Football Programmes & Sporting Memorabilia plus Militaria on
Friday 1st November 2013

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1.      Three XIX Century French Epee Bayonets, two complete with scabbards; Plus Another Similar, adapted. (4) £60-100
2.      A Mid XX Century US M1 Bayonet, with black plastic handle, undated, stamped U.F.H. complete with green plastic scabbard. £20-40
3.      A 1939 British Mk I Spike Bayonet, with cruciform blade, complete with scabbard stamped "No. 4 Mk I". £70-100
4.      Two Mid XX Century LIA3 British Bayonets, one stamped LIA3 960-0257 B, other stamp indistinct, both with scabbards. (2) £30-50
5.      A British 1888 Pattern Mk I Bayonet, number of reissue stamps to blade, handle stamped GWRR 321, complete with leather scabbard. £30-50
6.      A Mid XX Century LIA3 British Bayonet, stamped LIA3 9600257 / D70 to handle, complete with scabbard stamped L177. £20-40
7.      A 1960's USA Military Fighting Knife, complete with scabbard and frog. £15-30
8.      A W.W.II Canadian Ross Rifle Company, Quebec Bayonet, handle fully stamped. £30-50
9.      An Early XX Century Mauser Bayonet, stamped Weyersberg Kirschbaum, Solingen, quillon stamped 'Hh1323', with scabbard. £20-40
10.     Two British 1888 Pattern Mk I Bayonets, one clearly proof stamped, both missing scabbards, one poor condition. (2) £30-50
11.     A 1917 US Enfield Bayonet, complete with leather scabbard, Plus Another W.W.I. Mark I US Bayonet, short, poor condition. £30-50
12.     An Early XX Century Argentinian Mausser Bayonet, made by Weyersberg Kirschbaum, Solingen blade stamped 'Modelo Argentino 1909', complete with scabbard. £25-40
13.     A Mid XX Century Martindale Fighting Machete, blade stamped with crocodile logo, complete with leather sheath, stamped 1945, signs of wear to all areas. £20-40
14.     Two British 1888 Pattern MkII Bayonets, one manufactured by Sanderson of Sheffield, both complete with scabbards, both showing signs of wear. (2) £40-80
15.     Two Japanese 1897 Pattern Arisaka Bayonets, both proof marked to blade, both complete with scabbards. £70-100
16.     Five Hunting Knives, including horn handled, all complete with sheaths. (5) £25-40
17.     Five Small Hunting Knives, including one by William Rogers of Sheffield. (5) £25-40
18.     Two Late XIX to Early XX Century Epee Bayonets, one German 1898, stamped Simson & Co., one Turkish, both missing scabbards. (2) £30-50
19.     Two XIX Century French Sabre Bayonets, 1866 pattern with brass grips. £30-50
20.     Two British 1907 Pattern Bayonets, one stamped 'Chapman', the other 'Wilkinson', both complete with leather scabbards, one with frog. (2) £50-80
21.     Two Mid XIX Century French Sabre Bayonets; Plus A Mid XIX Century German Bayonet, all showing significant signs of wear. (3) £20-40
22.     Two German K98 Mauser Bayonets, one wooden grip by Clemen And Jung, one plastic grip, both complete with scabbards, one with frog. (2) £50-80
23.     Two Bayonets, one with a 19 cm blade and flash triger, the other a AK47 bayonet, with black grip, complete with sheath. £30-50
24.     A German 1930's Military Dress Bayonet, stamped Alcoso, Solingen, complete with scabbard, some corrosion to grip chrome. £20-40
25.     Two Mid XX Century Czech Mauser Bayonets, both complete with scabbards. (2) £40-60
26.     Two W.W.II British India Bayonets, one clearly stamped to blade Crown over GRI MkII 9/43 RFI (Rifle Factory Ishapore), both missing scabbards. £50-80
27.     An Early XX Century Swedish All Steel Bayonet, with chequered grip and angled fixing, stamped EAB, complete with steel scabbard and leather frog. £25-40
28.     Three XX Century Chinese Type 53 SKS Bayonets, with cruciform blade. £40-60
29.     Two Mid XX Century British No. 5 Mk II Bayonets, one stamped WSC, both complete with scabbards. (2) £30-60
30.     Two W.W.II. British Mk II Spike Bayonets, both with scabbard and frog. (2) £30-50
31.     Five Eastern Style Ornamental Knives, (5) £20-40
32.     A Late XIX/Early XX Century Two-Piece Cosh, with turned wooden handle, 53.5cms long. £20-40
33.     A Diamond and Enamel Regimental Brooch of The Royal Scots Greys, the eagles body with outstretched wings set throughout with old-cut diamonds (some missing), above blue enamel banner "Waterloo".
*The cap badge of the Royal Scots Greys represents the Imperial Eagle of the French 45th (45e Régiment de Ligne), which was captured by Sergeant Charles Ewart at the battle of Waterloo. £800-1000
34.     A British 1907 Pattern Mk 1 Bayonet, with swept down quillon intact, missing scabbard, showing signs of wear. £30-60
35.     A XIX Century Eastern Inlaid Bone Handled Dagger, double edged blade, approx. 18 cm long, stamped with three stars. £30-50
36.     An Eastern Kris, with carved polished wooden grip, decorated blade approx. 35 cm, with decorated brass collar. £30-50
37.     A Large Bowie Knife, complete with leather sheath. £20-40
38.     A 'Puma' 6377 White Hunter' Hunting Knife, German with original leather sheath and box, appears unused. £60-100
39.     Three Mid XX Century Double Bladed Fighter Daggers, one Cooper Of Sheffield, one American and one labeled as William Rogers but unstamped. (3) £40-80
40.     An EKA Of Sweden Hunting Knife, complete with sheath, in original box, appears unused. £15-25
41.     A Pair of Sheffield Made Knives, one J. Nowill & Sons, with sheath. £20-40
42.     A Vexor 'Game Face' Paintball Gun. £10-20
43.     Two Air Rifles, one unmarked with wooden stock and an American model 740 0.177 calibre with plastic stock. (2) £30-50
44.     Two W.W.I American Bayonets, both complete with scabbards and frogs. £40-80
45.     A Late XIX Century French Lebel Bayonet, with cruciform blade, complete with scabbard. £25-40
46.     An 1886 Pattern Portuguese Sword Bayonet, complete with scabbard, bayonet and scabbards numbers do not match. £30-50
47.     A XIX Century French Sabre Bayonet, proof stamped, missing scabbard and showing overall signs of wear. £15-25
48.     A XIX Century Nval Cutlass, with 59 cm curved blade, indistinctly stamped, brass hilt and 'D' guard, complete with leather and brass scabbard. £70-100
49.     An Early XX Century Dutch Klewang (Naval Cutlass), by Hembrug, curved single blade with hatchet tip, 62 cm long and stamped Hamburg, steel half basket hilt sit with brass plaque "3-INF XV 36", brass riveted to pifle wood grip, complete with brass mounted leather scabbard. £70-100
50.     A Samuri Sword, in very poor condition. £20-40
51.     An Indian Curved Sword and British Spiked Bayonet. £15-25
52.     Three XX Century Decorators Swords, in the style of dress swords, all made in India, complete with scabbards. £20-40
53.     Parts of A Gordon Highlander Pipers Uniform, W.W.I. period, includes tunic, buckles, badges, all worn. £30-60
54.     A Decorative Machette, in leather sheath and Another Decorative Sword. (2) £20-40
55.     A Quantity of British Mk II Spike Bayonets, five with scabbards, one stamped S. M. noted, all showing signed of wear. £70-100
56.     A Set of Five W.W.I. Medals, made up of War Medal, 1939-45 Star, Burma Star, African Star and Atlantic Star, with France/Germany bar; to P/JX21936 Leonard Fraser RN; Lot also includes various paperwork including certificate of service, wound certificate, gunnery history, among other items.
n.b. Leonard Fraser was enlisted into the RN on 16th September 1940, and discharged at the rank of Petty Officer in 1946. Among other ships he saw service on HMS Wells and HMS Emerald. £60-100
57.     Five Mid XX Century British No. 9 Bayonets, two with scabbards. (5) £40-60
58.     Five Bayonets, including Mausser variants, all in poor condition / damaged. £30-50
59.     Thirteen Pieces of 'Trench Art', based on 18 Pounder and similar decorated artillery shell cases. £80-120
60.     Four Mid XX Century Kukri, all with sheaths, however all have significant signs of wear and damage. £30-50
61.     A Small Quantity of Mid XX Century Postcards, Booklets and Photographs and Similar Items, some W.W.II. related. £20-40
62.     A Small Quantity of XIX Century 'The Illustrated London News', many containing Zulu war stories. £15-25
63.     Over Two-Hundred and Fifty Cap and Similar Badges, all of British origin and mainly appear original, all different, far too many to list, well worth closer inspection; contained in three glass frames. £500-1000
64.     A Large RAF Coat of Arms, mounted on a board, for 82 Squadron, overall height 100 cm, (signs of wear). £20-40
65.     After P. E. Holland, "Salute To A Legend 50th Anniversary 'Dambusters'" 1993, limited edition 519/1200, bearing six signatures including, the artist, G. Mitchell, and four others, framed. £20-40
Two prints of Sunderland Flying Boats, both framed. £10-20
67.     After Ben Maile, pair of limited edition military prints of Napoleonic soldiers, both framed. (2) £20-40
"Sorry for the Kippers", print, featuring HMS Sheffield, framed. £15-25
69.     Five Pencil / Pastel Sketches, by T. R. Glenn, all depicting W.W.II subjects including 'Street Fighting' and 'Crossing The Rhine', various sizes, all signed, all framed. £100-150
70.     A No. 2 Dress Uniform, for an Army Corporal, late XX Century, consisting of tunic, trousers, shirt and tie, size 176 / 100 / 84, tunic complete with paratroup cloth badge, medal ribbons for the UN and GSM among others. £30-50
71.     Two W.W.I. Memorial Silks, one to Pte. Hubert Peace, Seaforth Highlanders, and L/Cpl. Alfred Dixon, killed 4th July 1916 on the Somme, Plus Four W.W.I. Silk Cards and Associated Items. £20-40
72.     A Small Quantity of Mainly Single Bladed Folding Knives, including Richards of Sheffield. £30-50
73.     Approximately Fifteen Modern Multi-blade Penknives, including Swiss Army. £30-50
74.     Two Copper Powder Flasks, one decorated with grouse; Plus A Leather Shot Pouch. (3) £40-80
75.     Fourteen Military Cap Badges, all Scottish regiments including:- Liverpool Scottish Cameron Highlanders, Perthshire Volunteers etc. £60-100
76.     Approximately Sixty Military Cap Badges, including:- Finsbury Rifles, Green Howards, Dragoon Guards amongst many others. £150-250
77.     A Mid XX Century Military Cap, probably naval, with oak leaf patterned gold band and cloth badge bearing no. 60. £20-40
78.     A Pair of 1960's Toy Automatic Pistols, by BCM Ltd., boxed. £15-25
79.     A Small Quantity of Military Connected Items, including a braided sword hanger and American Police revolver league medal. £20-40
80.     A W.W.II. Clinometer, for A. Vickers 303 Mk II Machine Gun, stamped 1942, W. H. Price & Son Ltd., No. 3372, finished in green in original fitted leather case. £30-50
81.     A W.W.I. Medals Duo and Death Plaque, comprising Victory Medal and War Medal to 38858 Pte. Cyril Lee, Yorks. and Lancs., Plus Photograph and Commemorative Certificate, all mounted on a contemporary mount. £80-150
82.     A Small Quantity of Mainly W.W.I. British Black and White Military Postcards, Plus A Group Photograph of Atherton Church Scouts, 1914. £15-25
83.     A W.W.II. German Military Compass, manufacturer CLK, complete with flip top and mirror, white lettering easy to read with 'O' for east, bakelite base. £50-80
84.     A Military Pocket Watch, stamped GS/TP 370156 with War Department arrow; Plus A W.W.II. Field Compass, by F. Barker & Son Mk VI Dated 1940; Another Compass, RAMC Cloth Badges and Cap Badge, Among Other Items. £40-60
85.     A W.W.I. Compass, stamped Anglo-Swiss No. 33135, 1915 with war department arrow, damaged, with associated leather case. £15-25
86.     A Pair of W.W.I Field Binoculars, binoculars stamped with war department arrow, in associated leather case embossed John And Bennett Green, 1916 with arrow. £30-50
87.     A 1960's Plastic Replica of a 45 Automatic Pistol, by 'Bell', boxed. £20-40
88.     A Pair of Mid XX Century British Barr And Stroud Naval Binoculars, fully stamped with War Department arrow and serial number, complete with original leather case. £40-60
89.     A W.W.I. Brass and Gun Metal Clinometer, by T. Cooke And Sons Ltd., London, stamped No. 176, 1914 with war department arrow, contained in leather case stamped A & MM Colebrook, 1914. £50-100
90.     Two W.W.I George V 'Services Rendered' War Badges, both numbered to reverse, Plus Nine Silk Postcards, all W.W.I. £30-50
91.     A W.W.II Medals Quartet, made up of War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, France Germany Star, believed to have been issued to 4748183 Pte. Maleham of the Yorks. & Lancs., also includes a set of related miniatures, two pieces of associated paperwork and a cap badge. £30-50
92.     A Mid XIX Century Double Barrel Percussion 'Cavalry' Pistol, barrels side by side, in overall poor condition, with parts missing / damaged. £60-100
93.     A French Military Kepi, strip of red braid to top. Appears unworn. £20-40
