iron knuckle guard, ribbed leather grip. £40-60
552B.   The World War I British War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914-15 Star to 16/85 Pte. A Clifford. North Devon Fusiliers; A World War I Victory Medal, to 20557 Pte. O Watts, Cheshire Regiment. (4) £40-60
552C.   Nine World War II Medals, including five 'Stars'. (9) £30-50
552D.   A General Service Medal (1918-62), to 4547067 Pte. D Parker. East Yorks. (Bar Palestine 1945-48). £40-70
553.    An 1809 Pattern Prussian Flintlock Musket, 145cms long, the lock plate inscribed 'POTSDAM' over 'GS', the brass butt plate stamped '2002', the 104cms barrel with three brass bands and steel ramrod. £300-500
554.    Three Swagger Sticks, for the Royal Medical Corps, The Church Lads Brigade and one unmarked, Australian Commonwealth military buttons, ARP and St Johns Ambulance badges. £15-25
555.    A World War II Verner's Pattern Military Compass, with arrow and "B-L No 68972 1917" to the back, in a brown Leatheries Ltd case, also dated 1917. Excellent condition. £40-60
556.    A Surveying Aneroid By John Davis & Son, Derby, 11.5cms dial in an aluminium case; A "Magnapole" Compass, the black painted brass case marked "Patent Applied For, Frank J Goold, Optician, 50 Cherry St, Birmingham" to the back; A Small Adjustable Level, with sight. All three with brown leather cases. (3) £60-80
556A.   A XIX Century Mahogany and Brass Folding Plate Camera, by the London Stereoscopic Company, with later accessories. £50-70
557.    A XIX Century English Double Barrelled Percussion Sporting Gun, the lock bearing gilt stamp for Samuel Nock, with the makers name repeated in gilt between the 74 cm barrels,a hunting vignette engraved to the trigger guard plate, brass tipped ramrod. £100-200
558.    An Enfield Carbine, with 52cms Band Barrel, the lock engraved with VR Crown and date 1887 (possibly later lock). £60-80
559.    A Cut Glass Chandelier, with five branches, with faceted swags and drops, together with a pair of matching wall lights (damages). £50-70
559A.   A Mid XX Century Japanese Dress Sword, with 67 cm curved blade, brown leather grip, brass tsuba and kashirigane decorated with native flowers, green painted steel scabbard with brass mounts. £150-250
560.    A Brass Three-Light Ceiling Light, of classical design, possibly for a billiard table, 61cms high, 102cms wide. £30-50
561.    A heavy Brass Ceiling Light, with beaded and turned central column supporting five scroll branches. £30-50
562.    A George V Officers Sword, the 32 cm single fullard blade etched with Royal cypher, coat of arms and foliate scrolls, No. 03376 to spine and proved inset to ricasso, ribbed shagreen grip, pierced steel guard with royal cypher beneath crown. £80-120
563.    An Early XX Century Beech and Brass Phono-Fiddle, by A.T. Howson of London, 83cms long, with brass horn 19 cm diameter, bearing trade mark plaque and makers label. £40-60
564.    A Whirlie Gem Junior Four String Banjo, with nineteen frets, Reg.No.450229, 82cms. £80-120
565.    A British Band Instrument Co. Ltd. "The Regent" Alto Saxophone, bearing decorative motif, mother of pearl spatula keys, and accessories including Vandoren reeds, in poor condition case. £60-80
568.    A XIX Century Chinese Silk Panel, embroidered with figures, pagodas and flowers, within a lotus border, framed, 58 x 26cms. £20-30
569.    A 1920's Tassled Carpet, of multi coloured Oriental style with central hexagonal motif and allover geometric pattern, on a cream ground, 338 x 230cms. £40-80
570.    A 1920's Axminster Style Carpet, of multi coloured Indian design, decorated with oval medallions surmounting central cartouche, on cream ground with rust red and mustard border, 360 x 322cms. £50-80
571.    A Victorian Sampler, by Emma Duff aged 13 years, dated 1845, worked in green and brown silks with religious verse, Christ on the cross and other motifs, on a linen backing cloth, contemporary frame, 9 x 6.5cms. £50-80
572.    A Sheffield United FC Shirt, for the 2005/6 season, signed by members of the promotion winning side, the 2007/8 season and Tony Currie. £40-60