94.     W.W.II Olive Green ARP Helmet, missing lettering, complete with lining and chin strap. £20-40
95.     A Print from a WWII Photograph of Luftwaffe Personnel, picture No. B296, possibly P.O.W. £10-20
96.     A Mid XX Century 'England's Battles By Sea And Land', in six volumes plus 'England's Battles By Sea And Land - Russia And Turkey, in six volumes, signs of wear and damp damage. £50-100
97.     An Early XX Century Highland Military Dirk, carved pommel set with glass citrine jewel, wooden scabbard with white metal mounts, mounts bearing thistle spray, ensuite with small knife and fork, plus a matching kilt brooch. £100-200
98.     A W.W.II. Medal Quintet, made up of War Medal, Defence Medal, Italy Star, Africa Star and 1939-45 Star, all complete with ribbons. £25-40
99.     A W.W.II. Death Plaque, to 'Frank Smith', complete with outer case. £40-60
100.    A W.W.I. Medal Duo, of War Medal and Victory Medal to No. L-19867 Dvr. A. Lee, Royal Artillery, both with ribbons, medals tarnished, Plus A Watch Chain. £30-60
101.    A W.W.I. Death Plaque, to Edward Shaw. £40-60
102.    A Damas Military Pocket Watch, with white dial and luminous hours and hands, marked to rear GS/TP XX 369274 with war department arrow, showing little sign of wear. £50-70
103.    A W.W.II. German Third Reich Iron Cross, 2nd Class, showing signs of wear to edges, missing ribbon. £30-50
104.    A German Third Reich Miniature Award Ribbon Bar to Iron Cross 2nd Class (WWI); Iron Cross 2nd Class (WWII) and bar. £30-50
105.    A Pair of W.W.II Naval German Binoculars, marked 7x50 beh 348494 kf with German eagle and swastika above an M, with leather strap, complete with black leather carry case also stamped with German eagle and swastika over M and dated 1941, case also houses four colour filter lens covers, a document with the binoculars states they were brought back from Jersey in 1946 by a British Naval Chief Officer. £200-400
106.    AN M.B.E., complete with ribbon, in original case, belonging to Mr. Walter Walkden, who was appointed in 1952, the Lot also includes a letter from the Prime Ministers Office referring to the M.B.E., the Investiture invitation and a 1948 copy of The Statutes. £60-100
107.    A W.W.I Medal Duo, of War Medals and Victory Medal to Sgt. W. Walkden of Royal Warwickshire regiment, Plus Two Dog Tags, Field Compass, in case, Wristwatch, stamped Xmas 1917, Notebook, for Sgt. Walkden, Six Photograph Postcards, relating to the above and A Short Service Notice. £80-150
108.    In Excess of Two Hundred Black and White Military Photographs from WWI and Earlier, many RAMC and training camps, mainly stuck to loose pages of an album. £150-200
109.    A German Third Reich Kriegsmarine Dress Dagger, blade stamped WKC, eagle pommel with swastika to wire bound handle, etched blade showing signs of wear, complete with brass 'lightening' scabbard, with ring hangers and portapee; Plus An Iron Cross, 1st class in poor condition, and Two No.21 Party Pin Badges. £200-400
120.    Charles Buchans Football Monthly Magazines, 1956-1970, approximately 280 issues, in two suitcases. £50-80
121.    Copes Racegoers 1950's-60's, News Of The World Football Annuals, Other Publications :- One Box £10-20
122.    Rothman's Football yearbooks, (12), Other Football Books, Programmes, etc :- Two Boxes £10-20
123.    Sheffield United Programmes 1970 - 2006. A large quantity, mainly homes, F.A. cup semi's, Play-offs, friendlies noticed:- Three Boxes £15-25
124.    Barnsley Programmes - 2006-07 in binders, 97-98 and others, Scottish, England, Cricket, etc :- Two Boxes £15-25
125.    Sheffield United Autographs - Tony Currie, Keith Curle and others together with Arsenal players - Cole, L. Jungberg, Henry and Gilbert signed on semi-final programmes; other Blades memorabilia including:- lamp, money boxes, socks, season ticket holders, radio's:- One Box £20-30
126.    Sheffield United Football Shirts - three goalkeeper, four away. (7) £20-30
127.    Huddersfield Town. Milk bottles by Hilldale Farms of Scissett, depicting 'Fun, Excitement, Goals, Family Entertainment' surrounding club crest. £10-20
128.    Sheffield United Home Programmes 1981-2012, a large quantity including:- Academy, Reserves, handbooks etc:- One Box £20-30
129.    Huddersfield Town Programmes, 1980's, Football Annuals, Subbuteo, Super Soccer, Grand Slam, Munro and Other Football Games :- Three Boxes £20-30
130.    Sheffield United Signed Football, soft toys, scarves, wallpaper, shorts, shirts:- One Box £15-25
131.    Soccer Star Magazines 1965-67. (46); The Footballer; Football Monthly and other publications:- One Box £20-30
132.    Sheffield United Club Merchandise, sweatshirt, body warmers, hats and other winter wear, plus bag. £15-25
133.    A Quantity of Football Books, prints, records etc:- Three Boxes £15-25
134.    'Ronaldinho' Brazil Shirt, Arsenal, England, two child's World Cup '98, two pairs of shorts. £15-25
135.    Sheffield United Football Shirts - three home white and bright yellow away and goalkeeper. (6) £20-30
136.    Sheffield United Autographed Mitre No. 5 Yellow Match Ball, Another Similar, in white, Two Club Balls and Two Sheffield Eagles Rugby Balls, all with many signatures, (6) :- One Box £20-30
137.    Sheffield United Match Worn Home Shirts, by Le Coq Sportif - Craddock - 34; Derry - 2 and Goal Keepers top Davison - 13, each bearing Nationwide logo. £40-60
138.    A Mid XX Century Green Adults Umbro Football Shirt, with yellow sleeves and collar, two mother of pearl buttons on elongated 'v' neck, use for Lux washing label. £20-40
139.    Sheffield United. Weltex vintage L home shirt bearing twenty-three signatures in black ink, including:- Neil Warnock. £30-40
140.    Sheffield United. Weltex vintage XL home shirt bearing twenty-two signatures in black ink, including:- Neil Warnock. £30-40
141.    England Home Shirt. Size XL, signed by Glenn Hoddle. £30-50
142.    Sheffield Wednesday, five various football shirts. £8-12
143.    Ronaldinho. Autograph, signed on the front of a yellow Nike Brazil short sleeve shirt, bearing national badge and No. 10 in green, mounted , glazed and framed. £30-50
144.    Sheffield United. Patrick home shirt bearing Midas logo and twenty-three ink signatures including:- Neil Warnock, Keith Curle, Paul Devlin, Nick Montgomery, mounted, glazed and framed. £40-60
145.    Featherstone Rovers 'Unison' 'Five O For Sale' Shirt, bearing fifteen ink signatures and embroidered badge, mounted, glazed and framed. £20-30
146.    Jimmy Hagan. Colour print after Geoffrey T. Wood 1999, 22.5cms sq.; reprints of R. Howell and Sheffield United teams for 1950's and Edwardian era. (4) £15-25
147.    Peter Wilson, limited edition colour print 414/500 'Bramall Lane', graphite signed to lower margin, 34.5 x 55.5cms. £30-40
148.    Joe Scarborough, "Saturday Afternoon At The Lane", limited edition colour print 193 of 500, 44.5 cm x 50 cm, ink signed by Joe, Dave Bassett, Reg Brearley, Derek Dooley and Pail Stancliffe. £50-80
149.    Sheffield United. Joe Shaw selection, including:- Testimonial programme, poster, Mecca loyalty award, £20-30
150.    Terry Gorman, limited edition colour print 'Matchday Special', 204/350, 35 x 43cms, graphite signed in the lower margin, sponsors presentation to mount. £30-40
151.    Terry Gorman, limited edition colour print "Final Match at Bramall Lane" (cricket), 211/250, 29.5 X 49.5cms, graphite signed (twice) in the lower margin. £15-25
152.    Ryder Cup '97. Limited edition colour print of 'The 4th Green', by Graeme Baxter, 587/850, 43.5 x 54.5cms, graphite signed by the artist and Seve (Ballesteros) to margin. £60-90
153.    Players Cricketers of 1928 and Wills Cricketers, both sets framed and glazed; plus New Zealand, M.C.C., Gloucester, Middlesex, Yorkshire and Sussex autographs on a Peter Parfitt bat. £20-40
154.    Sheffield United. Tony Currie selection including:- Testimonial programme, poster, press photos, autograph. £20-30
155.    Horse Racing - Photograph, 22.5 cm x 28 cm, of Royal Palace Derby winner 1967, ink signed to the mount, Jim Joel, George Moore, two action photographs of 1969 races. £15-25
156.    Sheffield United. Jimmy Hagan selection including:- Testimonial newspaper and programme, Star poster. £20-30
157.    Horse racing - Rex Coleman photograph 39 cm x 50.5 cm, of 'Persian War', National Hunt Horse of the Year 1967-68, ink signed to the mount, Colin Davies, Jimmy Uttley, Henry Alper. £20-30
158.    Snooker Autographs. Jimmy White, Ted Lowe, Dennis Taylor, Ray Reardon, John Spencer, Alex Higgins, Terry Griffiths, Cliff Thorburn and many others. All signed on a Michael Watterson caricature print of Joe Davis, 57.5 x 29cms. £20-40
Limited edition colour print Champions Hurdles, featuring Desert Orchid and Dawn Run, graphite signed by the artist and Jonjo O'Neill, with blind backstamp to margin, 169/500,
50.5 x 68cms. £25-50
160.    Autographs. Manchester United, including George Best, Bobby Charlton, Ian Ure, David Sadler, John Aston, Denis Law, Pat Crerand, Nobby Stiles, Matt Busby. All ink signed on a coloured print of the team 29 x 44.5cms (creased). A reprint of Inter-Liverpool 1965 programme. £60-100
161.    Golf - Bill Waugh Signed Limited Edition Colour Print, of the R & A St. Andrews at winter, 887 of 2000, 34.5 cm x 57.5 cm; A Black and White Print, of Ben Hogan. (2) £20-30
162.    Sheffield United. Bill Kirby limited edition colour print of Bramall Lane, No. 407/500, graphite signed lower right margin (unframed), 33 x 47.5cms. £15-25
163.    Sheffield United : promotion to the Premiership 2005-6 montage, bearing five celebrity images and Neil Warnock signature. £15-25
164.    Cricket. Watercolour with printed title "The 59th Battle for the Ashes", graphite signed indistinctly and date '97, 45.5 x 73.5cms. £30-50
165.    Sheffield United. Sheffield Star posters from the 1970's, monochrome player busts of Len Badger, Eddie Colquhoun, Bill Dearden, Alan Woodward, Ted Helmsley, Tom McAllister, each with christian name in bold type, 50.5 x 37.5cms. (6) £40-80
166.    A Hickory Shafted Golf Iron, stamped under head "The New Mills Raymode Flat Lie 9oz 12drms, with registration number, also stamped on shaft "Mills Standard Golf, Sunderland". £10-20
167.    Three Hickory Shafted Golf Woods, one of which stamped "B. Serratt, Saddleworth G.C.". £15-25
168.    Five Hickory Shafted Golf Irons, including a Finnegans Ltd. Corona Putting Cleek warranted hand forged, "R. Auld Special, Dunbar". £25-35
169.    Five Hickory Shafted Golf Irons, including one marked 'A.W. Butchart - Scottish Champion 1923', other Scottish irons noted - George Nicoll, Stewart Field. £25-35
170.    Five Hickory Shafted Golf Irons, including:- Finnegan's Ltd., A.W. Butchart, M. Campbell- St. Andrew's, G. Duncan etc. £25-35
171.    Five Hickory Shafted Golf Irons, including:- Mashie Niblick - Made in Scotland, two other Mashie examples, P. Cafferty-Barnton. £25-35
172.    Six Hickory Shafted Gold Putters, including:- W. Fletcher Torquay, W. Williamson, Dorset and two brass examples. £25-35
173.    Golf - Five Hickory Shafted Clubs; C. Fraser driving iron, rustless mashie, brass headed putter and two drivers. (5) £15-25
174.    Tooley Stamped Golfing Putter, with twin half globular back and hickory shaft; a Rutting type club with hickory shaft; four other clubs in 'Cadi Pro Cadette' stand. (3) £20-30
175.    Golf. Eight hickory shafted brass headed putters includinbg:- 'L. LMB Special'. £30-40
176.    Golf. Nine hickory shafted clubs including:- Mellor & Townscliffe, J.A. Steer, Mills, putters. £30-50
177.    Golf Clubs : J. McAndrew special putter and Cupples & Co St. Louis 'Aurora' iron, both with hickory shafts; Shoesmith & Spalding irons. (4) £15-25
178.    An Early XX Century Walking Cane, with stained wooden shaft, the silver plated handle as a golf club head, 91.5cms long. £20-30
179.    Golf. Fifteen hickory shafted clubs including:- Spalding Argyle, Adams Glasgow, Maxwell, B.W. Nelson, Penrith, (some rusting). £30-50
180.    Two Euro 96 Flag Pole Banners, 'Sheffield Welcome's', featuring Stanley Matthews and Bobby Moore, approx. 166 x 38cms. £15-20
181.    Rothman's Football Year Books, 1970-71 to 1984-5, the 78-79 issue being hardback. (15) £40-60
182.    Rothman's Football Year Books, 1974-5, 78-9, 80-1, 88-9 to 2001-02, 03-04, 04-05, 05/06 and two duplicates. Seven hardback issues noticed. £20-40
183.    Twenty-five Double Sided Black and White Prints of Early Cricketers, including:- Denton, Baldwin, Wardall, Key, Vernon, Nottingham, Middlesex. £15-25
184.    Odsal 1949 and other Speedway Programmes. Football and rugby programmes, mainly 1960's:- One Box £15-25
185.    Football Books: Arsenal's North Bank - The End, Kicking & Screaming; Perryman, McMenemy, Brooking etc:- One Box £10-20
186.    Autographs. Steve Davis, Willie Thorne, Eric Bristow and many others in album. Chesterfield and Derby Greyhound programmes circa 1980's. Sheffield Wednesday tickets 1980's. Paul Merson signed cap etc:- One Box £20-40
187.    Promatch '98, Merlin Premier Gold 98, Upper Deck England, Magic Box Int., Shoot Out 2006-2007, albums of trade cards, Topps, Futura Platinum, American Football and Ice Hockey:- One Box £20-40
188.    Two Cricket Bats, (one bearing signatures), a quantity of cricket scoring books. £10-20
189.    Len Hutton Benefit Souvenir, by the Yorkshire Evening Post; a signed Rotherham United supporters evening programme, both 1949; Sheffield United Supporters Year Book 1958-59; Hagan and Shaw Testimonials, cricket photo, books F.A.Cup coins etc £15-20
190.    Six Typhoo Large Format Football Cards, Twenty-three Editions of F. A. News 1962-63. £20-30
191.    Pakistan Made Hockey Stick, stamped '22' with applied label featuring facsimile autographs of Indian Olympic hockey team 1936; Plus A Pair of Leg Pads. £20-30
192.    Tennis. Wimbledon (all 3rd day) programmes 1980, 81, 83, 84 and 85; plus thirteen various tickets 1973-85; scarf, hat and tea towel; a Fulcrum racket with protector, four Slazenger boxed balls, football programmes, Premier snooker cue circa 1970 in metal case. £20-40
193.    Sheffield Wednesday Memorabilia, including:- phone cover, rattle, records, brass plaques, flags, pennants, season tickets, player cards, Euro drum, autographs c. 1974:- Two Boxes £20-40
194.    Boxing News Magazines, 1960-85, large quantity :- Two Boxes £15-25
195.    Fishing. Three and two piece split cane rods; keep net, lures, flies, floats etc. in a wicker basket. £40-60
196.    Manchester United 1956-7 'The Red Devils' Souvenir; 'The United Story' and press cuttings and prints:- One Box £15-25
197.    Fishing - Ebonised three-sectional keep net with brass ferrules, Celglass, Milbro and five other sectional rods and hessian bag. £20-30
198.    Dunlop "Maxply" Tennis Racket, with Webber's patent face guard. £8-12
199.    Boxing. Resin imprint of Larry Holmes left hand, on wooden plaque, 38 x 25.5cms. £10-20
200.    THS Cricketer May 5th 1934 to September 15th 1934, edited by Pelham Warner, bound in album as volume XV; A New Treatise On The Diseases Of Horses, by William Gibson 1751. (2) £20-40
201.    Speedway. Programmes and Publications from 1970's, All Star Wrestling Extravaganza, Darts Flights etc. in leather case, £15-25
202.    Cricket. Autographs - West Indies 2000 including:- Lara, Rose, Campbell, Adams; Plus Glamorgan 2000. All signed on 'Lord's' willow bat. £20-30
203.    Sheffield Speedway. Book of autographs 1938 season including:- Lamont, Blain, Allott, Houghton, Stanger, Brailsford. Plus Dominions :- Bluey Wilkinson, Norwich, Southampton, Birmingham, Newcastle, West Ham, Leeds and many others. A Similar Period Book containing Telegraph & Star signed prints and photos. A 1939 Scrapbook. Twenty Programmes from 1946, 'The Motor Cycle' 1929, 60; 'Motor Cycling' 1926, 1952 and others:- One Box £80-120
204.    Boxing News Magazines, 1946-59, large quantity, incomplete issues noticed :- One Box
205.    Fishing. S. Allcock & Co. of Redditch, 'The Sapper'. three-piece cane rod (wear to cork handle) with labelled green canvas bag. £30-50
206.    Snooker World Championship Programmes, 1980 to 2002, '04 to '09, 2011 and 2012, (31); Football Programmes, mainly Burnley, including; 1988, '94 and 2009 at Wembley :- One Box £30-40
207.    Wimbledon 1975, 9th Day programme (torn), and centre court match ticket; Sheffield F. C. Centenary booklet, Cope's 1955, cricket and football books, George Nicholl 2 iron golf club. £10-15
208.    1960's Motor Sports, Silverstone, Oulton Park, Three Nationales and Oliver's Mount programmes, vintage sports car club seasonal issues, directories :- One Box £20-40
209.    Boxing News Magazines, 1937-45, (approx. 70 complete issues), and other loose pages, some wear :- One Box £30-50
210.    Sheffield United Programmes 1961-78, including reserves, autographs noted, women's cricket annuals and monthlies 1960's, Esso Cup coins, etc :- One Box £10-20
210A.   Sheffield Wednesday - Programmes large quantity mainly 1980's homes including Ljubljana, Bradshaw souvenir v Leeds, four games v Arsenal 78-9, 66 at Huddersfield, FA Cup Final song sheet, best wishes cards. £15-25
211.    * withdrawn *
Rugby League Big Match Programme 1998-2006, including test matches v. Australia, New Zealand, Tetley Grand Finals, Powergen, Kellog's. (19) £15-25
212.    Boxing - Autographs, Herol Bomber Graham, Ryan Rhodes, Henry Wharton, Billy Hardy, Prince Nazeem Hamed, all pen signed on a Pro Tec right handed glove, in display cabinet. £30-50
213.    1949 The Tatler, (2), Sport & Country 1947, (7), The Aeroplane 1936, 1940's Dunbox, Empire News, etc :- One Box £20-40
214.    Sheffield United Programmes, mainly homes 1959-2010, a large quantity:- Three Boxes £20-30
215.    Snooker Memorabilia, relating to Ted Lowe, including photo albums with Ken Dodd, Dickie Davis, Harry Secombe, Michael Parkinson, Dennis Compton, Dennis Taylor and other players, authors personalised signed books to Ted, Festival of Britain greyhound, snooker handicap finalist tankard and others, 1993 embassy cards, magazines :- One Box £40-60
216.    Merlins Premier League 99 Sticker Album, appears complete; another lacking cover, match magazines, books:- One Box £15-25
217.    Fishing. Thompson of Scotland St., Sheffield, mahogany and brass fishing reels; two other wooden models, Intrepid Rimfly, Abu 503, floats, hooks etc. £30-50
218.    Bakelite Fishing Reel, 17.5cms diameter with brass mounts and ebony handles; The F.A. Cup booklet 1883-1932, edited by D. Mackenzie. £20-30
219.    Fishing Reels - Hardy Marquis #6 in original case and box, Harrington The Little 'Krak', two others in white metal, another in mahogany and brass, (5) £40-60
220.    Thirty-two 'Dunlop 65' Golf Balls, plus three boxes and three Slazenger. £20-40
221.    Cricket. A collection of handbooks and annuals including:- 1939 and 1943 Hedley Verity, 1949 M.C.C. visit to South Africa and Rhodesia; plus Bramall Lane Sheffield United, 1955 A Century of Cricket, and 1973 End of an Era. £30-40
222.    Rugby Programmes. A collection of forty-one various programmes including - Yorkshire County games and team programmes - Rugby League v. Rugby Union, 29th April 1944; Combined Services at Odsall; 1950-1 Wigan v. Welsh League, Barrow v. Llanelly, 52-3 Yorkshire v. Ulster, 1970 Riverina v. Great Britain at the Wagga Wagga. £50-70
223.    Boxing. Vitali Klitschko v. Danny Williams: press pack for the World Heavyweight contest at Mandalay Bay on 11-04-2004 (the event also covers Cotto v. Bailey), journalist credentials pass also included. £20-40
224.    Wisden Cricketers Almanacks, 1989, 91, 93, 95, 98 and hardback editions 1991, 92, 94, 97. Fight for the Ashes 1953, Surrey Centenary 1945, Neville Cardus, A.G. Moyes and other cricket books:- One Box £30-40
225.    Pre- WWI Postcards. Borough Road College, Isleworth, London, school sporting photo's - football, rugby, fives etc; Goldsmiths return match card. All relating to Walter Walkden. (18) £20-40
226.    Boxing. Boxer's Managers' Licence for Harold Styan, Harrogate, the inside listing nine boxers agreement expiring circa 1941. The blue morocco cover bearing black lettering. £10-20
227.    Cricket Autographs : Australians, 1930, including Don Bradman, McCabe, Wall, Woodfull, Fairfax, Kippax. (15). Yorkshire, including Sutcliffe, Robinson, Wood, Dennis, Holmes. (13). All ink signed on a 'Percy Holmes' bat for Fred Clough of Birkenshaw & Bradford, stamped Yorkshire and All England XI. (Wear to rubber handle). £100-200
228.    Cricket. New Zealand Tour brochure 1949, Australia 1953; Warwickshire and Surrey autographs; programmes etc. £20-30
229.    Golf Autographs. Approximately one hundred and thirty including:- Seve Ballesteros, Bob Charles, Neil Coles, Tony Lema, Bobby Locke, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Di Rees, Sewsunka Sewgolem, Sam Snead, Pter Thomson, Lee Trevino; plus other celebrities noted. All signed in a 1960's period album with vendors list of signatures. £80-120
230.    Cricket Autotgraphs, India 1952 eleven players including; Ghulam Ahmed, Vijay Manjrekar, Nirode Ranjan Chowdhury, Coimbatarao Doraikannu "C.D." Gopinath; Leadbeater, Wardle, Hirst, Close (Yorkshire), Cowdry, Kent, Graveney, Gloucester, plus others in an early XX Century autograph, sketch and verse album. £30-50
231.    Horse Racing. Colour photographs - Edery, Quinn, Duffield, Carson and many other head and shoulder shots plus one on horseback, approx. 24 x 19cms. (31) £30-50
232.    Topical Times Panel Portraits, 22.5 x 16.5cms (2), 22.5 x 7.5cms (14); Eight triple cards now split and 11 x 3.5cms (22); 1963 (damaged) and 64 F.A. Cup Final programmes; annuals, British Motorcycles of the year 1953 and 1954:- One Box £20-30
233.    Euro 2000 Programmes. Welcome guides, World Cup Masterfile, other publications on World Cups, Euro;s:- Two Boxes £15-25
234.    England Corinthian Pro Star Sets, 2002, (boxed) (2), and Others Loose. £15-25
235.    Middlesbrough 1987-8 Set of Home Programmes, (28), Charity Shields 2002, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 10, 12; Play-Offs, F.A. trophy, vase etc:- One Box £20-40
236.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1976-80 homes and aways, a large quantity:- One Box £15-25
237.    Typhoo Tea Cards 2nd Series. (21), Cricket signed Cornhill Score cards and Players cigarette cards Tennis set of 50. £50-80
238.    "Olympia 1936" Pictorial Cigarette Card Album, band 2, featuring the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. £20-30
239.    Olympics 1932. Programmes for equestrian events at the Riviera Country Club & Rowing at Long Beach, both Los Angeles, August 12th. (2) £20-30
240.    Golf. Carling World Golf Championship 1966. Hardback programme for the tournament played at Royal Birkdale, Southport, England, with Tony Lema obituary to page 2. £40-60
241.    Cricket Autographs. England 1978-79 including:- Boycott, Gower, Randall, Emburey (16), All signed on a Gray Nicolls Crusader bat. £20-30
242.    Wisden's Cricket Almanacks : 1950, 51, 52, 53 and 54, each with original yellow limp cloth covers. £50-70
243.    Wisden's Cricket Almanacks : 1957 and 1959, each with original yellow limp cloth covers. Together with 1955, 56 and 58, each with gilt lettering to brown hard back cover. (5) £50-75
244.    Wisden's Cricket Almanacks. 1960, 62, 63, 64, each with original yellow limp cloth covers. Together with 1961 with gilt lettering to brown hard back cover. £50-75
245.    Wisden's Cricketers Almanack 1947, with yellow limp cloth cover; News Chronicle 1932, 1936 and Athletic News 1930 (all lacking covers), Playfair 1949 and 1954, Athletic Cricket and Golf 1946, Flagstaff 1964. (8) £20-40
246.    Cricket - Autographs J. Wardle, D. Gough, A. Hollioake, and many others on benefit, dinner brochures, Wisden's annuals 1983, 89, 90 and 2000, celebrity autographs, including; Benny Hill, Ruby Murray, Four Pennies, Betty Driver. £20-40
247.    Moscow Olympics 1980 - programme, sightseeing, radio, musical programme and other related booklets, used tourists meal cheque books and two pottery Olympic bears. £20-30
248.    8mm Home Movie Boxing Films, including:- Marciano, Foreman, Louis, Dempsey, Ali. plus Charlie Chaplin and Pele. (13) (with vendors list). £20-30
249.    Boca Juniors Match Pennant, Graham Taylor England Resignation Letter, England programmes, ticket, First Day Cover's etc. £30-40
250.    Sheffield United Away Programmes 1960's-2000's, including:- four different play-off finals, two F.A. Cup semi's, 2011 Youth Cup final:- One Box £15-25
251.    Chelsea Away Programmes. 1963-4 at Barnet - London Ch. Cup semi, Reserves at Fulham 61-2; Leeds United v. All Stars XI 1962; Hendon v. Wolves 62-3; Wisbech v. Boston United 57-8. (5) £30-40
252.    England Programmes. 1955-96, including Euro semi's, Scotland, Inter-league etc (approximately 180):- One Box £20-30
253.    Birmingham City Programmes. Including:- 1956-7 v. Dortmund, 59-60 v. Barcelona, 58-9 v. Nottingham Forest at Leicester. (13) £15-25
254.    Aston Villa 1928-9 Programme. v. Arsenal (F.A. Cup). Saturday March 2nd, incorporating Reserves v. Liverpool Reserves, March 4th. £40-60
255.    Cadbury's 'Airlines of the World', Texaco 'Great British Regiments', Cleveland 'Historic Campaign Medals' and 'Golden Goals', Shell 'Historic Cars, Barratt 'Football Album, Pro match Medallions etc:- One Box £20-40
256.    Football Annuals. Playfair 1948-9, 51-2 to 56-7; F.A. Yearbooks 60-1, 61-2, 63-4, 68-9 to 75-6, 77-8; Panini 88-9 (20). £30-50