573.    A Victorian Sampler, by Ann Trickett aged 8 years, dated 1863, worked in coloured wools with alphabet, numbers and motifs, 3105 x 20cms. £30-50
574.    A Durham Quilt, turquoise reversing to gold; Another Pink Floral Quilt, both approximately 194 x 246cms. (2) £30-50
579.    A Giltwood Wall Mirror, the oblong bevelled edge plate in an Italianate scroll frame, 96 x 64cms (re-gilded). £40-60
580.    An Arts & Crafts Beaten Copper and Brass Wall Mirror, with an oblong bevelled glass, the frame inset to the corners with Ruskin style enamelled quatrefoils, relief moulded with berry and leaf and bearing motto "Look & Be Humble", 50 x 40cms. £80-120
583.    An Early XX Century Aneroid Barometer, mounted on an oak shield back-plate, hung with two clothes brushes from ornate cast brass hooks, 46cms high. £60-80
587.    A Mid XX Century Oak Elliott Mantel Clock, with blind fretwork carving on gilded brass bun feet, the silvered dial bearing H.L.Brown & Son, Sheffield retailers label. £30-50
588.    A XIX Century Mahogany Longcase Clock, the eight day movement with Roman numerals to white dial, with painted battle scene to the arch, the hood with swan neck canopy and turned columns, the case with shaped trunk door and inset balusters, 225cms high. £300-500
589.    An Early XX Century French Carriage Clock, with a timepiece movement, the plain enamel dial with Roman numerals, complete with a key and a stamped leather case, 11cms high. £60-80
590.    An Early to Mid XX Century Grandmother Clock, of eight day movement, the Westminster chimes striking on a gong, the brass dial with silver chapter ring, foliate engraved centre signed Howson, the mahogany case with a caddy topped hood, the slender trunk with an ogee top door, on bracket feet, 150cms high. £300-400
591.    A XIX Century Walnut Cased Viennese Wall Clock, with 8 day movement, eagle finial and enamel dial. £80-100
592.    A Late XVIII Oak Longcase Clock, with mahogany crossbanding, the hood with pierced swan neck and arched glazed door, the trunk having canted corners and shaped door, the 8 day movement with painted dial, by M.Robson, of Chester-Le-Street. £300-500
593.    A Mid XX Century 'Dunhill' Mantel Clock, in gilt metal with applied oval floral cartouches and French movement. £80-120
594.    A Late XIX Century small Grandmother Clock, with arched top and turned pillars to hood, the body and base having inlaid canted corners, on ogee feet. The door, base and hood all inlaid with shell paters, the four and a half day movement with brass and silvered dial, by H. Lee of Ely. 133.5 cms high. £600-800
595.    A 1920's Walnut Circular Ropework Cased Wallclock, with Smith astral dial, 21 cms diameter. £50-70
596.    A 1920's Art Deco Walnut Sewing Cabinet, of square and angular form with lift-up doors, over drawer and lower compartment, on squat cabriole legs. £30-50
597.    An Early XX Century Oak Dining Room Suite, comprising sideboard with crossed back, draw leaf table and four Queen Anne style chairs, on cabriole supports (one chair bearing label for Kleinsmith Bros, Sutton Street, Sheffield). £150-250
598.    A 1930's Oak Hallrobe, with dental cornice, panelled door and sides, on bracket feet, 95cms wide. £60-90
599.    A 1930's Walnut Chest of Five Drawers, with Art Deco gilt metal drop handles with quarter veneered top on squat cabriole legs. £60-90
600.    A XIX Century Mahogany Serving Table, with curved corners to rectangular top, the frieze with applied mouldings on poker work acanthus leaf, with turned and reeded legs, bearing label for T.G.Wood, Devonshire House, Sheffield, 182cms wide. (leg bases reset) £200-300
600A.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Torchere with a circular top, reeded column, on cabriole legs. Together with a mahogany lamp standard on turned pedestal and circular base. (2) £30-50
601.    A Pair of Mahogany Wall Cabinets, each with twin reeded doors, ecclesiastical style frieze and supports. £80-120
602.    A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Oak Corner Cabinet, with dentil cornice, glazed six panel upper cabinet over nulled and panelled door on bracket feet, 180cms high. £200-300