257.    Big Match Programmes. England Under-23 v. Belgium at Plymouth, 1962; 1970 F.A. Cup semi-final replay at Villa; Liverpool v. Bayern Munich 1971 etc. (34) £20-30
258.    Champions League Final Programmes, 2007, 08 and 09; U.E.F.A. Finals 2001, 07, 08, 09; Super Cup 2005, World Cup tournaments 98, 2006; plus various Euro's. £30-40
259.    Non-League Programmes, many South Yorkshire finals, Lincoln City, Boston United, East Riding Soccer Reviews 1960 and 1961, Shirebrook Who was Who, Amateur Football Wolrd 1949, tickets, Derby pressmen memorabilia etc:- One Box £15-25
260.    Hull City Programmes. Including 56-7 v. Southport, 57-8 v. Bradford, 53-4 v. Doncaster, 51-2 away at Doncaster. (54) £20-40
261.    1960's Football Programmes. Suffolk Premier cup final, other non-league, testimonials, league cup, ex-league, Sheffield United (approximately 154) :- One Box £20-40
262.    Charles Buchan Football Monthly Magazines 1965-7 (73); a quantity of programmes including:- 1963 and 71 European Cup finals. Chelsea v. Charlton 1948-9 v.Wolves 54-5, Manchester United 1957-8 v. West Bromwich Albion, 8th March (selotaped), v. Sheffield Wednesday 16th November:- One Box £20-40
263.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1970-76 homes and aways - a large quantity:- One Box £15-25
264.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1980's - 2000, book by Keith Farnsworth, 1972 F.A. Cup final, Hillsborough semi's including 1989, other programmes:- One Box £15-25
265.    Ards v Liege 1973 Programme. South Yorkshire clubs, Marist brothers of Johannesburg golden jubilee 1955, Super Bowl 46, Yorkshire Cricket Council 1899-1951, many other publications, mainly football related:- One Box £15-25
266.    Doncaster Rovers, a quantity of tickets. Programmes include:- v. away at Arsenal 1952-3 F.A. Cup, v. Darlington 63-4 - record win, play-off, Leyland Daf, Conference etc:- One Box £20-30
267.    Two Sheffield Wednesday Black Ink Signed Footballs, 2000's including; Lee Bullen, Chris Brunt; Totopoly Board Game, Odds On Magazines :- One Box £15-25
268.    West Ham United. Memorabilia - books, prints (signatures noted), autograph book, video cassettes, lighter, season ticket booklets etc:- Three Boxes £20-30
269.    Sheffield United Home and Away Programmes, including; 1989-90 full set apparent in binders, 1993 F. A. Cup semi and 1992 European cup final :- One Box £15-25
270.    Sheffield United Programmes. Predominantly 1962-72 homes, approximately 240 and a quantity of League reviews, all in a case. £30-50
271.    Leeds United v. Ferencvaros, Fairs cup final programme 1968, v. Rangers 1968; Huddersfield v. Sampdoria 1971, Halifax 71, Bradford P.A. v. Peterborough 1960-1, plus other West Yorkshire club homes. (31) £15-25
272.    Leeds United Programmes. 1950-1 and 52-3 v. Sheffield United; 57-8 v. Arsenal and U-23 England v. Czechoslovakia at Elland Road 1965. (4) £20-30
273.    1955-6 Norfolk, Norwich Charities Cup. Norwich City v. Leeds United programme dated 7th May 1956 (rusty staples). £60-80
274.    1975 Leeds United. Tea Towel, Honours listed up to 1975 European Cup finalists, cpoyright Leeds United Sports and Souvenir Shop. £15-20
275.    Leeds United Programmes. 1970, 72 and 73 F.A. Cup finals, testimonials, aways at Chester 1974, Carlisle 1974, Huddersfield - W.R. Cup 1973 and many others 1968-76. Newspapers etc. (125) £20-40
276.    Leeds United. A collection of ten away programmes including:- 70-1 at Glentoran, 75-6 at Hamburg, 77-8 at Young Boys, 1984 at Marbella (tournament). £40-60
277.    Leeds United. Eight home programmes:- 1955-56 v. All Stars XI, Rampla; 56-7 v. Celtic, Banik Ostrava; 57-8 v. Juventus, Raith Rovers; 58-9 v. Djurgardens, Bayern Munich. £60-80
278.    1950-51 Leeds United v. Haarlem, Festival of Britain football programme, 14th May. £50-70
279.    Leeds United. Six home programmes, 1953-54 Bradford (West Riding Senior Cup Semi-Final), Hibernian, St. Mirren; 54-5 Starlights, Admira Vienna, Blackpool. £60-80
280.    Leeds United. Eleven home programmes including:- 62-3 Tommy Younger XI, 63-4 Peterborough United (friendly - signatures noted), 67-8 v. Bradford City (Haire testimonial), 75-6 v. Halifax (WRSC sf). £60-80
281.    Leeds United Programmes. v. European opposition including:- Fairs Cup final v. Juventus, Fairs Cup semi v. Liverpool, European Cup semi v. Barcelona. Aways at Hibernian 1973, Celtic 1976. (16) £20-40
282.    Leeds United. Four away programmes - 1953-4 at Sunderland, 54-5 at Watford (both friendlies), 61-2 at Newcastle, 65-6 at Rochdale (testimonial). £60-80
283.    Leeds United Youth Team. Eleven home and away single sheet programmes including:- 61-2 v. Westphalia Youth, 67-8 at Bury. £30-40
284.    Leeds United Youth Team Programmes. 1966 Tournament at Feyenoord (also including reserve), 1981 at Toronto. (2) £20-30
285.    Leeds United. Thirty-four Reserve home programmes from 1956-1983. All single sheet and four page issues, most with tokens. £80-100
286.    Leeds United. Thirteen away Reserves programmes from 1947 to 1982. 1946-47 Blackpool Reserves, 49-50 Everton Reserves, 50-1 Newcastle Reserves, Huddersfield Reserves (Northern Intermediate League Cup), 55-6 Aston Villa Reserves. £70-90
287.    Halifax Town Programmes, 1968-9, all homes (26) and seven aways. £15-25
288.    Halifax Town Home Programmes, 1958-9 v. Queens Park Rangers, 59-60 v. Accrington (grubby), Bournemouth, Brentford, Chesterfield, Coventry, Newport, York; 60-1 ten plus Bradford City away. (19) £20-30
289.    Halifax Town Programmes, 1969-70, twenty-two homes and one F.A. cup plus twelve aways; 1970-1, twenty-one homes and one League cup plus six aways; 1971-2 twenty-two homes and two League cup and Watney Cup v. Manchester United, West Brom and three aways, reserve. £15-25
290.    Halifax Town Programmes, 1967-8, all homes except Chester (postponed) and possible Crewe F.A. cup (29) different games; plus handbook and six aways. £15-25
291.    Halifax Town Programmes, 1961-2 at Rochdale, 63-4 at Doncaster, Stockport, Workington (F.A. Cup), 64-5 v. Aldershot, Tranmere, 66-7 aways at Bishop Auckland, Bradford City and Park Avenue; plus fifteen homes and 65-6 handbook. (27) £20-30
292.    Halifax Town. 1911 - 1937, Milestones, a history and record book of the club, torn pages but generally good. £20-30
293.    Bradford City 1909-10 Season Programme v Middlesborough, Monday December 27th 1909. New series no.9 priced at one penny, 8 page issue. Horizontal sellotape to all pages, slight water mark to spine, tears to edges and creases. £80-120
294.    Bradford City 1963-4 Programmes, v Bradford, (2), away at Aldershot, at Workington, at Lincoln, 1964-5 v Chester, Halifax, Newport, Notts County, Oxford, Rochdale, Wrexham, at Scarborough (FA Cup), at Doncaster, thirteen homes 1968 and 69, three other aways. (30) £15-25
295.    Bradford City 1948-9 Programmes. v. Darlington, Hull; 1949-50 v. Doncaster. (3) £30-40
296.    Bradford Park Avenue 1948-9 Programme. v. Plymouth, West Bromwich Albion; 1949-50 v. Grimsby, Leicester. (4) £30-40
297.    Huddersfield Town. A collection of four handbooks. 1939-40, 1950-1, 59-60 and 65-6. £30-40
298.    Autographs. Team Groups - Wrexham 1956-7, Walsall (similar period), Halifax, Sheffield Wednesday, Mansfield 1980's, Huddersfield 1970 and 83 and 1968 calendar with facsimiles. £30-50
299.    ETIENNE PETITJEAN, limited edition book "Golf", featuring caricature sketches, dated 1930, copyright by Etienne petitjean, Paris; Plus Two Reprints of Sheffield Wednesday Pre-War Teams. (3) £50-70
300.    Manchester City 1934-5 Programme. v. Arsenal, Saturday February 23rd (rusty staples). £50-70
301.    Manchester City. A collection of nineteen home programmes - 1954-5 trial match Blues v. Maroons; Eighteen Reserve issues including 54-5 v Bury Reserves, 56-7 v. Preston Reserves, 58-9 v. Leeds Reserves. £30-40
302.    1957-8 Preston North End v. Manchester United, programme from the Munich disaster season dated November 9th 1957. £50-70
303.    1950-51 Manchester United Home Programmes, v. Arsenal, Leeds, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Wolves. (5) £50-70
304.    Manchester United Asian Tour 2001. Three programmes, tickets and hand fan. £40-60
305.    Blackpool v. Manchester United 1955-6. Pair of Daily Express cards 9 x 14cms, featuring team groups, the backs with advertisements (cards given away by news vendors outside ground). £60-80
306.    Willem II v. Manchester United 1964 European Cup Winners Cup. Two different programmes from the game; plus United away at Partisan Belgrade 1965-6. (3) £20-30
307.    Manchester United. Three away programmes - 1948-9 at Aston Villa, 1957-8 at Aston Villa and Birmingham City (both Munich season) £70-90
308.    Everton 1938-9 Programme v. Manchester United, Saturday November 19th. £100-200
309.    Manchester United Programmes. Away at Everton 1954-5, away at Wolves 55-6 (torn), 50-1 - R-Knight pirate, five homes including:- West Brom 1957-8 on 8th March. (8) £30-40
310.    1950-51 Manchester United Home Programmes, v. Arsenal, Everton, Derby, Chelsea, Huddersfield, West Bromich Albion. (6) £60-80
311.    Dukla Prague v. Manchester United 1957 Pre-Match Presentation Cut Glass Vase, of faceted circular form, inscribed "Dukla Praha, 4. XII. 1957" and further engraved with floral and foliate sprays, on a circular star cut base, 30cms high.

*Footnote: This vase was presented to Tommy Taylor, the Manchester United centre forward at the Stadion Strahov. United lost this European Cup match 0-1 but won through to the next round on an aggregate score of 3-1, Taylor having scored in the first leg at Old Trafford. Taylor lost his life in the Munich Air Disaster on 6th February 1958, barely two months after the Prague game. The vase has passed by descent through the family. £600-900
312.    Manchester United. The Busby Babes - a collection of three autographed magazine pictures, Eddie Colman, Mark Jones and Duncan Edwards. £40-60
312A.   Munich 58. Manchester United v. Sheffield Wednesday programme date 19th February 1958, United team blank, token intact. £50-80
313.    Sheffield United. Pair of Dartington crystal glass decanters and stoppers, each etched with club crest and sponsors details to reverse. A Findlaters First XI Pottery Scotch Whisky Holder, in the form of a Mitre World Cup '90 football. £30-40
313A.   World Cup Willie's Football, tin plate toffee tin, as an orange football, (lacking finial), on green circular base stamped Lovell's Newport, Mon, bearing F.A. 1963 stamp and 1966 logo, 14 cm high. £20-40
314.    Bury 1949-50 Programmes, v. Blackburn, Bradford, Derby, Hull, Grimsby, Leicester, Luton, Preston, Q.P.R., Rotherham, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham. (14) £100-120
315.    Bury 1948-9 Programmes, v. Grimsby, Leeds United, Leicester, Plymouth, Queens Park Rangers. (5) £50-70
316.    Bury 1951-2 Programmes, v. Birmingham, Blackburn, Cardiff, Coventry, Doncaster, Leeds, Luton, Nottingham Forest, Notts County, Southampton. (10) £60-80
317.    Bury 1950-51 Programmes, v. Blackburn, Birmingham, Brentford, Chesterfield, Coventry, Doncaster, Grimsby, Hull, Leeds, Luton, Manchester City, Notts County, Preston, Sheffield United, Southampton, Swansea, West Ham. (17) £100-120
318.    Bury 1947-8 Programmes, v. Barnsley, Birmingham, Bradford Park Avenue, Brentford, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Coventry, Leicester, Luton, Southampton, West Brom. (11) £120-140
319.    Bury 1946-7 Programmes, v. Tottenham Hotspur and West ham United. (2) £40-60
320.    Bury Programmes. Including:- 1947-8 v. Barnsley, 51-2 v. Doncaster, 57-8 v. Oldham, Rochdale, 72-3 v. Chelsea - League cup. (41) £20-40
321.    Watford. Eighty-seven home programmes from the 1960's including:- 1961-2 League cup v. Halifax, Reading. Floodlit Friendly v. Nottingham Forest, reserves, testimonial etc. £40-60
322.    West Ham United Away Programmes, 1956-83 including:- at Tottenham 1960-1, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leeds etc - approximately 135:- One Box £20-40
323.    Arsenal 1935-6 Programme. v.Sunderland, Saturday August 31st (rusty staples). £20-40
324.    Arsenal 1930-1 Season Programme v. Aston Villa, dated November 8th (rusty staples) - Arsenal finished as Champions, Villa runners-up. £40-60
325.    Tottenham v. West Ham 1960-1, Aston Villa v. Kiev 1961, Arsenal v Sportak 54-5, other programmes 1956-61. (9) £15-25
326.    1950's Programmes, including 55-6 Arsenal v. Manchester United, Brighton v. Orient, Partick v. East Fife, Walthamstow v. Spielvereinigung, Burnley v. Chelsea, London Boys v. Amsterdam Boys; plus several four page and large format issues. (51) £80-120
327.    Arsenal Away Programmes. 1946-7 at Hendon - Manor House Hospital Cup; 50-1 at Carlisle - F.A Cup replay. (2) £30-40