603.    A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Oak Freestanding Bookcase, with stepped pediment, panelled sides and adjustable shelves on bracket feet, 93cms wide. £200-300
604.    An Italian Gaming Table, the square inlaid top with canted corners, covering backgammon, roulette and chess boards, baize panel, all over roulette wheel and game compartments, on cabriole legs. £80-120
604A.   An Edwardian 'X' Framed Mahogany Tub Chair, profusely inlaid with ribbons and swags, with rail supports, upholstered in back and seat and turned stretchers, 82 cms high. £150-200
605.    A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Oak Side Table, with moulded top, twin drawers, pierced apron, turned and block supports, united by bobbin stretchers. £150-250
606.    A Late XIX Century Oak Bureau, in the Arts & Crafts Manner, with pierced gallery, side shelves, fall front and single drawer with shelves, 92cms wide. £50-80
607.    A Pair of Mid XIX Century Button Back His And Hers Armchairs, each upholstered in green draylon, on turned mahogany feet. (2) £300-400
608.    A Regency Rosewood Brass Inlaid Chiffonier, with shaped top and single shelf with turned supports, the base having a single drawer above two cupboard doors on a plinth base (damaged). £150-250
609.    A Late XVIII Century Pine Wall Rack, with dentil cornice, scroll frieze and pigeon hole open shelves, 113cms high, 137cms wide. £80-120
609A.   A Regency Mahogany Gentleman's Dressing Chest, with a lift up top to fitted interior, shaving bowl and mirror, reeded side columns, a cupboard with two drawers below, on turned and reeded legs, (in the manner of Gillows), 82 cms high, 52 cms wide. £1200-1500
610.    A XIX Century Huali Wood Stand, the oblong top inset with a rouge marble panel, over pierced frieze and apron, on four pierced block legs joined by flat stretchers (losses to frame), 51cms high. £80-120
611.    A 1920's Mahogany Occasional Table of ovoid form with classical and floret carving on fluted legs and spade feet united by entwined stretchers. £80-120
612.    A Late XIX Century Walnut Book Cabinet, with upper arched glazed doors, the base with two drawers over cupboard doors featuring pokerwork carved oval panels. £60-90
613.    A XIX Century Walnut Serpentine Fronted Sideboard, with scroll applied back, single drawer over cupboards on plinth base complete with barley twist supports. £50-90
613A.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Davenport, with a galleried back, sloping top, fitted interior, ink drawer and four dummy drawers, on turned feet, 83 cms high. £180-220
614.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm High Back Pad Arm Windsor Armchair, with pierced splat, rail back, on turned legs and stretchers. £120-150
615.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Captain's Chair, with pad arms, on turned supports and legs. £40-60
616.    A XX Century Lounge Suite, comprising two two-seater settees and single armchair, all with vase and floral upholstery, on carved cabriole legs on ball and claw feet. £80-120
617.    A 1930's Narrow Mahogany Wardrobe, with stepped pediment with Art Deco brass handles to panelled door, 65cms wide. £50-80
618.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with rail back and pierced splat, on turned legs united by a crinoline stretcher, stamped "Nicholson of Rockley". £250-350
619.    An XVIII Century Comb Back Chair, with shaped top rail and rail back, on turned legs. (two later legs) £200-400
619A.   A George III Mahogany 'D' Ended Dining Table, with a cross banded top on tapering legs with original central leaf, 181 cms wide, 72 cms high. £500-800
620.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with rail back and pierced splat, on turned legs united by an 'H' stretcher. (later legs) £100-150
621.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with rail back and pierced splat, on turned legs united by an 'H' stretcher. £150-250
622.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with rail back and pierced spalt, on turned legs united by an 'H' stretcher. £150-250
622A.   An Edwardian Mahogany Wall Mounted Display Cabinet, with dentil cornice and astragal glazed door, 106 cms high. £150-250