328.    PSV Eindhoven v. Arsenal Programme, dated 23rd September 1959. Walley Barnes Memorial Service booklet. (2) £20-30
329.    West Ham United Programmes. 1945-6 v. Wolves; 46-7 v. Fulham. (2) £30-40
330.    Tottenham Hotspur Away Programmes. 1948-9 and 1949-50 at Southampton; 49-50 at West ham; 50-1 at Middlesborough and Glasgow Boys v. London Boys 1949 at Tottenham. (5) £30-40
331.    Tottenham Hotspur Official Handbooks, 1948-9 and 1949-50; Let's Talk about Tottenham 1947 booklet; two 1961-2 compliments team shots. £30-40
332.    Brentford 1936-7 Programme v. Manchester City, dated April 3rd (City finished as Division 1 champions). £40-60
333.    Queens Park Rangers. 1948-9 Programmes v. Huddersfield, Plymouth, Southampton, West Bromwich Albion, West Ham. (5) £30-40
334.    Nottingham Forest Programmes. 1958-9 v. Chelsea, Everton, Tooting and Mitchum, West Brom. plus F.A. Cup semi and others 1965-70 including:- v. Valencia, Eintrecht, Zurich, Derby - friendly, Dukla, 1967 F.A. cup semi and pirate. (63) £20-40
335.    Nottingham Forest. Black and white photograph of team squad circa mid 1960's, 19.5 x 29cms; a print of 1894 team; a late 1940's postcard size team group (damages). Five Snooker World Championship programmes. Cricket programmes, magazines etc:- One Box £20-30
336.    Sheffield United Home Programmes. 1963-70 - a large quantity, testimonials, reserves etc:- One Box £15-25
337.    1993 F.A. Cup Final and Final Replay Programmes, 1991 and 1993 league cup finals, other Wednesday programmes, Stones Wembley Beer, Cricket Programmes, etc :- One Box £30-40
338.    1949-50 Programmes. Coventry v. Q.P.R.; Swansea v. Bury; Wolves Reserves v. Sheffield United Reserves; 1950-1 Leyton Orient v. Norwich. (4) £30-40
339.    Blackburn Rovers Reserves. A collection of twenty home programmes from the 1960's and 70's including:- 72-3 v. West Brom, 66-7 v. Everton, 73-4 v. Leeds, 55-6 v. Aston Villa. £50-70
340.    Manchester City v. Tottenham 1960-1, Blackpool v. Chelsea 61-2, Oxford United, Bradford Park Avenue, Halifax (homes), Fulham v. Bournemouth (League Cup) all 62-3; plus many others late 50's - early 60's. (27) £30-50
341.    Derby County. Approximately three hundred home programmes from 1965-6 to 70-1:- One Box £30-40
342.    A Sepia Photograph, possibly of Southampton St Marys FC or Southampton Water Polo Team; team and officials, eight sitting and others standing behind, at Royal Pier Pavillion, 24 x 29cms, laid down on The Globe Photographic Company, 29 High Street, Southampton mount (photo with slight foxing, mount corners cut). Together with two photographs of Hampstead Wanderers, early XX Century. (3)
343.    1977 Manchester United. Tim Holder. Three colour prints from Venorlandus World of Sport Set - George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton, 33.5 x 19.5cms. (3) £30-40
344.    Sheffield United Programmes 1959-68, approximately fifty-five (some with faults), ticket, signed ball, Bassett book, 1966 World Cup info guide and Swiss pen portraits:- One Box £15-25
345.    Non-League/Ex-League Programmes. Including:- Bradford v. Exeter 1969-70, Southport v. Huddersfield 14977-8, Barrow, Workington, F.A. Amateur and Challenge Trophy finals. (53) £20-40
346.    1947-8 Bournemouth Home Programmes, v. Crystal Palace, Guildford, Queen of the South, Queens Park Rangers, Southend, Swindon (scores on face). (6) £70-90
347.    Chesterfield 1948-9 Programme. v. Queens Park Rangers; 49-50 v. Bury and Reserves game v. Manchester City. (3) £30-40
348.    A Collection of Twenty-seven Books and Handbooks including:- Bradford City, Bradford Park Avenue, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Doncaster Rovers. £50-70
349.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1970's including:- reserves, Latham testimonial, football in Sheffield United signed Cecil Coldwell. £15-25
350.    Derby County. Eighty-two home programmes from 1960-1 to 64-5 (some with faults). £30-40
351.    Sheffield United - Signed Patrick football including; Neil Warnock, Marcus Bent, Paul Devlin, Shaun Murphy, four shirt badges, Christmas cards, gnome, tickets including; F.A. Cup semi 2003, friendly v. Chelsea 1999, play-offs 2003. £15-25
352.    Derek Dooley. Collection. Green'Un newspaper for the game in which he broke his leg. Testimonial programme. Autograph etc. £20-40
353.    F. A. Cup Centenary Coin Collection, by Esso (2), Football Badges, (4), all complete. £20-40
354.    England Autographs. Fifteen including:- Terry Butcher, Bryan Robson, Trevor Booking, Steve Coppell, Terry McDermott, Kevin Keegan, Glen Hoddle. All on a '5' match ball. £30-50
355.    1968 European Cup Final Programme. 1973, 74, 75 and 78 F.A. Cup finals; Manchester City v. St Mirren 1959, Mansfield Town and other programmes, 1964-5 Liverpool supporters club handbook. (36) £20-30
356.    1955 England 'B' v. Germany 'B', at Hillsborough, includes Duncan Edwards, pirate programme by J. Walker; 1960 F.A. Cup final, 1960-1 Luton v. Manchester City - F.A. Cup 1st February; plus fifty others. £40-60
357.    Sheffield United 1968-9 Programmes. Thirteen homes and twenty-two aways; plus 1969-70 - thirteen homes and twenty-three aways, no duplicates. £15-25
358.    1972 and 1980 F.A. Cup Final Programmes, six Hillsborough semi's, 1977 League Cup final replay - bearing signatures, League and non-League, Rugby Union, Boxing and other sports:_ One Box £20-30
359.    Scottish Cup Final Programmes. 1960, 63, 64, Scotland and England homes, tickets, 1998 World Cup, other big match, set of Esso club badges, Ty-Phoo cards etc:- One Box £20-40
360.    Sheffield United Home Programmes 1963-80, including Anglo Scottish v. Notts County, Newcastle; County Cup v. Sheffield Wednesday, 1972 Reserves v. Manchester United :- One Box £20-30
360A.   Sheffield Wednesday Mainly Home Programmes, 1963-2011 including:- 64-5 v. Bremen, 75 League Cup replay v. Darlington, 91 Reserves at Rotherham:- One Box £15-25
361.    A Collection of Eight Football Programmes. 1947-8 Notts County v. Port Vale, 1949-50 Liverpool v. Portsmouth, Bolton v. Manchester City, 51-2 Rotherham v. Birmingham City, Swansea Town v. Newcastle United (F.A. Cup), 55-6 F.A. Cup semi final at Hillsborough, 57-8 Birmingham Reserves v. Arsenal Reserves, Aston Villa v. Stoke (F.A. Cup at Wolves). £50-70
362.    Aston Villa Reserves Programmes 1964-66 including:- v. Reserves of Everton, Liverpool and Chesterfield. (12) £20-30
363.    Wolves Programmes, 1951-2 v. Manchester City, 54-5 v. Arsenal, Charlton (all F.A. Cup), 59-60 v. Everton, 1952-3 Birmingham City v. Tottenham Hotspur F.A. Cup at Molineux; Sporting Star Champions newspaper. Away programme at Liverpool 1951-2 F.A. Cup. (7) £20-30
364.    Fulham v. Derby County 1949-50 Programme. Oreint v. Ipswich 50-1, Gillingham v. Crystal Palace 52-3, Millwall v. Coventry 54-5, Brighton v. Walsall 55-6, Aston Villa v. Portsmouth 56-7 (single sheet). (6) £30-40
365.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1980's-90's, a large quantity, testimonials, reserves, fanzines, aways etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
366.    Sheffield United Memorablia. Including:- brass name plate, team photos, press photos, black anniversary shirt. £15-25
367.    A & BC Trade Cards, 1960, black back, 78 different and two spare cards present. £60-80
368.    Cigarette and Trade Cards, including; Adventure, Philips 'Choose Your Horse', Player's Association Cup Winners, Barratt's, Cope's, Ogden's, Turf, Drapkin, Ardath, (no sets) :- In an album. £30-50
369.    Barnsley Autographs. Thirteen on two sheets; Tickets - Euro 2004 (7) including England v Croatia, France, Switzerland; Four Olympic Skating 1992; Thirty-seven black and white press photographs 1980's gymnasts. £30-50
370.    Chix Trade Cards, 1958, Famous Footballers, No. 3 series, a set of 50 cards. £40-60
371.    Chix Trade Cards. 1957, Famous Footballers, No. 2 series, a set of 50 cards. £40-60
372.    Bradford City. News Chronicle and Daily Despatch Pocket Portraits -12 trade cards. £20-30
373.    John Player Cigarette Cards, 1930 Association Cup Winners, a set of 50 cards. £30-40
374.    Cigarette Cards. 1926 Ogden's Captains of Association Football Clubs and Colours - set of 44 cards. £40-60
375.    Ogden's Cigarette Cards. 1906 Football Club colours - a full set of 50 cards in good condition. £60-80
376.    A & BC Trade Cards, 1968, yellow backs, complete set of 54 cards. £60-80
377.    Cigarette Cards, Churchman's Association Footballer's (50), Player's Football Caricatures by Rix (50), and Cricketer's 1934 (50). £30-50
378.    Press Photographs. A collection of fifty including:- England v. Argentina 1986, 1950's Brentford, Norwich, 51 F.A. Cup final, South American. £60-80
379.    1993 F.A Cup Final. Arsenal v. Sheffield Wednesday, a collection of thirty-eight press photographs from the first game and replay including:- match action, post match celebrations and commiserations. £60-80
380.    F.A. Cup Finals. A collection of twenty-four press photographs from the 1946 (6), 1947 (3), 1948 (11), 1949 (4) finals. £100-120
381.    1966 F.A. Cup Final. Sheffield Wednesday v. Everton, a collection of fifty-nine press photographs including:- Match action, post match celebrations, pitch invasion and train return to Liverpool. £240-280
382.    F.A Cup Finals. A collection of twelve press photographs from 1930's final matches including:- West Brom, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield, Everton, Arsenal, Preston, Sunderland. £60-80
383.    Pele. A collection of ninety press photographs from his career, including match action with Brazil, Santos, meeting Gerald Ford, Caesar McNotti. £200-300
384.    Bobby Moore. A collection of sixty press photographs from his career including West Ham United, England, with World Cup, last match with Fulham, meeting Harold Wilson. £200-300
385.    George Best. A collection of one hundred and nine press photographs including Manchester United, Northern Ireland match action, training, with Eva Haraldsted. £300-400
386.    Press Photographs Circa 1967. Manchester United in Australia, Denis Law (3), George Best, Australia v. Scotland, Arsenal team (23 x 17.5cms), Peter Osgood. (7) £40-60
387.    1966 World Cup. The Final. England v. Germany - a collection of seventeen large press photographs from the game; plus 77 postcard sized glossy photographs from the final, many showing still-by-still action for Geoff Hurst's infamous goal. £120-140
388.    Daily Telegraph Rugby World Cup 1995 Cards, (sets), Many Foot ball Trade Cards, A. & B. C., Chix, etc, Typhoo Player Portraits, etc :- One Box £15-25
389.    Sheffield Telegraph & Star Press Photographs, mainly 1956 and 57 including:- Joe Mercer welcomes Malcolm Barrass, Chesterfield v. Gateshead, Barnsley v. Sheffield United, Lincoln v. Peterborough, Doncaster v. Bristol City, Sheffield United v. Orient - each approximately 24 x 36cms, some with tears. (11) £20-40
390.    Cigarette Cards. 1938 Churchman's Association Footballers, a set of 50 cards in album. £20-30
391.    Derby County 1930-31 season black and white photograph (the image 10 x 14cms) of team group, including Bowers, Cooper, Bedford, the image 10 x 14cms £40-60
392.    Barnsley Postcards. Postcards -1912 team group, 1907 cup team individual player montage, sepia postcard of H.E.(Tip) Bennett. (3) £40-60
393.    Sheffield United and Wednesday Team Group Photographs, circa 1950's; another of Jimmy Hagan and eighteen News Chronicle Pocket Portrait cards. £30-40
394.    Players Cigarette Cards, Cricketers 1934, full set of fifty. £10-20
395.    Derby County 1930's Sepia Photographic Postcard, 13.5 x 9cms of Jack Bowers, ink signed. (Bowers played 203 times from 1928 to 1936, scoring 167 goals for County. Also three England appearances). £40-60
396.    The following eleven Lots are related to the former Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Jack Brown (full name - John Henry Brown, born 1899 - died 1962). He made a total of five hundred and eight league and F.A. Cup appearances for the Owls between 1923 and 1937. Also six full England caps between 1927 and 1929:
Full International appearances, all games played away from home.
v. Wales, 27th February 1927 (3-3)
v. Scotland, 2nd April 1927 (won 2-1)
v. Belgium, 11th May 1927 (won 9-1
v. Luxembourg, 21st May 1927 (won 5-2)
v. France, 26th May 1927 (won 6-0)
v. Ireland, 19th October 1929 (won 3-0)
A success with Wednesday, he was an F.A. Cup winner in 1935; a Division One Championship winner in 1929 and 1930; a Second Division Championship winner in 1926. Wednesday signed Brown from Non-League Worksop Town for a fee of £360 in 1923, after impressing in their F.A. Cup games and Tottenham Hotspur. He finished his career at Hartlepool United in 1937, making only one appearance for them.

A 1930's Period Oak Canteen of Cutlery, approximately 125 pieces including Firth Staybrite, Thomas Ward & Sons (Sheffield), with inscribed brass plaque to top of lid "Presented by the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Club to Jack Brown in appreciation of more than five hundred appearances with Sheffield Wednesday". £200-300
397.    A 1927 England Football Cap, red velvet with silver wire English rose design and 1927 date to peak, awarded to Jack Brown for the England v Wales game on 27th February , final score 3-3. £500-700
398.    A 1927 England Football Cap, purple velvet with silver wire English rose design and 1927 date to peak, awarded to Jack Brown for the England v Scotland game on 2nd April , England won 2-1. £500-700
399.    A 1927 England Football Cap, maroon and cream velvet with silver wire English rose design and 1927 date to peak. Awarded to Jack Brown. £500-700
400.    A 1927 England Football Cap, purple and amber velvet with silver wire English rose design and 1927 date to peak. Awarded to Jack Brown. £500-700
401.    A 1929 England Football Cap, in cream velvet with silver wire English rose design and 1929-30 date to peak and size 7 label inside. Awarded to Jack Brown for the England v Ireland game on 19th October, England won 3-0. £500-700
402.    A 1926-7 Purple and White Velvet F.A. International Trial Cap, with 'F.A.' stitchwork and 1926-27 to peak, size 7 label inside. Awarded to Jack Brown. £200-300
403.    A 1926-7 Purple and White Velvet F.A. International Trial Cap, with 'F.A.' stitchwork and 1926-27 to peak, size 7 label inside. Awarded to Jack Brown. £200-300
404.    A 1927-8 Purple and White Velvet F.A. International Trial Cap, with 'F.A.' stitchwork and 1927-8 to peak, size 7 label inside. Awarded to Jack Brown. £200-300
405.    A 1927-8 Purple and White Velvet F.A. International Trial Cap, with 'F.A.' stitchwork and 1927-8 to peak, size 7 label inside. Awarded to Jack Brown. £200-300
406.    A 1929-30 Purple and White Velvet F.A. International Trial Cap, with 'F.A.' stitchwork and 1929-30 to peak, size 7 label inside. Awarded to Jack Brown. £200-300
407.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1889-90 postcard size player match invitation for the game at Worksop. Two other similar for 'Practice', all addressed to Mr. J. Thompson. (3) £40-60
408.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1922-3 and 1927-8 fixture cards, issued by former player Billy Lloyd, Tobacconist on Middlewood Road. £40-60
409.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1928-29 season ticket booklet featuring 1st and Reserve team fixtures, gilt lettering to blue morocco cover - Wednesday were League Division 1 Champions and Champions of the Central League. £80-120
410.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1939-40 Players ticket for J.S. Jessop featuring 1st and Reserve team fixtures and gilt lettering to blue morocco cover. £40-60
411.    Sheffield Wednesday. Season tickets 1947-8 and 1948-9 to 'New Stand', with silvered lettering to maroon and red covers respectively. (2) £30-50
412.    Sheffield Wednesday. Bread knife - the Firth's Stainless Blade engraved "The Wednesday League Champions 1928-9", the handle aptly in blue and white stripes. £30-50
413.    Sheffield Wednesday. Postcard, receipt for £14 from Billy Lloyd (former player) for one £10 share. £15-25
414.    Leeds United. Trade and cigarette cards, rare cards to include Boys Magazine Shield, Casket team group, Taddy (2), Barratts (2) folding, Val Footer Gum (2). £100-120
415.    Barnsley 1910. Booklet entitled "The Barnsley Football Club", It's History, Cup Tie Record, Photo's of Players & C., J.Lodge & Sons Ltd. Printers, New Street 1910. £50-80
416.    England F. A. Desk Paperweight / Lighter, with Japanese thumb push igniter set within green marbleite cube featuring England crest to one face, 7.5 cm high. £15-25
417.    1935 Athletics Bronze Medal. A.A.A. Championship, engraved "2 Miles Steeplechase, 3rd London 1935", in original black morocco case. £40-60
418.    Medal. Athletics. 'Wisbey Park A.C, 1907' in 9ct gold with circular enamelled centre as a runner, within shield surround to suspension loop, bearing hallmarks '9', '375' and date fOR Birmingham 1905, on plated chain with 'T' bar. £60-80
419.    Medal. Sheffield & Hallamshire County F.A., in 9ct gold and enamel, inscribed on back "Amateur League Winners 1938-39", with hallmarks for Birmingham. £60-90
420.    Sheffield Wednesday Tickets. (11) including:- v. York - F.A. Cup 1946 (2), Preston - F.A. Cup 1947 with stubs, Everton - F.A. Cup 1947, Southampton - F.A.C up 1949. All pre-1975. £30-50
421.    World Cup 1966 Tickets. Goodison Park semi-final on monday 25th July, West Germany v. Russia, consecutive run of four, Goodison Road stand, block H, row N, seats 0278 to 0281, each priced at three pounds and three shillings; plus wallet. £80-120
422.    1935 F.A. Cup Final Ticket. Sheffield Wednesday v. West Bromwich Albion, two shillings and sixpence, East standing enclosure. £60-90
423.    1975 European Cup Final Ticket. Plus twenty-one other tickets, mainly involving Leeds United including:- at Barcelona, Djurgarden, Roda, Nijmegen, v. Celtic 1970, 72 and 73 F.A. Cup finals, 67, 70 replay and 73 semi's. (varying conditions) £40-60
424.    Manchester City in Europe. A collection of six home tickets including - 1976-7 v. Juventus, 77-8 v. Widzew, Lodz, 78-9 v. Twente, A.C. Milan, Liege, Moenchengladbach. Plus 1981 League Cup semi final v. Liverpool. (7) £25-30
425.    World Cup 1966. Tickets. France v Mexico at Wembley, 13th July and v Uruguay, 15th July at White City. (2) £40-60
426.    Tickets - Arsenal. A collection of twenty-eight tickets including:- homes from pre-1960; 51-2 F.A. Cup aways at Leyton Orient and Luton Town; 1970 Fairs Cup final v. Anderlecht and semi v. Ajax. £80-120
427.    Tickets. Many Sheffield United home and away, Play-off finals, Sheffield Wednesday - unused, 1980's boxing. £10-20
428.    F.A. Cup Final. A collection of fifteen match tickets of which seven are unused - 2001 (2), 2002, 2003 (2), 2004, 2005, 2007 (2), 2008, 2009, 2010 (2), 2011 and 2012. £50-70
429.    Tickets. 1959 F.A. Cup final; 76 and 77 Hillsborough semi's; 77 League Cup final replay; 82 Charity Shield; 1955 and 57 England v. Scotland; 1977 Challenge vase (2); England v. Germany 2000. £15-25
430.    Bobby Moore Autographs - clear blue ink signature on a football magazine print of him in an England home shirt; the other on a black and white match scene print. (2) £80-120
431.    Bobby Moore Autographs - blue ink signatures on football magazine prints of him in West Ham home and away and England away strips. (6) £80-120
432.    Gallaher's Sporting Personalities, set of forty-eight; plus other cigarette cards; 1977 Topps and A & B. C circa 1970 etc. £15-25
433.    1947-8 Autographs, on three album pages, Leeds United (9) including:- Dunn, Wakefield, Powell; Barnsley (8) including:- Robledo, Normanton, Wright; Notts County (8) including :- Lawton, Sewell, Adamson. £30-40
434.    Chix Bubble Gum No. 2 Series Picture Album, complete, Soccer Titans Album, containing 26 cards. £20-40
435.    Football Autographs. Team groups magazine pictures to include circa 1956 Portsmouth (fully signed), 55-6 Q.P.R. (fully signed), 1957 Real Madrid (signed by Marquitos, Lesmes, Zarraga, Kopa, Di Stefano, Rial and Gento), circa 1962 Tottenham, signed by two including John White, 1957-8 Wolves, fully signed by the squad. £50-70
436.    Chix Bubble Gum Football Picture Album, Series 1, containing a set of 48 cards and 43 cards from series 2; a quantity of various loose cards. £30-40
437.    Sheffield Football 1902-3, featuring Sheffield United, Wednesday and Notts County teams (cover torn; Famous Football Teams photo album No. 4 second edition; Topical Times Panel Portraits; World Sports 1950. £20-40
438.    1947-8 Sheffield United Autographs. (17) on album pages including:- Hagan, Young, Brook, Nightingale. £20-30
439.    1947-8 Sheffield Wednesday Autographs. (11) on album pages including:- Froggatt, Turton, Quigley, Westlake. £20-25
440.    1949. Twelve Colour Postcards- team groups from Sport Picture Book including:- Sheffield United and Wednesday and black and white pictures of George Young and Tom Finney. £15-25
441.    Sherman's Pools 1938-39 Team Cards, (eleven), including; East Fife, Newport County, Arsenal, England v. Ireland at Belfast. £15-25
442.    Wizard Sets of Trade Cards, Football Stars of 1959 (44); Famous Footballers (25) and (24); Hotspur Football Stars (48); plus many others unchecked. £20-40
443.    Reynolds News 1960 Team Photo's, (16) including:- Manchester City, Arsenal, Celtic ; 60-1 Soccer Stars (6) including Charles Law, Greaves. £15-25
444.    The Eleventh Australian Tour 1902, featuring J. Darling to cover, by Cricket Office, 168 Upper Thames St.; Yorkshire Cricket Album by J. Whitham; Sheffield and Famous Cricket Teams by R. Scott, Manchester. (3) £30-50
445.    Chix Soccer Picture Card Albums, series 1 and 2, both complete. £20-40
446.    1964 Sherman's Team Groups, Other Cigarette & Trade Cards, Four Acme Thunderer Whistles, Press Cuttings, Coinage, Etc. £15-25
447.    Topical Times 'Stars Of Today' Photo Album, of twenty-four cards. £8-12
448.    Sheffield United Klaus Kobec Wristwatch, Blades wristwatch (both boxed); enamelled badges including 1984 Olympics. £20-30
449.    Shermans Football Cards, ten teams including; Chelsea, Derby, Coventry, all issued 1938-39; Twenty-one Sepia Player Portraits, including George Mills, Willis Edwards, Victor Woodley, Stanley Matthews. £30-40
450.    A Set of Twelve 'World Sports' Series 1 Black and White Postcard Size Photographic Cards, circa 1957, Wills English Cricketers circa 1925 set of twenty-five; P.G. Tips Olympics etc. £20-30
451.    A Pair of Black Adidas Mini Boots, bearing signatures under sole, purportedly of West German footballers 1966, who stopped at Peverill in the Peak. £15-25
452.    Topps, 1977 Footballers Trade Cards, red backs, 177 plus 17 spares. £30-40
453.    A. & B. C. Football Game Cards, circa 1972, (30), set of 16 victor cup tie stars of all nations cards and wallet. £15-25
454.    John Sinclair Well Known Footballers from North East Soccer Set of 50; a quantity of Chix 1 and 3 series ards, others signed I. Allchurch, D. Blanchflower, J. Nicholls, P. Broadbent, R. Paul. £40-60
455.    J.A. Pattreioux Cricketers, Sports Trophies, Lambert & Butler motor cars (completeness unknown) and many other cigarette cards:- One Box £20-30
456.    Sheffield Telegraph Football Guides, 1921-2 to 24-5, 27-8, 31-2, 33-4, 34-5, 35-6, 36-7 (2), 38-9. plus ten post war issues. £30-50
457.    Sheffield United. A superb collection of pre-1914 and pre-1939 newspaper articles including a series by George Waller, Billy Gillespie, Ernest Needham, massive coverage of the cup finals, Sheffield Wednesday players and games up to the 1960's, All in seven scrapbooks. £50-90
458.    Six Legible Soccer Diaries 1954-67, signatures noted; 1930's Athletic News - 2; Champion 'Record Breakers' album, approximately ninety c.1930's Topical Times panel cards. £20-40
459.    Top Trumps. Rally cards, Planes, Speed Oldies etc; Topps, World Cup '78, Panini and many other trade cards:- One Box £20-40
460.    1938 Wooden Football Rattler, maker's name of London and date partly visible under the painted colours of black, red, gold and white of Bradford Park Avenue. £40-60
461.    Bradford Park Avenue Programmes, 1961-2 (9), Green 'Un, Pink 'Un (7) and Racing and Football Outlooks (6) 40's and 50's. £20-30
462.    A Large Quantity of BP Football Cards, circa 1998, sets noticed. £20-40
463.    Soccar Stars 1973-74 Picture Stamp Book, complete with stickers and including many autographs, Heighway, Hughes, Barrowclough, Dougan, Currie and other Sheffield United. £30-50
464.    Athletic News Football Annuals. 1930-1, 34-5 to 39-40 plus (lacking covers) 32-3 and 33-4; Playfair, Sunday Chronicle etc. (21) £30-50
465.    Lion Famous Football Trophies 1960 Set, Bell Boy bubble gum album of Famous Soccer Clubs; 16 Master Cricketer series New Zealand 1958 cards; enamel badges, Topical Times panel portraits, first Green 'Un newspaper after world war two, football programmes etc. in file. £30-50
466.    1950's Football and Cricket Scrapbook, containing many player portraits, fourteen A,B.C cards, twenty-eight All Sports cards. £20-40
467.    A Collection of Twenty Menus, many signed including:- Johnny Giles, Frank McLintock, Ian Rush. £20-30
468.    Arsenal Programmes. 1948-9 v. Derby, 50-1 v. Liverpool, 1978 F.A. Cup final, Ramsay's World Cup Guide etc:- One Box £10-20
469.    Cleveland Historic Campaign Medals, in four wallets, (three complete), Five Historic Cars Coin Sets, by Shell, Esso Football Badges, (incomplete), Great Britons Album, RAF Yearbook 1975. £20-40
470.    Two 16mm Cine Film Reels, "Dryborough Cup" copy 2, 1972, labelled for Upitn Productions and "Pele" c.1973, each approximately 1400 feet, running times approximately 40 minutes, in tuscan cases. (2) £30-50
471.    Football Club Christmas Cards 1991-1999, approx. 350 many signatures noted, including; Chris Powell, Chris Nicholl, Danny Bergara, Ray Graydon, all displayed in seven albums, each with Vendors list. £40-60
472.    Football Club Christmas Cards 2000-2010, approx. 280, many signatures noted, including; Mike Pejic, Mark Robins, Kenny Swain, all displayed in ten albums, each with Vendors list. £40-60
473.    World Cup 2010, England ticket, start l;ist and tactical line-up for games v. U.S.A., Algeria and Germany, in three frames; Plus A Quantity of Mirrorcard Football Teams, circa 1972. £20-40
474.    Esso F.A. Cup Centenary Coin Set, approx. 75 A. & B.C. Topps Football Cards, from the 1970's, tickets include; Sheffield Wednesday v. Santos February 23rd, 1976 League Cup Final, stub from Derby v. Juventas 1973, programmes, three sport magazines 1950's, etc. £20-30
474A.   Britannia Designs Sheffield Wednesday Pottery Mug, Cake Slice and Grapefruit Knife, Badges, Autographs, Nottingham Forest 1959 F.A. Cup Final Postcard, World Cup 1966 Official Tie by favourite. £15-25
475.    1938 F.A. Cup Semi-Final Programme, at Bramall Lane (lacking back cover; 1948 Scotland v England; 'The Football League' 1933-34 magazine; the Ace album of Football Stars c.1964 by D.C. Thompson etc:- One Box £20-30
476.    'The Golden Penny Football Album', editions 1901-1902, 1902-1903, and back cover missing 1903-1904, each featuring many team groups of the period. (3) £30-50
477.    Tickets, F.A. Cup Final 2011, 2000, 2003, Champions League 1992 and programme, 2011 youth cup final, etc, Rotherham United 2005 Share Certificate, Scout passes, programmes, England U-17's itinerary including; Wayne Rooney, Funeral Services, other collectables, with Vendors list. £20-40
478.    Barnsley. Leather football purportedly given to Cyril Dixon, the full back, after his final game for the club.
*Dixon made 271 appearances (League and Cup) between 1924 and 1932.