623.    A 1920's Walnut Art Deco Cocktail Cabinet, the upper section featuring twin quarter veneered doors housing glasses compartment, concealing mirrored back and mixer stand, the lower section with bottle apertures, all on cushion stepped feet, 126cms wide. £250-300
624.    An XVIII Century Drop Leaf Dining Table, on square chamferred legs, later altered to side table featuring three drawers, 112cms wide. £50-80
625.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Fold-Over Card Table, the rounded top crossbanded with a double line of stringing, the frieze with a centre tablet, on tapering square legs with spade feet, 91.5cms wide. £150-200
626.    A XIX Century Oak Gothic Revival Hall Chair, with a pierced steeple back over a solid seat, on baluster turned legs. £60-80
626A.   A William IV Rosewood Kidney Shaped Ladies Desk, with leather scriver and cross banded top, splayed back supports, turned and reeded front supports, on 'C' shaped base, 123 cms wide, 73 cms high. £1000-1500
627.    A Set of George IV Mahogany Dining Chairs, each with panelled top rail over a foliate and fluted tie rail, the upholstered seat on turned legs. £250-350
628.    A George III Oak Bureau Bookcase, the upper section with a moulded cornice over a dentil frieze and a pair of doors with fielded panels, internally fitted with three adjustable shelves, the bureau with a crossbanded fall, enclosing a centre cupboard (door detached) flanked by two secret compartments, shallow drawers and pigeon holes, over four graduated drawers on bracket feet, 220cms high, 124cms wide. £600-800
629.    A Pair of Victorian Ebonised Balloon Back Bedroom Chairs, the backs with faux tortoiseshell and gilt decoration, upholstered seats on baluster turned legs and front stretcher. £30-50
630.    A George III Oak Chest, of two short and three long graduated drawers, crossbanded, the top with reeded edge, later handles, on bracket feet, 95cms wide. £180-250
631.    A Victorian Pine Lodging Box, covered in black leatherette and studded initials to cover, on casters, 94cms wide. £30-50
632.    An Early XIX Century Oak Small Lodging Box, with brass loop handles to the sides, internally fitted with a candle box, on plinth foot, 64cms wide. £30-50
632A.   A Mid to Late XVIII Century Oak Dresser, the top with stepped cornice, open back and two shelves, the base with three short drawers, on shaped legs, 202 cms high. £1000-1200
633.    A XIX Century Extending Dining Table, with wind-out action on turned fluted legs, with spare leaf, 177 x 120cms extended length. £300-500
634.    A Set of Four XIX Century Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs, with bowed seats, on turned legs. (4) £100-200
635.    A Pair of XIX Century Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs, with bowed seats, on turned legs. (2) £40-60
636.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular top and snap action, on turned stalk on tripod legs with pad feet. £100-150
637.    A Late XX Century Oak Two Seater Settee, in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the high back carved with vertical and horizontal rails and circular and petal insets with cream upholstered seat over arched support. £100-200
638.    A Pair of Regency Mahogany Carver Chairs, with rectangular bar backs, scroll arms, drop-in seats on sabre legs (restored). £60-90
639.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chiffonier, with applied basket and scroll decoration to top, serpentine shelf with barley twist supports, over cushion drawer and cupboards below, 88.5cms wide. £100-200
640.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Captains Chair, with pad hand rests, spindle supports and twin bar stretchers (repair to top rail). £60-90
641.    A XIX Century Flemish Carved Oak Cabinet, with stained leaded glass panel, carved cup and cover supports, the base with top drawer and cupboard door heavily carved with grotesque heads and knulled decoration, on stile feet. £60-90
642.    A 1930's Art Deco Limed Oak Bedroom Suite, comprising double wardrobe, tallboy with mirror above, kidney dressing table, stool and bed ends, each with green painted period handles. (5) £100-200