A Mexborough Association League trophy awarded to the winners 1935-6. (2) £50-70
479.    World Footballers of Tomorrow, by Adventure; F.A year books; Football programmes including:- Wolves v. Chelsea 1961-2, Newcastle v. Middlesborough 64-5, 1968 European cup final (score on face); Watney's Snooker Challenge; plus many other items (some with faults):- One Box £20-30
480.    A Collection of Thirty-two Various Football Programmes and Magazines including:- Representative games, the Army, Navy, F.A. XI from the 1950's, games involving Leeds United. £60-80
481.    Merlins and Panini Sticker Albums; together with loose stickers:- One Box £15-25
482.    A Collection of Thirty-seven Big Match Programmes. Including eight F.A. Cup final issues - 1972, 3 and 4, 1977, 1978, 1983, 1984 and 1988. £20-30
483.    F.A Cup Final Programmes. 1962, 63, 64, 66 (with ticket), 69 - all score on face; 68, 86, 93 and Sheffield semi with ticket. £20-30
484.    1996 F.A. Cup Final Programme. Liverpool v Manchester United and 1994 Chelsea v Manchester United. (2) £30-40
485.    Various F.A. Cup Final Programmes 1974-87, and replays from 1970, 82 and 83. (16) £20-40
486.    1996 F.A. Cup Final Programme, Liverpool v Manchester United. £30-40
487.    1979 F.A. Cup Final. Red corner flag by Umbro, bearing signatures of Ron Challis (referee), Keith Hackett and Harry Dempsey (linesmen) and Walter Harvey (4th official). £30-50
488.    1968 European Cup Final, 1960 F.A. cup final, Tottenham homes including:- v. Manchester United (Cup Winners cup), Benfica (European cup), other big match programmes. (17) £20-30
489.    F.A. Cup Finals. Twenty-six programmes - 1985, 1987, 1988, 1988 and 1989, 1981, 1993, 1994 and 1995, 1997 to 2012. £70-90
490.    1951-2 F.A. Cup Semi-Final. Chelsea v. Arsenal programmes for the first game and replay, both at White Hart Lane. (2) £40-60
491.    1949-50 F.A. Cup Semi-Final, Chelsea v. Arsenal programmes for the first game and replay, both at White Hart lane. (2) £40-60
492.    FA Cup Final Programmes: 1962, 63, 64, 66 and 68; Semi's at Villa 1962, 66 and 67; at Hillsborough 64 and 67. (10) £20-30
493.    1947 F.A. Cup Final, Charlton Athletic v. Burnley, pirate programme by Tiross. £40-60
494.    1923-24 F.A. Cup Final Team Line-up Card, Aston Villa v. Newcastle United, 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm, also featuring officials and colours; An F.A. Steward Shield Shape Card Pin Badge; A 1954 F. A. Cup Final Pirate programme, by Victor of London. (3) £80-120
494A.   1946 F.A. Cup Final Programme. Charlton Athletic v. Derby County (slightly grubby). £60-80
495.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes, 1960, 61 and 62. £20-40
496.    1935 F.A. Cup Final Programme. Sheffield Wednesday v. West Bromwich Albion. Plus Sunday Express match report. £100-150
497.    1950 F.A. Cup Final Programme, (torn back cover); plus 1958 and 1961. (3) £30-40
498.    1958 and 1962 F.A. Cup Final Programmes. (2) £20-30
499.    1954 F.A. Cup Final and Semi-Final Programmes, Preston v. West Bromwich Albion, Sheffield Wednesday. (2) £20-30
500.    Fulham v. Leeds United. Division 2, circa 1956 pirate programme by Adams of Hackney. Chelsea v. West Brom 1954-5, England v. Scotland 52-3, Arsenal homes v. Wolves 53-4, 57-8, v. Luton 55-6 - four page issue. (6) £20-30
501.    Liverpool 1931-2 Programme. v. Chelsea F.A. Cup, Saturday February 27th, incorporating Everton Reserves v. Stockport County Reserves. £100-200
502.    Chelsea 1954-5 Away Programme, at Sheffield United, 20th September (writing on face). £30-40
503.    1959-60 Ajax v. Chelsea. Programme and rare ticket from the game played on 16th August 1959. £100-120
504.    1961-62 Lincoln City v. Accrington Stanley, a single sheet programme from the Football League Cup game played on 13th September 1961 £200-300
505.    Shrewsbury Town 1950-1 Programme. v. Mansfield Town (Shrewsbury's first league season). £20-30
506.    Scunthorpe United 1950-1 (first league season) Programme, v. Carlisle United. £40-60
507.    Colchester United 1950-1 (first league season) Programme, v. Crystal Palace. £40-60
508.    Gillingham 1950-1 (first league season) Programme, away at Bristol Rovers. £40-60
509.    Colchester United 1950-1 (first league season) Programme, away at Torquay United, March 26th. £40-60
510.    New Brighton 1950-1 (last season in league) Programme, away at Tranmere Rovers, 20th January. £40-60
511.    1957-8 F.A. Youth Cup Final Programmes. Chelsea v. Wolves, both legs (2). £60-80
512.    1966 World Cup. Tournament brochure and reprint of final programme. £30-50
513.    England v. Wales 1954. Ticket signed by Roy Bentley of Chelsea - hat trick scorer in the game; plus programme. £30-50
514.    England v. Scotland 1949. Ticket and programme (cover loose); 1953 ticket, programme and song sheet. £30-50
515.    1947 England v. Scotland, four page pirate programme by Victor Printing. £20-30
516.    1958 World Cup Programme, England v. Russia, at Gothenberg, 8th June. £30-40
517.    England Away Programmes, at Luxembourg 1960, at D.D.R., Switzerland 1963 and Homes and Inter-League. (11) £20-30
518.    England 1931-2 Programme v. Wales, Wednesday November 18th at Anfield, Liverpool. (England won 3-1 in front of 15,000 fans). £300-500
519.    1939 Scotland v England Programme, at Hampden Park, 15th April (rusty staples). £40-50
520.    England 1944-5 Programme v. Scotland, at Villa Park, February 3rd ('A4' wriiten on face). £30-40
521.    England International Home Programmes. Not at Wembley. 56-7 v. Denmark, 58-9 v. Wales, 50-1 v. Yogoslavia, (cover torn and selotape mark to spine), 61-2 v. Luxembourg, 62-3 v. France. (5) £30-50
522.    Scottish Programmes - 1947-8 Celtic v. Hibernian, 50-1 Third Lanark v. Partick and aways at Aberdeen, Falkirk, Hibernian v. Cowdenbeath 'A', Motherwell v. Morton, St. Johnstone v. Dumbarton, 1951-2 Morton v. Airdrie. £100-120
523.    Rangers v. Everton 1963, Glasgow v. Sheffield, circa 1959, Celtic v. Real Madrid 1962, v. Racing 1967, Scotland v. Ireland 1960, v. England 1964, Third Lanrak and other Scottish programmes. (17) £20-40
524.    England Programmes. Mainly 1950's including:- v. Wales at Villa Park 1958, 'B' International v. Scotland at St. Andrew's 1957, 1963 song sheet v. Scotland, Inter-League v. Irish F.L. at Liverpool 1954. (20) £40-60
525.    England Home Programmes, 1954-74 (37). (19) League Cup Finals/replays 1967-84. (56) £30-40
526.    World Cup Tournament Programmes, 1986, 1974, 1970 and 1966; 1966 Final reprint; England homes and aways including:- 1950's, other big match. (30) £20-40
527.    Wales 1930 Programme. v. England, Saturday November 22nd at Wrexham. £200-300
528.    Wales Home Programmes. 1951-2 v. Rest of United Kingdom, 58 v. Scotland, Ireland, 68 v. Italy, West Germany and others 1960-80. (18) £20-30
529.    Wales v. Switzerland 1951. Festival of Britain programme, Wednesday May 16th. £20-40
530.    Wrexham 1934-5 Programme. v. Darlington, Saturday November 3rd (inside page tear); together with 1929-30 v. West Bromwich Albion F.A. Cup (one and a half pages missing). £50-70
531.    Wales Programmes. 1963 v. England, 1950 v. Ireland - Walker pirate, Amateur International v. England at Shrewsbury 1958; 1956 Welsh Cup semi at Wrexham, 1953 Shropshire Senior cup final, 1963 European Cup Winners cup Borough United v. Sliema Wanderers, Swansea homes etc. (11) £20-40
532.    Wrexham Programmes. 55-6 v. Hartlepool, 58-9 v. Accrington, Bournemouth, Chesterfield, Swindon, Darlington - F.A. Cup, 61-2 v. Chester, Doncaster. (8) £20-40
533.    Accrington Stanley 1961-2 (last season in league) Programme v. Wrexham. £40-60
534.    Eight 1950's Programmes, including 1954-5 Manchester United v. Sheffield United, 55-6 Hull v. Vasas, 53-4 Queens Park Rangers v. Southampton, plus four 1960's. £15-25
535.    1976 European Cup Winners Cup Final Programme, Anderlecht v. West Ham United at Heysel. £40-60
536.    1974 European Cup Final Programme, Atletico Madrid v. Bayern Munich. £80-120
537.    1962 European Cup Final Programme, Benfica v. Real Madrid, at Amsterdam. £20-30
538.    1963 European Cup Winners Cup Final Programme, Atletico Madrid v. Tottenham Hotspur at Feijenoord. £20-30
539.    1964 European Cup Winners Cup Final Programme, Sporting LIsbon v. MTK Budapest, at Brussels 13th May. £20-30
540.    European Cup Programmes. Eintracht Frankfurt v. Glasgow Rangers, Nice v. Fenerache 1959-60, Young Boys v. Limerick 60-1, Drumcondra v. Nurnberg 61-2, Anderlecht v. Real Madrid and final 1962-3, Valetta v. Dukla 63-4. (7) £20-40
541.    1972 European Nations Finals Programme. 1960-1 Hamburg v. Burnley - European Cup; 1963-4 Slovian Bratislava v. Borough United dated 15thy December. (3) £20-40
542.    A Collection of Fourteen Football Programmes including:- 1960-1 Scottish Cup semi final Dunfermline v. St. Mirren, 74-5 Ajax v. Stoke, 76 E.U.F.A. Cup final, Liverpool v. Bruges and semi v. Barcelona, 1977-8 Workington v. Stafford Rangers (1st game as a non-league club), 1978 European Cup final. £20-30
543.    1963-4 Fairs Cup Semi-Final Programme, Koln v. Valencia; Manchester United 63-4 v. Tottenham and away at Sporting - both Cup Winners cup; 1963 German Championship final Koln v. Dortmund; 1962-3 Hamburg v. Real Madrid; 1964 Norway Jubilee v. Europe; Internationals etc. (12) £20-40
544.    Barnsley Programmes. 1960's to 90's including:- County Cup, Friendly, Reserves, minor cup, testimonial, floodlight opening, approximately 110:- One Box £30-50
545.    Barnsley Programmes. 1951-2 v. Doncaster, away at Arsenal - F.A. Cup, 52-3 v. Bury, 56-7 v. Swansea, West Ham, 57-8 v. Fulham, 58-9 v. Ipswich, v. Sheffield United County Cup 55-6 and away 64-5. (9) £20-40
546.    1955 Barnsley. Promotion celebration dinner menu, autographed inside in ink by twelve players including:- Kay, Hough, Chappell, Brown. £70-90
547.    Rotherham United Home Programmes. 1956-64 (8) Sheffield Wednesday v. Barnsley 51-2, 55-6 v. Lincoln, 54-5 v. Notts County; plus others (10). (18) £20-30
548.    Rotherham United Programmes. 1950-1 v. Carlisle; 45-6 away at Darlington; 47-8 away at Queens Park Rangers. (3) £30-40
549.    Doncaster Rovers v. Barnsley Programmes, 1947-8 and 52-3. £20-30
550.    Doncaster Rovers v. Brentford Programmes, 1947-8 home (creased) and away (cover loose); 50-1 at Griffin Park (score on face). (3) £20-30
551.    Doncaster Rovers 1951-2 Programmes. v. Q.P.R. (cover loose) and away at Rotherham; 53-4 away at Nottingham Forest (cover mark). (3) £20-40
552.    1946-7 Programmes. Blackpool v. Everton, Swindon v. Mansfield; 1947-8 Millwall v. Doncaster, Northern Command v. Western Command at Feethams. (4) £30-40
553.    1948-9 Programmes. Everton v. Wolves; Blackpool v. Huddersfield; Walthamstow v. Oldham - F.A. Cup. £30-40
554.    American Challenge Cup Programme, Dukla v. Everton, combined with Inter Italia v. Polish Falcons, August 6th circa 1961; together with Americans v. Glenavon. (2) £20-30
555.    Everton. Dailt Express Four page football guide previewing game v. Huddersfild Town, circa 1930; plus programmes 1956-7 v. Banik Ostrava, 58-9 v. Aston Villa F.A. Cup, 59-60 v. Manchester City, 61-2 v. Aston Villa. £40-80
556.    1950 F.A. Cup Semi-Final Programme. Everton v. Liverpool, Saturday March 25th at Maine Road £20-40
557.    Manchester City Reserves Programme. 1949-50 v. Blackpool Reserves, 1st team aways at Liverpool 47-8 (grubby), Arsenal 61-2. £15-25
558.    Everton 1929-30 Programme. v. Huddersfield Town, Saturday November 16th, incorporating Liverpool Reserves v. Leeds United Reserves. £60-80
559.    Liverpool 1930-1 Programme. v. Arsenal, Saturday December 13th, incorporating Everton Reserves v. Preston North End Reserves. £60-80
560.    Everton 1931-2 Programme. v. Newcastle United, Saturday October 31st, incorporating Liverpool Reserves v. Leeds United Reserves. £60-80
561.    Liverpool 1931-2 Programme. v. West Ham United, Saturday October 10th, incorporating Everton reserves v. Sheffield United Reserves. £60-80
562.    Everton 1931-2 Programme. v. Middlesborough, Saturday December 12th, incorporating Liverpool Reserves v. Blackpool Reserves. £60-80
563.    Everton 1931-2 Programme. v. Arsenal, Saturday February 6th, incorporating Liverpool Reserves v. Stockport County Reserves. £60-80
564.    Everton 1931-2 Programme. v. Bolton Wanderers, Saturday April 30th, incorporating Liverpool Reserves v. Oldham Athletic Reserves. £60-80
565.    Everton 1932-3 Programme. v. Arsenal, Saturday February 4th, incorporating Liverpool Reserves v. Bolton Reserves. £60-80
566.    Bury 1945-6 Programme v. Sheffield United, march 23rd. £20-40
567.    Sheffield United Autographs. Shaw, Browning, Hagan, Furniss, Ringstead and full team signed on interior of match programme away at Doncaster Rovers, April 12th 1952. £40-50
568.    Sheffield United. A collection of seven programmes - 52-3 Reserves away at Newcastle Reserves; 53-4 at Northampton; 56-7 United and Wednesday Combined v. Leeds United, 62-3 Reserves v. Leeds Reserves, 63-4 Youth v. Leeds Youth (Northern Intermediate Cup Final), 74-5 Reserves at Blackburn, 71 Youth Tournament in Holland including Crystal Palace, Coventry, MIddlesbrough and United. £50-70
569.    Sheffield United Away Programmes. 1945-6 at Huddersfield; 50-1 at Preston. (2) £30-40
570.    Aston Villa Programme 1933-4 v. Sheffield United, October 15th. (grubby). £20-40
571.    Chelsea Programme 1931-2 v. Sheffield United, April 9th. (rusty staples). £30-40
572.    Sheffield United Away Programmes. 1960's including:- 1961 F.A. cup semi final replay and second replay; 61-2 v. Bury at Hillsborough. (35) £15-25
573.    Sheffield United Away Programmes. 53-4 at Burnley, Manchester United (selotaped), Rotherham; 55-6 at Aston Villa, Blackpool, Manchester City; 56-7 at Nottingham Forest; 59-60 at Derby. (8) £15-25