643.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with central oval mirror over bowfronted cupboard, flanked by astragal glazed doors, on spade feet, 122cms wide. £150-250
644.    An Early XX Century Beaten Copper Fire Back, with riveted scroll band and protruding hooks, holding irons, in oak surround. £80-120
645.    XIX Century Captain's Chair, with pad arms and shaped spindles on turned legs with 'H' stretcher; Together with XIX Century Oak Single Chair. (2) £60-90
646.    A XIX Century Continental Oak Box Settle, heavily carved with three back panels featuring classical figures, lift-up seat with grotesque animal head hand rests and scroll fascia, 156cms wide. £300-400
647.    A XVII Century Oak Coffer, with planked top, half wheel carving over three panel fascia, 129cms wide. £200-300
648.    A Late XVIII Century Oak Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with dentil cornice, cross banded doors and three internal shelves, 94cms high. £250-350
649.    A XIX Century Elm Blanket Box, with lift-up top, fitted candle box and brass handles, 76cms wide. £50-100
650.    An Edwardian Mahogany Salon Settee, with lattice work splats and upholstered seats on cabriole legs, together with two armchairs and four single chairs, matching. £100-200
651.    A Set of Four Late XIX Century Mahogany Salon Chairs, each with shaped top rail, pierced splat, heavily carved with 'C' scroll and flowers, upholstered seat, on carved cabriole legs; Together with A Pair of Matching Nursing Chairs. (6) £150-250
652.    A Large XIX Century Gilt Pine and Gesso Console Table and Pier Glass, of serpentine form, with white marble top over a pedestal modelled as a putti, supporting a flowering shrub, in front at its feet, on moulded base, the arched topped rectangular glass with a moulded frame embellished with pendant plant forms, 423cms high, 102cms wide. £600-800
653.    A 1920's Oak Monks Bench, with half wheel carved top, lion supports and lattice fascia, 104cms wide. £150-250
654.    A Late XIX Century Oak Extending Dining Table, with wind-out action, having canted corners on fluted cup and cover supports, with two extra leaves, extended length 228 x 120cms. £100-200
655.    A Pair of Mid XX Century Walnut Cocktail Cabinets, each having quarter veneered panelled doors with pierced brass lock plate and hinges, on carved scrollwork apron and cabriole legs, 76cms wide. £200-300
656.    A Mid XX Century Walnut Serpentine Fronted Fold Over Card Table, with cross banded top with baize interior, on carved cabriole legs, 76cms wide. £80-120
657.    A XIX Century Yew Wood Windsor Chair, with low back and pierced central splat, on turned supports and legs, united by a crinoline stretcher. £300-400
658.    An Oak Spinning Chair, with a pierced and foliate moulded back, over a solid seat with similar decoration, on turned legs. £30-50
659.    A XIX Century Ebonised Bedroom Chair, with a carved top rail over four turned spindrels, rush seat, on turned framing. £20-40
660.    Jaycee Oak 'Tudor Furniture' Bedside Cupboard, with butterfly hinges to carved naturalistic doors, on turned and block supports. £40-60
661.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Large Drop Leaf Dining Table, with 'D' ends, on square chamferred legs with triangular geometrical feet, 164 x 155cms. £300-500
662.    An Early XX Century Beech and Pine Settle, with pokerwork scroll top rail, four panelled back and lift up seat, on shaped supports, 134cms wide. £120-180
663.    A Pair of late XX Century Concrete Garden Urns on Stands, in the classical style decorated with vines and masks, 67cms high. £20-40
664.    A Pair of late XX Century Concrete Garden Urns on Stands, in the classical style decorated with vines and masks. 67cms high. £20-40
664A.   An Ironstone Hob Grower, modelled as a tree trunk, 71cms high. £40-60
665.    A XIX Century Pollard Oak Breakfront Bookcase, with central secretaire over twin doors, having petal carved panels, all surrounded by open shelves and end cupboards, 208.5cms wide. £400-500