574.    Sheffield United Away Programmes. 1951-2 at Birmingham, Bury, Notts County, Sheffield Wednesday; 52-3 at Rotherham. (5) £20-30
575.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1949-50 v. Tottenham (score on face), Preston; 51-2 v. West ham, Newport County - both F.A. cup. (4) £30-50
576.    Sheffield United Reserves Programme 1900-01 v. Coalville Town, November 17th (selotaped spine) and 1st team v. Aston Villa, January 14th - Harry Thickett Benefit (selotape marks and restoration, ex-binders). (2) £20-30
577.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes 1902-3 v. Donacster Rovers, October 25th, Roundel, March 14th (ex binders). (2) £20-40
578.    Sheffield United Reserves Programme. 1904-5 v. Newark, October 8th (torn back page) and 1903-4 Ecclesfield v. Doncaster St James, April 9th at Bramall Lane (ex-binders). (2) £20-30
579.    Sheffield United Programme 1905-6 v. Liverpool, December 16th. (ex-binder). £60-90
580.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes 1905-6 v. Grimsby Town Reserves, January 6th; 1906-7 v. Mexborough, October 6th (selotaped ex-binders). (2) £20-30
581.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes 1906-7 v. Worksop, April 13th; 1908-9 v. Nottingham Forest Reserves, December 5th (ex-binders). (2) £30-40
582.    Sheffield United Programme 1906-7 v. Bury, November 10th (ex-binder). £60-90
583.    Sheffield United Programme 1910-11 v. Aston Villa, December 28th (ex-binder). £60-90
584.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes, 1910-11 v. Castleford, September 10th, Gainsboro Reserves, April 1st (ex-binders). (2) £20-40
585.    Sheffield United Programme 1911-12 v. Oldham, December 30th (cover tear, selotape spine, ex-binder). £30-50
586.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes 1911-12 v. Doncaster Rovers, February 10th; 1912-13 v. York City, January 18th (ex-binders). (2) £20-40
587.    Sheffield United Programme 1921-2 v. Blackburn Rovers, February 27th, (ex-binder). £40-60
588.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes 1921-2 v. Oldham Athletic Reserves, April 8th; 1922-3 v. The Panthers, October 7th; 1923-4 v. Preston North End Reserves, October 6th. (ex-binders). £30-50
589.    Sheffield United Programme 1923-4 v. Liverpool, December 1st. (ex binder). £40-60
590.    Sheffield United Programme 1930-1 v. Blackburn Rovers, October 11th. (ex-binder). £40-60
591.    Sheffield United Programme 1930-1 v. Notts County - F.A.Cup, January 24th. (ex-binder). £40-60
592.    Sheffield United Programme 1931-2 v. Huddersfield Town, October 17th. (ex-binder). £40-60
593.    Sheffield United Programme 1933-4 v. Newcastle United, March 17th. (ex-binder); Plus Reserves v. Preston North End Reserves, Spetember 30th 1933 (grubby). (2) £30-40
594.    Sheffield United 1934-5 Programme v. Barnsley, December 26th. £30-40
595.    Sheffield United 1936-7 Programme v. Norwich City, December 26th. £30-40
596.    Sheffield United 1937-8 Programme v. Bradford Park Avenue, November 20th. £30-40
597.    Sheffield United 1937-8 Programme v. Newcastle United, January 15th. £30-40
598.    Sheffield United 1945-6 Programmes. v. Bradford Park Avenue, Bury, Grimsby Town. (3) £30-50
599.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1955-57, thirty-eight homes and fourteen aways, all different. £60-90
600.    Sheffield United 1962-3 Programmes. nineteen homes and twenty-three aways, all different. £20-40
601.    Sheffield United 1965-6 Programmes. Twenty-three homes and twenty-two aways, all different. £20-30
602.    Sheffield United. 1960-1 programmes, 38 home and away including:- F.A. Cup semi final and replay. £30-40
603.    Sheffield United 1957-8 Programmes, 23 homes, 12 aways (all different), and Sheffield v. Glasgow. £50-80
604.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1960-1, twenty-three homes and twenty-one aways, all different. £30-40
605.    Sheffield United 1964-5 Programmes. Twenty-five homes and twenty-three aways, all different. £20-40
606.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1961-2, twenty-eight homes and twenty-three aways, all different. £30-40
607.    Sheffield United 1963-4 Programmes. twenty-two homes and twenty-three aways, all different. £20-40
608.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1952-3 v. Hull, 53-4 away at Middlesbrough, 58-9 v. Bela Vista, 61-2 v. Eintracht, 60-1 F.A. Cup semi final and semi replay. Together with other home and away 1958-62 programmes. (47) £40-50
609.    Sheffield United 1955-6 Programmes, v. Barrow, Birmingham, Burnley, Cardiff, Chelsea, Everton, Frank Swifts XI, Hearts, Huddersfield, Manchester City and Manchester United, Portsmouth, Preston, Sunderland League and F.A. Cup, Tottenham. (16) £50-80
610.    Sheffield United 1956-7 Programmes, v. All Stars XI, Barnsley League and County Cup, Bristol Rovers, Birmingham City, Bury, Doncaster, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Leicester, Leyton Orient, Lincoln, Liverpool, Middlesbro, Nottingham Forest, Radnicki, Rotherham, Swansea, West Ham. (19) £50-70
611.    Sheffield United 1957-8 Programmes, including v. Liverpool, Grimsby - League and F.A Cup, Rotherham - County Cup, Fulham. (18) £30-40
612.    Sheffield United 1958-9 Programmes, including v. Bella Vista, Hibernian, Barnsley - League and County Cup, Sheffield Wednesday. (19) £20-30
613.    Sheffield United 1959-60 Programmes, including v. Lucerne, Sheffield Wednesday - F.A. Cup, Rotherham - League and County Cup, 61-2 v. Ipswich; plus others 1960-63. (23) £15-25
614.    Sheffield United Programmes. Friendlies, minor cup ties, foreign aways etc. Plus 1980's/90's in folder. £20-40
615.    Sheffield United. Team photos including:- Baily Graphic 1908-9, Daily Citizen 1914, Daily News 1925 cup team, Wilkes postcard 1946-7, photos, reprints, in album. £40-60
616.    Sheffield United. Magazines with blades content including:- Soccer Star, Sports Reporter, Weekly Telegraph 1950, Topical Times 1938, All Sports 1920, Tidningen Rekord. £30-50
617.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1958-71, including; testamonials, reserve, junior, pirate, (56) £15-25
618.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1960's -90's, Friendlies, minor cup competitions, testimonials. (58) £20-40
619.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1970's and 80's, friendlies, minor cup competitions, testimonials, in a black file. £20-40
620.    Sheffield United. Trade, cigarette and sticker cards including:- Victor, Topical Times, Taddy, Cope's, Subbuteo, Rover, Sherman's, Panini, in album. £40-60
621.    Sheffield United Autographs. 1938 (11), tickets, First Day Covers, official club correspondence. £20-30
622.    Sheffield United. Album of player photographs and prints including:- ten of the Sheffield Star & Star 1938-9 presentation photos, match action press photos. £30-50
623.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes. 1965-2006, approximately 125 including:- games v. Manchester United, Leeds United. £80-120
624.    Sheffield United 1967-8 Programmes. Twenty homes and twenty-four aways, all different. £15-25
625.    Sheffield United 1966-7 Programmes. Twenty-six homes and twenty-six aways, all different. £20-30
626.    1937-8 Sheffield United Programme, v. Luton Town (selotaped spine) and 1953-4 v. Barnsley (Co. Cup), Preston (cover loose), Hibernian (writing on face). (4) £20-30
627.    Sheffield United 1945-6 Programme v. Manchester City, dated 20th April. £30-40
628.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1956-7, fourteen different issues. Plus 1957-8 ten different issues.(24) £30-50
629.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1955-6, ten different issues. £20-30
630.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1954-5, thirteen different issues. £30-40
631.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1953-4 v. Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Cardiff, Charlton, Huddersfield, Manchester City, Newcastle (selotaped), Preston, Sunderland, Tottenham, West Brom. (12) £40-60
632.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1952-3 v. Fulham (rust marks), Hull, Notts County, Plymouth, Southampton, Swansea. (6) £20-30
633.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1948-9 v. Aston Villa, 49-50 v. Barnsley, Hull, 51-2 v. Swansea. (4) £20-40
634.    Sheffield United 1946-7 Programmes. v. Aston Villa, Carlisle - F.A. Cup (writing on face), 47-8 v. Portsmouth (grubby), Preston North End. (4) £20-40
635.    Autographs - Sheffield United. Jimmy Hagan, Alf Ringstead, Joe Shaw, Sam Bartram and many others, on a copy of the programme v. Charlton, August 1955. £20-30
636.    Sheffield United 1937-8 Programme v. Burnley - single card. £50-70
637.    Sheffield United 1937-8 Programme v. Bury - single card. £50-70
638.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1947-8 v. Chelsea; 49-50 v. Bury; 50-1 v. Manchester City; 54-5 v. Arsenal (four page issue). (4) £50-70
639.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1945-46 v. Blackpool, 1946-47 v. Derby County. (2) £20-30
640.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1954-5 v. Blackpool, Cardiff, Charlton, Dundee, Grazer Sportclub, Manchester United, Portsmouth 20nd May, Sheffield Wednesday, West Brom, Wolves, (some with writing on face). (10) £30-40
641.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1952-3 v. Birmingham, Blackburn, Lincoln; 53-4 v. Barnsley - County cup, Clyde-friendly, Sheffield Wednesday - F.A. cup, Chelsea, Liverpool, West Brom. (9) £30-50
642.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1956-7 v. Lincoln, Grimsby; 57-8 and 59-60 v. Rotherham - County Cup; 59-60 v. Sheffield Wednesday - County Cup; plus others 59-62. (13) £15-25
643.    Sheffield United 1937-8 Programme v. Bradford Park Avenue. £50-70
644.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes. 1922-3 v. Burnley (selotaped), 45-6 v. Preston, 53-4 v. Bury, Derby, 54-5 v. Aston Villa, Blackburn (2), Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Derby, Manchester United, Newcastle, Preston, Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke. (16) £40-60
645.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes. 1955-64, approximately 72 including:- v. Manchester United 59-60, 61-2 and away 60-1 (some with faults). £80-120
646.    Sheffield Wednesday. Album of ground, team and player photos, autographs noted. £20-40
647.    1907 Commemorative Pottery Plate, featuring Sheffield Wednesday (F.A. Cup Winners) and Newcastle United (Championship Winners). The centre with the Wednesday team surrounding trophy, the exterior with record of league clubs and crests, designed by S.J. Kepple of Bristol, 26cms diameter (small chip to rim). £150-200
648.    Sheffield Wednesday. Album of player photo's, many 1950's and 60's. £20-40
649.    Sheffield Wednesday. Album of programmes, photos, articles, autographs. £20-30
650.    Sheffield Wednesday. History album of photocopied newspaper articles. £15-25
651.    'The Romance of the Wednesday', 1867-1926 book by Richard.A. Sparling, rebound copy. £20-30
652.    Sheffield Wednesday. Album of cigarette and trade cards, stickers, A. & B.C., Topical Times, Match, Turf, Barratt, Taddy etc. £30-50
653.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1945-6 v. Blackburn (grubby), Dooley Trust match, Intercity, England 'B' etc; plus Sheffield United homes, tickets etc. £30-40
654.    Sheffield Wednesday. The £35,000 cheque paid to Notts. County in March 1951 for Jackie Sewell. £30-50
655.    Sheffield Wednesday 1956-7 Programmes, v. Blackpool, Charlton, Burnley, Manchester City and Manchester United, 54-8 v. Juventus, Sheffield v. Belfast 1958, plus other 1950's. (16) £15-25
656.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes. 1960 F.A.Cup semi final. Homes v. Barcelona, Bremen, Roma, Topedo Moscow. Sheffield United v. Bury, The Macmillan Trust Fund etc, mainly 1960's. (26) £20-30
657.    Sheffield Wednesday Home Programmes 1953-4, ten issues including:- v Sheffield United, Chesterfield, Arsenal; 1954-5 eleven issues including:- Doncaster, Manchester City. £50-80
658.    Sheffield Wednesday. Five programmes, circa 1955 Bolton Reserves v. Sheffield Wednesday Reserves (x 2), 1955-6 Leeds United v. Sheffield Wednesday (Benefit), 63-4 v. Leeds United Reserves, 60-1 v. Manchester City. £20-30
659.    The Romance of the Wednesday. 1967-1926 book by Richard. A. Sparling; A History of Lindrick Golf Club 1891-1951 by Geoffrey. M. Gullick. (2) £30-40
660.    Sheffield Wednesday. 'The Wednesday Anthem' written and composed by Joseph Gillott 1934, dedicated to the club supporters, signed to cover. £40-80
660A.   Sheffield Wednesday - Tickets 1966 FA Cup Final and semi final v Chelsea 1986 (3) and 93 (3), semis, 1993 league cup final, birthday card bearing signatures of squad 1980's. £15-25
661.    Newcastle United 1947-8 Programme v. Sheffield Wednesday, played 17th April, (four page issue, foxing and staining, mainly to cover). £15-25
662.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1882 cricket and football club invitation details to the forthcoming annual dance to be held 11th January 1883. £40-60
663.    Sheffield Wednesday v. Sheffield United Programmes, 1931-2 and 1933-4 (both rusty staples). £60-90
664.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes. 1946-7 v. Manchester City; 47-8 v. Nottingham Forest. (2) £30-40
665.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1935 souvenir programme v. Grimsby Town. £30-40
666.    Sheffield Wednesday. Sepia presentation team photograph of the 1935 F.A. Cup winning team by The Sheffield Telegraph. £15-25
667.    'The Romance of the Wednesday', 1867-1926 book by Richard.A. Sparling, signed "Yours Sincerely" by the author. £20-30
668.    Wolves 1948-49 Programme v. Sheffield United, (cover loose), 1966 Cup Final, Other Programmes, Sheffield Wednesday Directors Report, 1968. (6) £10-20