666.    A Late XIX Century Oak Ladies Desk, with low spindle back, fitted interior to deep right hand drawer, on turned legs, 79cms wide. £100-150
667.    A Pair of Mid XIX Century Walnut Bedroom Chairs, each with poker work carved top rail and crested splat, rush seat and splayed legs. £20-40
668.    An Edwardian Mahogany Occasional Table, with shaped top with batwing and chevron inlay, on tapering legs with spade feet with rectangular undershelf united by curved stretchers. £80-120
669.    A Late XIX Century Oak Pedestal Table, with circular top on turned pedestal with cabriole legs, 70cms high. £100-150
670.    A Good Quality 1920's Oak Bureau Bookcase, with petal carved arched pediment bevelled and astragal glazed upper section, over fall front concealing sliding fitted interior, cushion drawer and cupboard doors concealing three drawers, all on carved cup and cover legs, united by stretchers, 87.5cms wide. £400-500
671.    A Pair of 1920's Oak Reclining Chairs, each with leather studded backs, side rails, on turned and reeded supports and dental frieze. (2) £80-120
672.    An Edwardian Mahogany Occasional Table, with circular wavy rim top and undershelf, on carved sabre legs united by scroll supports. £30-50
673.    A Mid XX Century Leather Button Back Gent's Easy Chair, with studded wings and arms, on cabriole legs. £60-90
674.    An Edwardian Mahogany Bookcase, with tooled leather inset scriver, to rectangular top, on splayed supports, 53cms wide. £50-80
675.    An Ercol Light Ash Occasional Table, with square top, on tapering tubular legs, united by a railed undershelf, 68.5cms wide. £80-120
676.    An Edwardian Mahogany Pot Cupboard, with blind fretwork carving and brass handle to door, on slight tapering legs. £30-50
677.    A 1930's Mahogany Bow Fronted Sideboard, with galleried back and two central drawers flanking cupboard doors with circular panels, on cabriole legs, bearing makers label for Cockaynes, Sheffield, 167 x 112cms. £50-100
678.    A Late XIX Century Oak Pedestal Table, with circular top on turned pedestal with cabriole legs, 74cms high. £40-80
679.    A XIX Century Mahogany Breakfront Sideboard, with moulded cresting to large mirror back, the base with end cupboards and single central drawer, 217cms wide. £150-250
680.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Three Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising triple wardrobe with mirrored doors, (converted) washstand and dressing table with swing mirror. (3) £180-250
681.    A XIX Century Mahogany Dressing Table, with swing mirror, upper jewel drawers over two short and two long drawers. £30-50
682.    A Late XIX Century Oak Sideboard, with Art Nouveau pokerwork stylised flowers to end and central lower doors, with two central drawers and reeded sides on bracket feet, 152cms wide. £60-90
683.    A Late XIX Century Rosewood Music Cabinet, with shaped and mirrored back, spindle supports, glazed door, all over boxwood stringing on porcelain castors. £150-250
684.    A 1920's Mahogany Framed Easy Chair, with carved cabriole legs on ball and claw feet, re-upholstered in a cream floral damask. £100-200
685.    A XIX Century Mahogany Sewing Table, of oval form with hinged lid and 'X' stretchers to tapering legs, (lacking basket). £50-80
686.    A XIX Century Oak Delft Rack, with dentil corniice, open fretwork top, sides and three shelves, 119 cms diameter x 136 cms high. £120-180
687.    An Edwardian Mahogany Two-Seater Salon Settee, with carved floral cresting, scroll arms and slender cabriole legs (requires re-upholstering). £150-200
688.    An Edwardian Ebonised Mahogany Nine Piece Salon Suite, each with ribbon and foliate carved cresting and crown finials, the single and nursing chairs having lyre backs, (requires re-upholstering). £400-600
689.    A 1920's Oak Bureau Bookcase, with lead glazed upper doors over fall front, two doors and barley twist legs. £40-60
690.    A 1920's Oak Oval Topped Extending Dining Table, with wind-out action on heavy cabriole legs with two spare leaves. £40-60
691.    A XIX Century Mahogany Library Chair, with scroll arms, turned legs, re-upholstered in a pink dralon. £100-150